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I bought these straps a year ago and they are still in good shape. They hold up very well and you just cannot beat the price. The cushioned pad on the wrist helps a lot when lifting really heavy. I would recommend these (and have) to anyone in the market for some straps.

I've been using these straps for a few months now and I absolutely love them!! I read other reviews about them digging into some people's wrists and I have not had that problem at all. The stitching and quality is absolutely top notch! I would definitely recommend these straps to anyone.

They are great quality and have been working great for me.

excellent quality

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Durable straps. I've had the same pair for over a year using them for shrugs, deadlifts and most of my back workout with no wear at all on the strap or neoprene padding.

Too short...

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I bought four different straps to compare and pick the ones I would keep and these won without a doubt. They are constructed well with the sides and ends sewn extra to increase the durability and prevent tearing. The pad is cut correctly so it will protect your wrist and it will not hinder the mobility of the strap. A common problem with cheaper padded straps that just throw something on there and don't measure where they put it and where the strap tightens on the wrist. These are worth the money and will last a long time.

These are very good. They've held up great over the past couple years I've been using them. The padding sometimes folds awkwardly onto its self but its barely noticeable. Even with that flaw the padding has yet to tear or show signs that its going to come off.

The product itself gets the job done however, like others have stated the area that comes in contact with the wrist just below your palm sometimes becomes irritated. The stitching is a little jagged so that seems to be the problem area. So, Other than the jagged stitching the product gets the job done, although it sometimes does cause discomfort.

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Good Quality, but the straps are a bit short .

Have used these for 5 months and I love them. Not much to say, they are straps, and they work. The only knock is that they really dig into the skin because of the material. With that said, the tough material allows for a much sturdier product which will last longer. Although, I feel they could have done a better job with the padding. After 5 months they show a little sign of wear, but that is to be expected when using them for very heavy deadlifts. The functionality is nowhere near being affected buy wear and the only noticeable aspect are the aesthetics. Overall I would definitely recommend these to anyone who wants straps. Very high quality while also being inexpensive.

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I never used straps before, but I felt like I needed them since I have small hands and I felt like the weights were slipping from my grip before I was finished. These are incredibly comfortable, and help greatly. The padding feels nice, although the thin layer over the padding is falling off easily, but it doesn't make much difference. Great product.

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Great value and great quality. Have used these straps for a couple weeks now and it's definitely been a huge help on heavy lifts.

I've never used straps before, but after watching some youtube videos on how to use them correctly, they have proven very helpful. They are especially good for high rep sets with weights heavier than what my grip can handle for extended periods of time. They seem like they will be very durable; however, the material is very stiff and makes it a little difficult and time-consuming to properly wrap a bar / dumbbell. I wish the wrap was a little more pliable. (yes, I've tried washing it). Padding is excellent and protects my wrist, even with heavier weights.

These straps are almost perfect! They dont dig into your wrists like the straps i usually use do and they have good grip! The only short coming of these straps is that they are just an inch or so too short for my tastes but other than that they are fantastic!

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