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50G of Premium Protein Including Whey Hydrolysates, Isolates, Sustained Release Casein + 1,250 Calories!

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Aaq16's Rating

Aaq16 did not leave a written review for this product.

j4ymillz's Rating

One of the best products from the inner armour line. A great mass gainer that doesn't leave you bloated due to the waxy maize formula. I took this product everyday for 2 months straight (in conjunction with a good diet) and went from 172 to 185! 13 lbs of lean muscle! The taste is amazing and as a NNASHvverified personal trainer I would recommend this product to anyone looking to put on mass.

denisvinnikov's Rating

denisvinnikov did not leave a written review for this product.

Dman9307's Rating

Awesome product! When I first started taking this I was at 152lbs, use to wrestle 52s in high school, after taking this for 14months I was sitting at 178!. For people looking to put on mass I totally recommended taking this! However make sure you do so with a HEALTHY diet. Granted I gain some, but little fat while taking this, but particially due to poor diet. After the second container I bought I went from 170lbs to 190lbs in a year with good dieting. I had dropped 8lbs from the previous time to controll the amount of fat on my body.

iamjihad's Rating

Great for gaining weight .. mix well and good taste .. in short words its wonderful

MawgaGalGotBody's Rating

I've been using this for the last year and received good gains from this. Definitely gained over 20lbs using this particular product. I read other people's review and the people that say it taste nasty Well unfortunately for you clearly you don't know how to make it properly. The way I prepare it the taste is amazing I use the blender ONLY that's the best way. I also blend either bananas, fruits, peanut butter, or egg, milk of course and other stuff with it. I blend in ice to make it colder too.. I would definitely recommended this

Aesthetics4Dayz's Rating

This protein was actually Very good! Taste: 9/10 Chocolate got a little sick after awhile Mixing: 10/10 I could stir it with a spoon,shaker, blender etc And the effect was very good it helped me hit my macros!

Ultrapsyk0's Rating

Seems to work fine for me. I blend it and down 2 scoops 4 times a day with milk or water. Tastes fine. Thick.

crissw2's Rating

high quality, got good gains and felt faster recovery. would only recommend to a more hardcore user because taste is one of the worst i ever had and seemed to give me a stomach ache instantly ( never got aches from protein, creatine). does not mix well and u need to make at least 2 separate shake just to get something drinkable.i mix it with either hydrobuilder , or monster mass to keep the powder mixable-ish. If they knocked the carb count down under 90 gram i think this would be one of the best weight gain post work products; at least it could be swallowed in one shake

markus2000's Rating

not recommended. does not mix well in a shaker or even a blender when mixed in a shaker - it is way to thick and you get lumps of protein powder. when mixed with a blender - the powder produces too much air bubbles and hard to get rid of. in over 8 years of taking protein powders. this has to be the worst out there. waste of money.

thelastsaiyan23's Rating

This product is fantastic. i only took half the serving after i worked out about 4 times a week and i gained 3 pounds in two weeks. it mixes well, although kind of thick, I think it tastes amazing. It has literally everything your body needs and more. It contains creatine, cla, whey, and a ton of carbs.

Krome606's Rating

This was the thickest mass gainer I have ever tried. It tasted HORRIBLE. 4 scoops makes it so thick that you can't even force it down. I would never try this ever again.

kekos's Rating

this product is very good to gain fat & good muscle ... i was 62 kg and reached to 72 kg after finished it (22 days ) using 4 scoop ( one in the morning and two post-workout and one before going to bed ) ... have alot of BCAA ,,,, but it's not mixable good u must use blender ...

muscltory7's Rating

I was very disappointed in this product for the fact of hiding toxic ingredients. The product has a huge negative energy field emitting twice the size as the product its self. When i ordered it I did not see the usual warning for that phenyllaline or whatever. Bacteria feces is what they make aspartame out of, this chemiacl is also made from the feces, too, isn't it?

Grifts's Rating

A tasty mass/weight gainer. I found it a bit thick, but good. I mixed with milk and used before workouts for carbs/energy. If you have trouble gaining weight, liquid calories are the best way to get them in as they blunt hunger less than solid food. This supplement will help you meet your calorie goals.

mattsle's Rating

AFter a month of this, i've never felt stronger. It pumps me up like crazy, and I feel truly ready to go with whatever.

sherfit23's Rating

50 grams of real protein! This lasts and each serving enhances my workouts and whatever I strive to do. Never failed my goals.

tsepalden's Rating

Affordable, Tastes good, No bloating feeling after drinking overall a Great product!. planning on buying it again. 4 scoops turns it into pudding. so split it i drink 2 scoops after workout and 2 scoops before i go to bed.

darkkodelek's Rating

This is the best tasting weight gainer i've ever had, and you will gain weight real quick with this gainer..I LOVE IT... i will be buying again when next Bulking season comes around.

ISurfNudeBrah's Rating

A true weight gainer right here. Double the calories of Mass Peak, for those who really need the macros. Play with liquid amounts to get the consistency that you desire. I use 2-3 scoops at a time and blend, makes a great and thick shake.

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