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greekfanatik's Rating

Excellent product.Very good working.I took 2 scoops after workout and had great improvement in endurance,stamine and anaerobic power.The flavor is great also.

I am all about choosing the right supplements to enhance my workouts and my progress. I am finishing my second container of Orange Size On and have the following feedback for those interested. I am trying to lose body fat and the process was extremely slow to me. I started really looking at the calories, carbs, and sugar content of my supplements and weighing the overall benefit. Size On is high in calories, high in carbs that may or may not help intraworkout, and high in sugar. I have decided to just use a BCAA recovery type drink combined with my preworkout drink and a scoop of creatine instead, eliminating almost all the carbs, calories and sugar. Size On does taste good, mixes well, and probably has helped me stay hydrated and fueled up, but in the long run for me (over 40), I thought it was at too high an expense with the other ingredients. Just be sure to check the label and make sure you are aware of the consequences of the ingredients and how it could affect you. There is no magic pill - hard work and sticking with it is the core and your supps can enhance that along with your diet if properly combined. Keep pushing.

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Definitely like that intra-workout creatine. The orange tastes very good and mixes well. Will definitely continue to take this creatine while I try to gain some mass.

Awesome taste. Since i began working out again my muscles have been much fuller and I've had much more strength during my workouts. Its a great addition if you're trying to gain muscle mass.

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Great product. Maybe the best supplement i have ever used. I take 1 serving immediately after my gym, with great results on size and on recovery. The taste is good and mixes easily. Highly Recommended !!!!

Firefightereddy's Rating

This stuff works great, used it for two week and I have increased my lifting weight and reps . Flavor is great , mixes real good

JackieTheJetLee's Rating

Oh SIZE-ON. This has helped me put on some size subtely during programs. I only use it when I go HARD for over an hour at the gym. It demands your shaker bottle to be absolutely filled with water, and the flavour is VERY strong, but I personally find DELICIOUS! Shake it before every sip, and you'll notice a great recovery the next day of your workout while you're doing the same thing.

With out a doubt the best supplement I have ever bought. It does exactly what it says and taste amazing! I recommend this to anyone putting on size!

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ColbyMaxwell's Rating

This is the best creatine I've ever taken. My friend (who's been bodybuilding for 10+ years) suggested this to me and I'm very pleased with this product. I've started seeing results within my first two weeks of taking this. The Grape Cooler flavor tastes almost like grape vitamins. I hated the taste at first but it grew on me but reason I gave a 7 is because of it taking a while to get used to flavor. The Wild Berry Punch on the other hand is AMAZING. It tastes like I'm drinking Fruit Punch Gatorade. If you're looking for some creatine, I will always suggest this. Hope this helps everyone. & don't forget drink it while working out and bring an extra thing of water to drink also. I drink this stuff between each set of every workout.

The best intra workout product I have ever taken and it tastes great. It does exactly what it says in my experience as long as you are putting in the work. Combine that with an on point nutritional plan and you will put on size in a short period of time. I will continue to use this product, thanks Gaspari!

I enjoyed the gains I got when using this supp. I drank a serving before my workout as directed, and after 5 days I was increasing pr's and putting on muscle. The size factor is almost immediate within first set, and only builds on itself through the workout. This is a great product to help increase gains, put on size, and build confidence.

When I started lifting, I lifted four months and couldn't get the energy or the look I wanted. Then a co-worker gave me a tub of SizeOn and WOW! in one month, I was right where I wanted to be. I bulked up and quick! People actually thought I was on the "juice". Seriously speaking, this stuff works great! I stopped working out when I fractured my wrist in the 2013 Tough Mudder. 5 months and I back in full swing! I bought the Berry flavor, haven't tried it yet but, will post more when I do. The Orange flavor was really good. I gained weight during the holidays (thanks mom!) but, I'll lose the fat and put back those muscles. Happy lifting everyone!

Best taste and ingredients to grow and fuel during workouts. Literally crave the flavour when i work out without it.

I love the flavor of this. Mixes easily, not gritty or clumpy. Been using this now for about two weeks, and I like the results. I'm able to lift longer and lift heavier. It keeps feeling satiated during workouts, so I feel like I'm bonking out halfway through. Overall great product. Will continue to use it.

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Great product. Keeps me hydrated and energized. Keeps me looking full.

Tastes pretty good (like candy). Provides the amount of creatine needed for the whole day, no need for pre and post workout creatine. Really helps with recovery.

josemiguelangel's Rating

Great intraworkout product, I've been taken for about a month ans see great results. The flavor is something I don't like to much, but c'mon, the flaver is the less important part if the thing works!!!

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