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beautyandthefit's Rating

I absolutely love this product. Hydroxycut controls my appetite and gives me a great feeling of energy. I have a full time job and always after work all I want to do is head home to take a nap and then if I have time I will decide to start my daily workout, but with Hydroxycut I do not need a power nap, I am able to workout immediately after work and push through each weight training and cardio routine. I highly recommend this product. Another awesome fact for me at least, is that I never got that jitter feeling from caffeine. Usually when I take supps I feel shaky and nervous from the massive caffeine intake, but this product doesn't give me that feeling - it just makes me feel like a fresh burst of energy.

egleeaglez's Rating

Why some people are saying that '' This product is amazing and can be seen a significant change from your body lose?'' Others say '' It's just don't work.'' Does this mean that you have to find out whether your can take this product by taking capsule it's like gambling but eventually you will see if it's work or not for you. But so fat I see more negative comments.

caligirl502's Rating

Hydroxycut Max for women works well in giving me the energy I need to lift at the gym. I prefer an energy drink but I can't drink one every day so I take these on days I don't drink my energy drink. It's not that I need the energy I just like the feeling I get when I'm kind of shaky from all the caffeine lol I know weird. Plus it speeds your metabolism and helps you burn fat and that's my goal burn more fat, speed my metabolism.

BHargrave82's Rating

Hydroxycut will never be the same without ephedra. It sucks now...

BrandyM722's Rating

I Have Been taking hydroxycut for a week now, i weighed 141lbs a week ago i now weigh 136. I drink about 7 glasses of water a day, and have reduced my diet strictly to 1500 calories. And exercise atleast 30 minutes a day. And so far its working. To all those who say it doesnt work, its not going to if you dont do what youre supposed to!! I am still going my goal weight is atleast 120!

unknownsoldier1's Rating

I tried this some time ago and I remember it not doing anything for me at all. I don't recall any significant weight loss. I do not recommend this product.

Cainman800's Rating

Cainman800 did not leave a written review for this product.

yosef1988's Rating

I've tried the hardcore edition of this product and lets just say the pro version sucks. Yes there was energy from the caffeine but other than that I don't believe it helped while when I took the hardcore version I was dropping 2lbs a week. I want my money back :(

amu302009's Rating

Hie ! i started this hydroxycut hardcore elite from 2 days back. I take it in the morning at 7 and start my workout at 8. But the problem is i am getting acidity from these caplets. Can anybody help me out from this. Like am I taking this on right way ? Or should i have something before startin my workout ? What causes this ******* acidity ? Its really making me uncomfertable. Please guide.

mrgulley22's Rating

This product works well helps along the way with fat loss, and raises energy levels. Diet is a key factor as well as training. Depending on the fitness plan you choose you can loss major amounts of weight. For example if you do extreme amounts of cardio your progress well reflect that, and if you do intense weight training it will show as well. Regardless the way you train is what it all comes down to, but this product will help you along the way.

Islandshorty30's Rating

When I first started taking this product I was extremely happy with the way it worked for me ...but as the weeks are going by I can feel that I am needing something a bit more... I am not sensitive to caffeine at all , so that is not the issue I think I am looking for something with a bit more pep... I am thinking about trying the Cellucor D4 Thermal Shock.. I will let you know !!

arieldavis's Rating

I used this product for 2 weeks and saw my energy levels go up. However, make sure to drink enough water or it can make you dehydrated (my lips got chapped), but other than that- it worked. It's priced fair as well. The pills were easy to swallow and saw the energy results.

Tony6510's Rating

This is a very decent energy and endurance product. I cannot say how much it actually helps with weight loss, but I am certain it cannot hurt. One pill will give you clean focused energy for a while. There is no crash involved with this product which is a huge plus. If you really want a kick in the rear, go with two pills, and you will be energized for a while. The pills are relatively small in comparison with other pills I have tried. The recommended dosing protocol is 2 pills 3 times a day. I do not think you will need this much. I would say at most I would do 2 pills 2 times a day. I think this would be more than enough to get you going. You will need to play with the dosing to find out what works best for you because everyone is different when it comes to stim products. Overall this is def a product I would purchase.

