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A Powerful Non-Hormonal Muscle Growth Stimulator!*

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hdaviet's Rating

Hi, I have inserted HICA-Max in my supplement pack and I must say that taste is very good, but it's rather expensive for a simple treat, yes as I didn't notice any effect on my training, body or alike. I gave it a try and renewed it thinking one box was maybe not enough but nothing came. Maybe it work for others but nothing for me.

letthemeatcake's Rating

I actually found this to be real decent. Given the leucine content gives you an easy way to get an insulin spike post workout.

tiffanucci's Rating

Increases muscle growth at a faster rate when used in combination with HMB. Helps maintain size when cutting carbohydrates.

hollmertime10's Rating

Great product and taste. Leucine inhibitor and has helped with lean mass.

musclewolf72's Rating

So far has work for me as when taking this,it does not allow you to go on catabolism.Worked great as my prep for a show as anti catabolic.

lemmons09's Rating

I take this pre and post workout, especially if I'm training fasted. Does it work? Not a clue. They taste good! I call them my muscle candy. I'm definitely seeing muscle growth, but it may or may not be because of this product, however I will keep buying! Yum!

thelast10's Rating

My Log

bcgadzinski's Rating

HICA-Max is without a doubt one of the best products that I have ever used. For years, I have experimented with countless products to improve recovery and support lean muscle growth. Since switching to HICA-Max, I no longer have need for any type of intra-workout or BCAA supplement. I made improvements in both strength and body composition. Most importantly however, I experienced a significant decrease in delayed onset muscle soreness. This allowed me to train more frequently and enhanced the quality of my workouts. The taste is superb, and it's difficult to eat only the suggested serving amount because it is just like candy. Contrary to other reviews, the smell did not bother me at all, and actually reminded me of Flintstones vitamins. The delivery system of chewables is extremely convenient and novel. Here's a link to my HICA-Max log for anyone interested!

Bakkah's Rating

one of my friend requirement it to me I love it taste great I notice some gain probably I'll use it for a while

ChickNsalaD's Rating

ChickNsalaD did not leave a written review for this product.

pharoh9's Rating

pharoh9 did not leave a written review for this product.

Intini170's Rating

This supplement is awesome. I have no pain in the day after anymore, it gives an extra boost on my exercises and it's fun to take it... It taste like candy! The smell sometimes can be, err, quite strange to others.

topshoota0417's Rating

HICA max is one of best recovery supplements I have ever used. I recentyly played in a 2 day basketball tournament with multiple games each day. Being 39 years old and competing against guys nearly half my age was a big concern as I was not sure how my body would respond and recover for non stop basketball. I took 2 tabs after each game and 2 more later in the evening. I was amazed that I did not experience and soreness or fatigue from that much basketball. IMO this stuff is a must have especially for competive older athletes.

carlosnohau's Rating

carlosnohau did not leave a written review for this product.

mamagrubbs's Rating

mamagrubbs did not leave a written review for this product.

youcrew's Rating

I will start off by saying to me, this product smells awful and is no treat to eat either. Though it doesnt taste as bad as it smells. With that being said there has been some GREAT research on HICA for many years now, and HICA Max was the first product Ive tried with HICA being the main componant. And I love it, its great for strength and recovery, I'm never suffer from DOMS anymore. I feel that its a bit of a stimulant too, but that has no grounds on anything other than how I feel. For those reviews that say they didnt get any results I would ask them what else were they taking as many drink products are now incorperating HICA into their formulations. For $25 its far worth trying it, think about all the $60+ products you bought and didnt even finish.

orionalfi's Rating

great product great pump, to all you winy losers there learn how to workout and listen to your body. this product sure has his impact on me. the only prob is that its **** too sweet.

farhan637's Rating

At first i took this for maybe 4 days and i didnt really see a difference in size. However the same week i worked out the same muscle groups after 5 days and i literally increased in 20 lbs. I did wide chest at 225lb on monday, then friday of the same week i did the same excercise (not sore at all) and was shocked that i was doing 225 so easy so i actually had to increase the weight 20 lbs. This product if frekin great!! I'm definetley keeping my eyes on it for a while. tastes like sweet tarts candy, but i really dont care it's working big time!

JasJoh's Rating

I purchased this because someone I'm friends with on BodySpace recommended it. She said they taste like candy and I thought they would curve my sugar cravings. They taste great. I'm excited to see the results I will get from them.

1-20 of 94 Reviews