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Designed To Promote Physical And Mental Recovery And Support Duration Of REM Sleep!*

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bohenrique's Rating

I believe there's no competition with this product price! It has everything you need for a good night of sleep recovery. Gaba, 5-htp, melatonin, zma, dmg, the complete package! And with all that you pay only 19 bucks for 90 doses, it's awesome

Cenetri's Rating

Amazing product. I get to sleep quick, and it's a deep, restful sleep. Definitely notice a difference when I'm not using it. And yes, it smells like dead fish. So don't stick your nose in the jar. If i mix it into 8oz water, I can't taste it at all. 1 scoop usually does the trick. If I'm wired and really need knock myself out, 3 scoops works like a charm.

spartanEMT's Rating

I'm pretty skeptical when it comes to supplements regarding appetite and sleep. Did my research, settled on this product, and have never looked back. Cyclo REM is great for sleeping and I have better control of my diet when I am taking it. I can certainly notice when I stop taking it, which makes it a total win in my book.

ryancarter03's Rating

Very average product. Helped me sleep a little bit but there doesn't seem to be enough of the major ingredients in each serving for me, but it's a pretty cheap product if you have a strict budget.

HuskersRule's Rating

I have problems sleeping, both getting to sleep and staying asleep. I have tried numerous things. I've found Ambien gets me to sleep and Cyclo Rem keeps me sleeping. When I forget to take this, the Ambien still puts me to sleep but I am up in 3-4 hours and very little sleep happens after that. My sleep is much deeper with this product and it does seem like I dream more. I am roughly 190 lbs. and take 1½ scoops.

JBurton23's Rating

I've been using this product a little over 2 to 3 weeks now, and I notice a big difference in my sleep and overall muscle recovery. Puts me in a deep sleep and helps me wake up in the AM. I don't feel blah at all, I just feel ready to go when my eyes open. Another thing I feel so recovered after using this. That is a huge deal with me since I am a heavy lifter. I actually went 3 days not using the product to see if I could feel a difference and I most certainly could lol this product is a must. So now every time before bed there is at least 3 scoops being used by me lol. I would defiantly add this to your product stack if your having sleeping troubles along with recovery issues.

Jeffwoelfel's Rating

I bought this product to aid with sleep and that's exactly what it did. Fell asleep a little quicker, and slept a little deeper. Had crazy vivid dreams and that was pretty cool. I score it as an 8 because while it does very well at the falling asleep part, there is no substantiated evidence that this helps with anything else other than sleep. And yes, i get that increased sleep usually helps with all these other things that are mentioned, but its an indirect affect contingent on the better sleep quality. that being said, i still recommend this product.

One1Bravo's Rating

One1Bravo did not leave a written review for this product.

jonfinnz's Rating

I didn't feel anything when taking this product. I was very disappointed. I was hoping to find something as effective as iron dream, this was not. On with the search.

trojanman7605's Rating

Having two jobs with weird hours I needed an aid. I've tried melatonin, gaba, and 5htp but all seperatley. I have to say this proprietary blend of sleeping agents does the job. I usually drink supplements with a bottle if water but with this serving (1.6g) I just dump on my tongue and wash it down. Within a hour I'm knocked out. I do have 100 mg of dissolvable 5htp I sometimes take with Cyclo Rem. The flavor is next to nothing with Cyclo Rem and it's very effective. I set my alarm and I'm up and ready to go. Energy and attitude are higher as well because of the high amount if gaba in this product. 90 servings for $20 is a steal. Next time I'll buy two!

clowerj's Rating

I've had mixed results with this product over a two month period and found that taking it with anything less than 8 hours of expected sleep is a terrible idea. I've slept through alarms so I don't recommend taking unless you are going to bed on time or early. I have found my sleep to be pretty solid with very little dreaming and not waking up throughout the night. Overall will purchase again.

thnakd1's Rating

It is easy to take and greatly helps me sleep the full night through, I wake up in the morning after 8 hours feeling refreshed and ready to hit the gym again!

Hectormrod's Rating

I have been taking this for over a week and it does help you obtain a deep sleep...I have been dreaming more and waking up more refreshed!

ZRJacques's Rating

Used this product last year for a period of time and my sleep quality did improve. The smell of the powder resembled some sort of fish which was weird but in all it was a quality product.

dachel12's Rating

Overall I liked this product. I felt like I slept better while using it. I wish that it would've been in either capsule form or a flavored powder, but I still enjoyed using it.

KiltedGoat's Rating

I got it because it didn't appear to be as expensive as other products. I have an odd work schedule working some morning shifts and some night shifts, which really jacks up my sleep cycle. I take this to try and go to bed at a good time before morning shifts. It's hit and miss. Sometimes I sleep really well, and sometimes I just lay in bed with my eyes closed not actually asleep. Sometimes I wake up refreshed, sometimes I don't. Like another reviewer said though, it does give me some crazy dreams. It's also virtually tasteless. I'm weird and i just dump the scoop on my tongue and wash it down, and if it had a taste I could not do that. That being said, if this product came in capsule form that would be nice.

skibus's Rating

The amounts of each vitamin are barely enough to help at all. In order to compare to ANY other brand you'd need to use something like 25 scoops per serving. Ridiculous.

vcapetil's Rating

Man they nailed it with this product. Melatonin tryptophan gaba....all I gotta say is amazing restful and deep sleep I awake more energized .

newtothelift's Rating

So I had been str****ling to get a proper nights sleep. Tossing and turning, waking 3 or 4 times each night and then in morning feeling tired, groggy. I decided to buy this. Seemed to be very good value and I liked the idea that you can add it to a night time shake or drink etc. and just in general I like Infinite Labs and their distinctive yellow packaging. Got it and took it the first night and had such a wonderful, deep sleep an awoke more refreshed than I had in years. I tend to take the evening after a heavy workout. Something else to point out is that you do not feel massively tired, you just fall to sleep very easily and have VERY vivid dreams haha. Slight drawback, the powder stinks awful in the tub, can't taste however. Still 10

defran5084's Rating

I purchased this product the other day because often times I find myself extremely tired, but when I get in bed, I just can't fall asleep. The other day, I went to go to sleep and stayed awake for over two hours, which prompted me to buy this. I am extremely picky with how things taste and smell. That being said, this literally smells like concentrated dead fish. It's not too strong but it's very unpleasant. But, when mixed with milk, I smell nothing, and milk tastes like milk. I have never tried it with water and i probably never will. I put the (very) tiny scoop of powder in the milk, drank it, and within 30 minutes I felt a tiring wave come over me, so I went to bed. Usually it takes me forever to fall asleep, but I only remember like 2 minutes of being in bed. I guess I fell asleep really quick. The thing that really amazes me is, that instead of my alarm waking me up at 6:30, I woke up, naturally, at around 5:30, feeling completely refreshed,like I have never felt before. 10/10 despite the smell.

1-20 of 45 Reviews