BoilerUpIndy's Rating

I was asked Iovate to give this fat-burner a shot and record my opinions. Having previously tried the Hydroxycut Gummies with some results, I noticed that the profile of Hydroxycut Pro Clinical is very identical with the exception of added caffeine and Acerola Concentrate. Indeed, the ingredient profile is very unique from other similar products. Since I am already taking a pre-workout supplement with stimulants, I only took 1 capsule and within 30 minutes I definitely felt an increased state of energy. My appetite did not change too much, but that may be due to the profile compared to Hydroxycut Hardcore, which suppressed my appetite much more and was a strong thermogenic. Along with taking this, I am also on a calorie deficit diet and lift 6 days/week, so I'm expecting this to assist in my fat loss. 1 capsule has about 107 mg of caffeine, which isn't that much at all and should lead to any jitters or any other side effects commonly associated with fat burners. I personally would have liked to see other newer ingredients in the profile that have become increasingly common (L-Carnitine, Raspberry ketones, etc), but since this formula has been shown to give results in the past and has been one of the best-sellers for many years, I'll give it a shot and see what happens!

Codyblah's Rating

I enjoyed this product while I was on it no side effects for me! I took this after trying the hydroxycut elite pro and still got results which is great knowing that its effectiveness was not diminished. I do believe however this product has to few servings that is why I give it an 9. it is highly effectivegives a nice energy boost and has pretty simple directions it helps control appetite as well it says no snacking between meals you don't want to lol I almost don't want my mid day meal sometime so I eat light with it so if your looking for something to try and help blast off some pounds this's the way to go!!!!!!!

This product packs a good amount of energy and also allows you to train a little bit longer also, hence upping endurance as well! I have taken this at 1 cap, 1.5 caps and 2 caps. My sweet spots is 1.5 or 2 caps. Those two doses gave me a high amount of energy with very little crashing or jitters. The energy stayed around a lot longer at 1.5-2 caps than it did at 1 cap. I cap the energy was there but it did not do much for me. It wasnt as noticeable. With 1.5-2 caps the energy is a lot more prominent and the side effects are very minimal. Definitely a very solid product and like it says it is supposed to promote weight loss. So I highly recommend this product to those who need a boost and of course those who would like to lose weight. This would be a great boost for cardio and studying as well because it also gives a little boost in the focus area as well. I am enjoying this product so far!

One of the best fat burners I've tried to date. Really effective energy and proven to work. The profile is really interesting and I always felt great during my workouts when I took the recommended dosage. If you're looking to cut off some bodyfat pick up a bottle of this!

hyena0724's Rating

I received this product to try out from Team Muscle-Tech. This is my initial thoughts on the ingredient list and my experience so far. I take this 3 x a day (2 capsules each time) before each main meal. So far, I feel more energy, focused, and not as hungry throughout the day. I compete in the NANBF organization for Natural Bodybuilding, and this a must have especially when you are in pre-contest. No hidden ingredients, why buy these ingredients separately when you can just buy this one stop product. All natural ingredients, but in concentrated form. Looking forward to see what results I get after a few weeks.

Hartzrun1's Rating

I had Hydroxycut Pro Clinical for the first time today and I was very impressed. I had 2 caplets before breakfast and then another before my workout in the afternoon. I had energy all day! It was jitter-free energy that lasted! Hydroxycut is proven to be effective through so many success stories of weight loss. Hydroxycut didn't become America's #1 Weight Loss supplement for no reason. It is proven to work! This combined with an exercise and nutrition program has anyone on the fast track to weight loss. I just had it for the first time today and already felt some of the great effects. I highly recommend Hydroxycut to anyone who wants to loss weight! Great Product!

KKelly718's Rating

I used to be a professional figure skater. I was constantly dealing with diet restrictions, weigh-ins, and the constant pressure to be and stay thin. When my skating career ended I shut down. I stopped working out, ate whatever I wanted, and just didn’t care about what I looked like anymore. The problem was, I WASN’T HAPPY. I had low energy, I felt ashamed to go out and see friends. I wasn’t myself. A friend then suggested I try Hydroxycut. I was VERY skeptical. “I didn’t need a diet product, I was a professional athlete! I knew what it took to be fit!” After a few more months of basically being a hermit and refusing to deal with why I was feeling so off I finally gave in started with the Hydroxycut program. It was hard work to start healthy living again, but the Hydroxycut kept me on track. It gave me a sense of portion control. You take the pills 30 minutes prior to your meals and then when you start to eat your body tells you when you are full RIGHT AWAY. It has been a few months now since I started taking Hydroxycut and I have seen unbelievable results. I love seeing my friends and family again, have energy and have recently got back into the ice skating rink. THANK YOU HYDROXCUT, you have changed my life!

1-20 of 38 Reviews