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chidi123's Rating

chidi123 did not leave a written review for this product.

chrisguinness's Rating

The the "NEW" Superpump max! This is a great pre workout supplement! I just wish it wasn't always on back order..... Just goes to show how good it is!

veryhairyharris's Rating

veryhairyharris did not leave a written review for this product.

olivercirino's Rating

This is my favorite Pre Workout, i love it, it gives me energy, focus, without crash, jitter or anxious and also have the perfect combination of aminos, I usually see people here rating bad supplements, they don't consider its a supplement, you won't get big, huge or get massive pump all the time, indeed expect too much for a just supplement. Btw, so sad its not available anymore.

pumpiron2013's Rating

pumpiron2013 did not leave a written review for this product.

RoadPigJohn's Rating

I was delightful about how strong the formula of SuperPump Max is. The first thing was the flavoring system that in my case Blue Raspberry is just tasty. The pumps, focus and gaining in strength were totally amazing by just using a scoop of it while on other products I have to go beyond the normal serving. I used SuperPump 250 YEARS AGO and this Max version is totally worth it. I recommend it 100%.

davidwasniskiii's Rating

What happened to this company? The previous generations of this supplement were awesome, made me feel like an animal! Now I'm taking two scoops just to get any feeling at all out of this?

MarilynCW's Rating

Thus far, this is my favorite preworkout. Definitely enhances focus and gives me a huge burst of energy, excellent for cardio! The taste is great. Highly recommend!

Supraguy1986's Rating

Great Pump the first 4-5 times I took this product, unfortunately my body quickly adjusted to it and after that I never noticed a pump or any kind of energy/focus from this product. Wont use again.

bassamnajafi's Rating

very good i like it ,so power full,try it guys it will take you to the next level.

khannalovy's Rating

great product for sure. In terms of quality and efficiency, this was Gaspari's BEST pre-workout, and arguably the best in its class. Too Bad Gaspari filed chapter 11 and wont be making this product any longer. time to switch back to BSN

DSilvesstre's Rating

Two things stand out from this product: 1. Good pump, really 2. Energy levels were great. When I finish my workout still had energy to keep training but the way how big I looked in the mirror by the pump was cool. If this pwo had beta alanine I would rate it 10.

ggbanks's Rating

I haven't tried any other Gaspari products but SuperPump MAX worked very well for me. The product had good taste and mixability in a blender bottle. I used it on an empty stomach before lifting and felt that the additional aminos etc contained in the product assisted with catabolism defense and hydration as well as quick and enduring energy. I've stated in other reviews that I'm extremely sensitive to most pre-workout products like this but, I suffered none of the negative side effects typical with pre-workouts with SuperPump. Highly recommended!

tsb1190's Rating

tsb1190 did not leave a written review for this product.

xBiGBaDWolFx's Rating

My experience with SuperPump MAX was awesome. Good pumps, enhanced focus, and energy levels. From the first use I was throwing around more weight in the gym and extra energy still leftover after i was done and out with no crash to worry about. Liquid motivation for those 5 A.M. sessions at the gym.

TheThrill1's Rating

It gave me a solid boost of energy and feel like it really helped my lifts. I didn't have any stomach problems with it like I've heard other people complain about.

greekfanatik's Rating

super pre workout.insane pumps,the only missing ingredient is beta alanine(carnosine) but in general very good product..also gives a very nice hydration(after taking it i WANT to drink lots of water,about 1 liter.definitely not super dump

Kuni123's Rating

As for the taste, Grape Cooler was nice. No chemical aftertaste or anything, not overly was nice. As for the PWO itself, for me it was a letdown. At 200mg caff per scoop, I can only do 1,5 scoops max(300mg caff total) which means like most people I can't experience full dosages of ingredients like Citrulline or Leucine. And at that dosage to be honest I don't feel much improvement in the weight room in terms of endurance, pumps, focus or energy. I bought 2 tubs, finished one but Im saving the 2nd for easy workouts. Its not a PWO that will let u break PRs unfortunately. Also, it should be noted that in terms of focus it's lacking bigtime. My sugg would be less caffeine per scoop, replace with other stim sources and/or focus ingredients.

ozzyaaron's Rating

I've used this product every workout for four weeks and it's the only PreWO I can readily find without beta alanine. This makes me feel really focussed and ready to hit the weights and this feeling continues for probably about 2 hours after it starts to take effect ( 30ish minutes ). It does give me a few minor stomach issues whilst working out but only minor. I don't crash afterwards and sleep easily even after working out in the afternoon. Drinks like Musclepharm Assault definitely taste better but this has a nicer effect for me.

sandi36's Rating

I have tried so many preworkouts (C4, Pre GYM, 1MR, Pump HD) and so many have failed. I love this one!! The taste is not bad, it's a little tart. I usually take it about 15-20 minutes before I hit the gym in the morning and notice it kick in around my first or second set. I'm hitting so many PRs with this PWO. The only PWO that has compared to this is Craze. I highly recommend this. I love it!

1-20 of 781 Reviews