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Lita1982's Rating

Excited to lose the unwanted pounds before summer!!!! Before and after pics to come!😊

luiscastillo13's Rating

When Trying out the Pro Clinical Hydroxycut capsules, I honestly did feel the effect on my stomach within 10 minutes or so before working out. I did feel the energy to it when taking them but one thing I wish I felt was the thermogenic type of feel which it does lack on. I did see a bit of results here and there but the best results for me was when doing fasted cardio not before my main meals as its recommended in the box. Other than that, its not a bad product whatsoever!

JustinThind's Rating

When I was sampling this product, I didn't take it consistently enough to notice many results; however, I can speak on the energy rush it provides. The energy that this product supplies is powerful. If I would have taken this product more consistently, I am positive that weight loss would have occurred drastically due to how great the supply of energy is.

nickjameshaddad's Rating

This product does exactly what it's supposed to do. Helped me cut exactly like it said it would.

teddydagod's Rating

It actually works and I lost a total of 12 pounds in a matter of a month and all I had to do was follow the directions

Must say after trying again after years it was amazing noticed less cravings to just eat as well as slimmed portions down as well. Did see great results from it along with working out noticed drop in pant sizes and great comfort as a person. I will keep reusing for the additional help on my weight loss journey.

miguelito01's Rating

miguelito01 did not leave a written review for this product.

Itzme3381's Rating

I really dont need this product cause m m not trying g to lose weight I'm trying to gain weight

Protools3076's Rating

This product speaks for itself. I have notice signicant weight loss after only three weeks of use. I have to give this product stars across the board. It's simply amazing. This is a must have for anyone that craves results.

ryandougherty89's Rating

I started using Hydroxycut now for a month and have slimmed down on my figure drastically! With using Nitrotech and Amino Build, I have had strength gains and more energy with the energy blend in Hydroxycut. I am a medical student and now have more energy!

JFBigCountry's Rating

This is my choice of a weight loss supplement right before summer season comes around. It's just the right amount of energy I need to get through the day on a calorie deficit. Majority of a weight loss plan comes down to diet and training but I believe this product helps me increase my metabolism and in result helps shed those last few extra pounds. Easy to follow instructions on the packaging so this is a great product for anyone looking for an energy and metabolism boost!

Fhall85's Rating

Hydroxycut gave me lots of energy and helped me lose those extra pounds I needed to be gone. If you need to lose weight give hydroxycut a try.

jeffnunirouse's Rating

Hydroxycut gives me good energy, curbed my appetite and after i got used to taking it, it didn't upset my stomach.The first couple times i had a little stomach upset. I have lost weight while taking it and i recommend this product. Just make sure you don't take it too close to bedtime as it can affect your sleep.

RWH142's Rating

I have been taking this product for the energy aspect and to help me get a better push during my workouts. It works great for this use and I am also seeing more fat disappearing. I highly recommend this product to anyone.

brydawg11's Rating

This product helped cut out some of the unhealthy fats that I had stored in my body. I thought it was a great product. I still had energy, and it did not take any of my energy away. I was able to go about my daily workouts and still progress towards my goals.

jeffmax26's Rating

Good product, but I have not seen weight loss after three weeks. The product does provide a decent amount of energy and it helps with appetite, but one may need more than three weeks to see weight loss. I will continue to take this product as I do like the energy it provides.

JoshRiesenberg's Rating

There are some things that I like and some things that I don't like. I like what it has done because over about a months time taking it while religiously working out has gaven my physique those extra fine details that everyone loves. It definitely is working. I do wish that there was a liquid or easier to consume version or way you could mix it with food or water better. Maybe a flavoring would be neat. Overall good though

jsanfillipo3's Rating

I was hesitant to try this, but very happy that I did. I stopped taking any fat burner/weight loss supplements months ago. I was nervous to reintroduce, but so glad I did. This doesn't matter me shaky or jittery, and has helped me cut.

jonnyfootball15's Rating

Wow! This product really surprised me. I've only been taking this for two weeks and it's blown me away. I just came off of a bulk and i started taking this with a combination of eating healthier. I have lost eleven pounds in two weeks and i'm looking a lot leaner already. You even notice it after you take it. It Gives you energy which in my case is helping a lot. If you've ever done a bulk and then a cut you know what I'm saying. Those first couple weeks getting use to not eating as much is terrible you're hungry and tired from not eating as much. This has definitely helped me with that. I would recommend to anyone trying to lose weight.

1-20 of 183 Reviews