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Hydroxycut Pro Clinical is my go to fat burner. You have to make 2 Rapid-Release Caplets, 3X a day. So I take it in the morning and also mid day. The pill are small and easy to get down and no stomach upset at all. This give me great energy that is clean and jittery free and zero crash. Its also has great appetite control. I am able to get my main meals in and not have the carving for junk food. This doesn’t interfere with my sleep. I have all ready lost solid 8 lbs in 2 weeks. This is a great product and hoping for more weight loss as I continue using Hydroxycut Pro Clinical.

Elliotrohan123's Rating

I love it, one of the best weight loss supplements I've taken. I havent changed my diet at all, and have already lost 4 pounds in 2 weeks. I definitely feel the increase in energy, and higher metabolism. I would suggest you follow the directions and don't skip any days taking this. Will be buying this again when this bottle runs out. Overall, would highly recommend!

Mike4892's Rating

I use this product for the energy benefits. I take one serving (2 capsules) in the morning. It gets me through my day with no 2 o'clock crash and I still feel motivated to hit the gym after work. I have had no side effects from this product! I highly recommend for the energy boost!!

Altamont's Rating

This supp is great, you will feel it working off of the first dosage. If combined with the proper diet you will see great results.

Hydroxycut Pro Clinical worked great for me. 2 Rapid-Release Caplets, 2X a day gave me ample energy and noticable appetite control. the best part for me was that i was able to cut way back on my between meal snacking which is always the first thing that sabotoges any diet that im on.

MPLJR1222's Rating

Great, reliable fat burner! Hydroxycut never ceases to fail, and Pro Clinical is just as good as all other Hydroxycut products! There is a very good ingredient list, along with a good capsule size, and a very manageable serving size per day. The energy is smooth, with no crashes, and lasts long after taking a serving. Great fat burner!

MFWhitmore's Rating

This is a great product for anyone who is looking into losing some weight. It's a great boost for energy and metabolism and I loved how convenient it was to take.

Bsl1987's Rating

So I got to try a bottle of hydroxycut pro clinical and I really love this stuff good clean energy and will definitely help lean you out

stevekeener1984's Rating

Great product for the price. Gets you what you need. Energy and appetite suppressant. Loved the energy No jitters

XfuturedocX's Rating

No gitters, real results

ATIWAB531's Rating

ATIWAB531 did not leave a written review for this product.

trotmankb's Rating

The Pro Clinical formula of Hydroxycut is a staple in my weight loss regiment. Cravings are crushed and it provides a great energy boost without the crazy jitters of a lot thermogenics. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for that extra boost to add to your good diet and exercise program. It will definitely help you bust through those weight loss plateaus we all seem to run in to after a couple of weeks.

jgastkill's Rating

This Hydroxycut is cost effective and potent.  Since starting this Hydroxycut I have had a great energy boost. I've cut 5 lbs of fat in a little over 2 weeks of using this.   The caffeine source used provides a prolonged release, which is great for all day energy.  Also, the pills have a slight minty flavor that makes taking them very enjoyable. This Hydroxycut has been outstanding. I will definitely recommend this as a great weight loss product.

mehdisnine's Rating

Everytime I take it I spend hours on the gym I feel energies the hall day and I'm losing weight

deemcadoo's Rating

Since I've been taking Hydroxycut, I have noticed an slight increase in my energy levels. Also while taking this product, I've seen a decrease in my appetite. Really staring to see a change in my physique. Also, the pills are easy to swallow. If your looking to lose weight/fat I'd recommend this product.

kspatz21's Rating

Great m fat burner. Helped me slim the waist down and burn some excess fat. Really what I needed will definitely buy again!

toljani1's Rating

Solid product! I notice increased energy, but never felt jittery or over stimulated with this product . I find it very effective in combination with diet and exercise to help with knocking off a little extra weight. Definitely worth a try especially if your body doesn't handle stimulants well. If you are looking for an even stronger Hydroxycut product I recommend Black or Platinum, but all work well.


It definitely helped me with caffeine part and kept me going when I worked nights..But it did not help me lose any weight at all and I took this product religiously. Won't buy it again & don't recommend it.

flexinatya88's Rating

Great product in my opinion but boy does it gives u the jitters which I hate

jsnyder23's Rating

I received this as a free product and my girlfriend and I love it. We love that it's caffeine free so it makes a great addition to give you a little energy boost without the jittery after affects.

1-20 of 137 Reviews