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parker2304's Rating

Hydroxycut by Muscle Tech Hardcore next gen was the strongest and best fat burner I've seen on the market so far. I bought this product a month ago weighing 205 along with dieting and using this product I currently weigh in at 198. The thrill of this product doesn't stop at fat loss, it gives me and insane concentrated mind set that keeps me focused throughout the day. Highly recommend this product! good purchase for good results.

Fild1948's Rating

Pretty happy with this product. Have lost weight.

Sarren's Rating

THE energy I get from this is fantastic. SOLID

Ontepairt1941's Rating

My energy level has been out of the roof! I recommend this product to anyone who is looking to lose weight as well as pick up your energy levels!!

Boyaceing's Rating

I received this product as a free sample at a demo. There's nothing I don't love about this product! I saw a huge difference in my energy level! I felt like I was unstoppable! Highly recommend!

Havendecked's Rating

The energy off this was very crispp.. I had a chance to try a sample locally in indianapolis and my workout was great and extra energy! So i ended up snagging up a full bottle to use and I must say it didn't disappoint. I just ordered my second bottle because I liked it so much!! Not to mention I already lost 8 lbs on this. Definitely recommend

Annimande1962's Rating

I have been taking it every day! and it helps control my appetite which also helps me lose weight. It controls my sweet craving and snacking which was my biggest problem. I have lost 10 pounds and decreased my body fat percentage and I feel great! I would recommend this to anyone trying to lose weight!

Mandred's Rating

This product works great. I felt a definite increase in energy. H ighly recommended

Menestor's Rating

The product works great. I felt a definite increase in energy and motivation. Taking this first thing in the morning really help get my day started. I would also recommend this for pre-work out. I was able to push myself harder when taking this about 30 minutes before my workout.

Beetting's Rating

Along with training and a proper diet, this product works very well with fat loss! Boost in energy levels is a great bonus.

Slis1955's Rating

I reviewed this product at the gym i go to and was asked to leave a review I had great energy and endurance. I even felt energized after my workout

Yesposiond's Rating

It gave me great energy and focus in the gym. I would definitely recommend this to anybody looking to lose weight and feel energized.

Beglinver's Rating

I'm so happy and pleased with my results from using hydroxycut pro clinical!! Started using it a few months after I gave birth to my son and I literally saw the weight just melting off. Couldn't be happier!!

Youpe1931's Rating

I've tried this product and it works. By including it to my daily regiment it's helped with my energy throughout the day, and assisted with my weight loss.

Arld1932's Rating

I've tried many similar products, but I'm glad I finally gave Hydroxycut a chance.

Cout1988's Rating

i was given a sample at a demo to write an unbiased review. you could defiantly feel the energy from this product. felt awesome during the day, boosted my energy for sure and you could tell.

Himageary's Rating

Tries a sample from this bearded man God at my gym and within 15 minutes I was running like a crazy woman! Great energy! Plus I totally want to know who that man was. Like a ray of sunshine shining through my rainy day!

Howly1991's Rating

My biggest problem while dieting is... dieting lol. I have a Love for food an be this product has yet again helped me keep on track to reach my goals. It gives great energy and reduces appetite, which is what I like best. Recommend time and time again.

Bearbing92's Rating

I received this product as a free sample and was asked to leave an unbiased review. This product gave me added energy and focus during my workouts at the gym. I would definitely recommend this product to anybody looking to lose weight and feel more energized.

Donammis64's Rating

After 8 weeks I noticed my body tightening up, esp the fluffy parts

1-20 of 121 Reviews