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Helps Mobilize Fat Stores To Be Utilized As Energy!*

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JBONE7979's Rating

Stacking this product with Final Cutz and again I am very disappointed. No noticeable results or uptick in workouts, fat loss, vascular appearance or any other of the desired stated results. Probably one of the few times I have purchased a health product and been this let down. Would not purchase again or recommend to anyone at this moment in time.

asheid's Rating

I love this product especially when stacked with Final Cutz! One of the few CLA based products that I find really works and has no side effects with it. I used it in combination with Final Cutz for around 6 weeks and saw a huge difference in my body composition.

Jjgrizz73's Rating

Final Form was my first CLA I used, I went to others like QuadraLean and Metrx CLA and none worked as well as Final Form. It doesn't do much for appetite but it does reduce fat and creates a more dry/lean look and its easy to see how much more vascular you get on this. I would definitely recommend!

tripplex19's Rating

tripplex19 did not leave a written review for this product.

arandam09's Rating

I started using this product when I started my cut this last year. And it worked amazing. I felt like it made me swear more and really just helped get that extra weight off I bedded gone. I'm on my second bottle now and will always have finale form on hand. recommend it 100%

Okni's Rating

Okni did not leave a written review for this product.

LeahBanton's Rating

Had to eat something before I took these, but still helped tip my fat loss over the edge.

shookmusic's Rating

I used Final Form, Final Cutz, and Carnitine MTX as a stack to help me prep for my show on March 15th, 2014. These products work well together and do not cause jitters like many others that I have used in the past. Follow Infinite Labs on FB and other social media as sometimes they have bogo's or other deals where you can stack these up for a lower price.

ezericw's Rating

This was my first time trying this product, and I am pleased with it's performance. It has helped me maintain my current BF% if not lowering it a couple of % marks. I would highly recommend this to you if your looking for a supplement like this to add to your arsenal!

arachnix's Rating

I have been able to tell a huge difference in bodyfat loss when I am consistently taking Final Form. I have been working hard to lose excess fat and this product really seems to help the fat melt off. It doesn't have any stimulants to make you jittery, and it doesn't have any nasty aftertaste like other capsule supplements. Great product.

MelanieKoch's Rating

This product is a great thermogenic and fat burner. It instantly speeds up my metabolism without affecting how I feel. I also combine this with Fish Oil and Green Tea extract. It's the only product I could find that had CLA, Raspberry Ketones and L-Carnitine. Love this product and reasonably priced too.

Zzechmann33's Rating

Tried this for the first time on my cut and found it helpful curbing my appetite and helped control binges. Would recommend if you have trouble controlling your hunger while cutting, would buy it again.

1badbmr's Rating

1badbmr did not leave a written review for this product.

kvargas21's Rating

kvargas21 did not leave a written review for this product.

RomeoDking's Rating

Such a great product cla+carnitine+ketones best supplement in this category money can buy.

kschro2010's Rating

This product seems to help very well. It definitely is what the original description says, and for the price, it is worth it.

kencasehall's Rating

Biggest downside was the pills being fragile or already broken (4-5 pills in each one were unusable). Results are as expected when you take these ingredients, nothing special and you can get this dosage at the same price pretty easily. I bought it BOGO which is probably the only way I'd buy again.

yairt505's Rating

yairt505 did not leave a written review for this product.

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dirksie's Rating

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