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Grenade Thermo Detonator Reviews

Supports Appetite Control, Controlled Sustained Energy, Metabolized Body Fat, & an Increased Alertness and Mental Focus*

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DJewel's Rating

Been taking this product a week now. I am definitely enjoying taking it as it gives me a boost all day long, which has improved my mood especially after my gym workout when I'm normally very grumpy and tired. I am a heavy tea drinker but decided to give it up as it kept me up whilst drinking it along side of two tablets (two times a day) I am currently doing weights so I don't feel the product gives me a boost or helps me lift heavier as it states its good for cardio. Ive lost a few pounds on the first week but I haven't really improved my diet so I'm aiming to do that this week. Few side effects include; heart burn (can be prevented by taking with very cold water and drinking lots of water through out day) mild nausea. It gets rid of my appetite for a few hours then i find I'm starving but then when i go to eat my appetite is gone again and i can't eat as much as i normally do. Overall, good product and you will get the results back if you put the effort in. Im hoping to lose more weight after improving my diet. I would recommend taking the second dose early to prevent staying up most of the night!

Definedmuscle's Rating

I have tried a few other products and I have to say this is the best so far. I am currently under a very strict nutrition and workout program which i believe is doing most of the work...you have to go all out to see changes cuz there is no pill that will do the work for you. But a pill that does support and gives no jittery feeling as well as a great amount of energy is this pill. Also it does help control your appetite ! I didn't give it a higher rating cuz I still have not tried other very highly recommended products but you should definitely try it at least once ..my fat has been cutting down a lot not necessarily my weight but looking great!! :)

skispice4life's Rating

Absolutely do not use this product. Do it for your own health and safety. I am not the best at diagnosing supplements, but from what I felt after one pill of this was beyond explanation. 1. My stomach was in so much pain, I thought I was going puke. 2. This was the good part for about 45 minutes. I was so focused on my workout and sweating my but off well doing this. 3. I started to panic because i was laying in my bed spinning and getting heavy headed, this has never happened before. 4. After about two to three hours my heart rate still did not come down from 132 which is way more then double my resting heart rate (62). The pills are now flushed. A waste of $30 DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT unless you are 100% sure

jdarkx's Rating

Today was the first day I tried this product. I have tried different fat burners in the past (acai fruit extracts mainly). I took one capsule at about 1pm before lunch. By 6pm I was feeling extremely jittery and my fingers were shaking. I dont know if this is normal or because its the first time I am using it. I would feel slightly "heavy hearted" with the others as well (i did with this too when I took it) but never jittery or shaking. I will continue it for a week. Hopefully it gets better and will review again!

TMWILL's Rating

I didn't notice any measurable gains or loss of weight with this product. But to be honest I can't remember if my diet was on point then. But I know I was still eating sense able. That being said I didn't get any energy or "tingling" when taking this product like you do with some weight loss products. Don't recall get a increase in my heart rate either. I just don't think this is worth the price. Great packaging but if they would cut back on package and put more into product I think they would be better off. End result there is no magic pill you just have to work hard.

Willie182's Rating

I really, really wanted to like this product-but in the end it just didn't cut it for me. I started with the 1 pill in the AM and 1 pill with lunch as instructed. The first day I felt a slight thermo, but it tapered off way too quickly. I bumped up to 2 pills per dose in the 2nd week, but still only a mild thermo the first day and then it was gone. As a last resort I tried 3 pills, but still nothing. Pity. I'll stick with Grenade's protein powder, but won't be using this fat burner again.

r694031's Rating

Really great thermo burner. Great to take before a morning workout too. Get ready to sweat.

Apokius's Rating

Apokius did not leave a written review for this product.

renee0427's Rating

I never write reviews, but I found it necessary to rate this product. I have tried SO many fat burners, and I will never buy anything else every again. This stuff keeps me pumped through my workout, still going after my workout and unlike a lot of products Ive tried, it doesn't upset my stomach or make me jittery. I am in love with this. The only thing I don't like is the packaging because it's inconvenient, but otherwise this product s amazing. Worth every cent.

lnauditt's Rating

I take the recommended dose and stack with the 50 caliber pre work out approx. 90 minutes after my second does of grenade. I am on my 3rd week and am seeing results and feeling great. No crash watsoever from taking this.

Seemoore57's Rating

I have definitely noticed results from this product, but one bit of advice is to follow the instructions, definitely do not take in the evening at all or it will keep you up ALL NIGHT. This stuff actually packs a bit of a punch and has had me twice now up all night. Not a bad thing, as long as you take it earlier.

Tjet612's Rating

I like this burner. Ive lost bodyfat and improved my vascularity. Do realize there isnt a diuretic complex in this burner. In other words for maximum beniefits stack with one or go buy dandelion extract or something from a supermarket to help you lose the water weight. Thermo detonator and shred matrix are the best fat burners i have tried. I am only taking 2 pills a day. One at breakfast and one at lunch and it is doing the job. My caloric limit is max 2200 per day because i am cutting.

elianitta's Rating

elianitta did not leave a written review for this product.

haydncrellin's Rating

Used this product a while back (when I first started gym). Didn't really receive any sort of buzz or energy off of it but didn't have any negative side effects at all.

mattplano's Rating

This product has worked wonderful for me. I finished my first cycle and lost a total 35 pounds. The best part is I have not lost lean muscle (like I have with other fat burners). I was also able to maintain my bench strength and actually increase my strength on military press and curls. Also just to add I had been on a diet of 2000 calories and for a month and half prior to my first cycle and lost some weight but Grenade definitely supercharge the fat burning process. Overall a great product with great boost of good "jitter" free energy. I am excited to try grenades other products when my current supplies run out.

dtsimmons's Rating

Great product. Helped keep me awake and focused throughout the days. I never crashed or had the jitters.

FitFem11's Rating

So far I love this product! I've been taking it for 1 month now. Not a 10/10 only because it doesn't suppress my appetite. I have to take this product with garcinia cambogia to get rid of cravings. Together it's an amazing product. I take two at 1 or 2 pm along with two garcinia cambogia with my lunch & hit my workout 30 min. To 1 hour after. I've only taken 3 pills in one day only if I'm super tired & it's a long day. One in the early morning & again two with my lunch. I've lost 10lbs so far.

marnic1's Rating

Today is my first time trying this type of product. I took 1 pill approx 10:30 am and then took another 2, ten minutes before my workout approx 12:50pm. Even though I didn't follow instructions and as a unfit overweight female first timer I must say I was quite impressed. My energy levels were much higher, my intensity at the gym picked up dramatically compared to what I usually accomplish and the sweat was pouring (I don't usually sweat that much) The only downfall is that I felt a little sick but I'm not sure if 'because I didn't follow instructions properly or because its a side effect??? and I was feeling a bit edgy. I would recommend this to people esp. woman like myself who struggle with low energy levels, and are unfit like me but this is only day one. I'll see what the results are in two weeks and post it up :) Happy training everybody and fingers crossed this product is my cure lol

crimebites's Rating

Is the company trying to tell you something when they package the product in a grenade. It is so strong that you can feel your heart beating, really not a good or controlled feeling

dyshechka's Rating

dyshechka did not leave a written review for this product.

1-20 of 129 Reviews
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