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Force Factor FORCE FACTOR Reviews

Increase Nitric Oxide, Improve Endurance, Promote Strength!*

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HULK83's Rating

This product is definitely the truth. I got some off of a friend who gained 40 lbs using this product in combo with the creatine 189. He believed in it so much he gave it to me for free b/c he wanted me to feel it, and I did. First time taken and had an increase in strentgh. I hadn't benched anything over 205lbs in months, this day I repped 305lbs 3x for two sets. Im not saying this product will increase your bench by 100lbs, because I have been working on reps for chest. However this product gave me a good enough pump to try benching heavy which I rarely do. I will be using this in combo with Storm creatine, this combo gave me a 3lb increase in weight in 1 workout already.

PanteraDude86's Rating

I use and have used several different force factor products. I run my own gym and are recommending these supplements often. Right now test x180 alpha is what has be moving ferociously at the gym. Gets me pumped up, increases my stamina while working out, and I can feel my muscle mass improving. Try this stuff out.

LiamHart89's Rating

I have just started a workout routine lately and needed an extra boost because I haven't been to the gym in forever. I definitely noticed an increase in stamina and was able to really start busting out some good sets. I can feel my muscle mass starting to increase and I am very excited about it. This is a great product!

David581234's Rating

David581234 did not leave a written review for this product.

mememeonlyme's Rating

PLUSES::::tried this 2nd day so far: it does give you energy and stamina without the 'pump' feeling of some other products which could be overbearing at times. went from 50 pushup 2 sets each to 4 sets of 60 pushups within 40 minutes in one day. also went from 2 sets of leg-lifts 15 each to 4 sets of 15's back to back... that's pretty good i say! This product will not give you more lifting power but noticing increase of push up capability is something that gives me a 100% indication that's something did give me stamina to achieve this, MINUSES:::Not a fan of synthetic colors which these pills are coated with but then again you don't want to take any supplement for a too long of a time. Also this is definitely overpriced! I will not have this on an autosip thats for sure

Bagshotrow's Rating

Tried this one day, gave me a severe case of diarrhea. I am never sick and watch carefully what I eat so I know it could have only been this product that made me ill. Stay Away!

harryharrison12's Rating

Scam, stay away from this company. Deceptive marketing tactics, unscrupulous employees and a product that does not work at all. Don't believe just me... read other reviews and try and see past the"shill" reviewers who post glowing tributes. Utter garbage!

Chapek33's Rating

Got the free trial of force factor through their website and was using it for two weeks. Felt that product was working and considered looking into purchasing another supply of it until I noticed that the bank account had already been charged $75 for a subscription to their monthly plan. Through their 4 pages of website you need to filter through to get their free sample and a cook book there is fine print that is set up to not be noticed that states if you dont cancel within 18 days you will start getting charged for the product on a monthly basis. I am not impressed with this unethical tactic of filtering money out of people. I called their customer service (which took 20 minutes of ads to get through to) to only have the lady insist I stick with this product and try to deal me down giving me better monthly deals. In the end I expressed my strong desire to not have any part with their product and she said it would take 6 weeks to reimburse me if I returned their product or I could instanly get $42 out of the $70 they charged me and keep the product. This is obvioulsy a SCAM. If they set it up so you get charged by some fine print, beg you to stay with lower and lower prices and then at the end say we cant give you your money back for atleast 6 weeks, they apparently don't have a great of a product. I am not impressed ForceFactor. Lesson learned though, find the fine print and read it.

linville7's Rating

One of my favorite nitric oxide boosters. These don't give you tingles. But the help will make your muscle feel tight and all around great. This pre-workout even helps with recovery. If your trying to build muscle mass try this product.

CC07's Rating

Worst product I have ever bought. Please, please save your money.


iv used it for about a year and Iove it ,take it at work when im tired and take 3 pre workout and vascuIarity is thru the roof i stack with superpump max bouut to try out myo bIitz though!

jpfresh94's Rating

Improved my endurance in the gym,a much stronger pump. My vascularity was increased dramatically by the end of this bottle. This assisted my fat loss pretty well too. generally good N.O product.

karinabe16's Rating

rate 9.5 Strength/Rep Increase 10/10 explosive energy 8/10 improve endurance 8/10 Focus 10/10 Pumps and power 10/10 great stim free preworkout! high recommend this product if you havent tried it yet you are missing out. my new nitric oxide booster

EddieJunior's Rating

I been using Force Factor w/ Factor 2 for about a week now, You can feel it during the workouts and pull off them extra sets that you couldn't before! Very nice pumps! and nice boost of energy and endurance. I recommend you go to there website and try a sample if you are iffy on trying a capsule pre-workout - Won't be disappointed!

rzuck7253's Rating

Great pre workout supplement, I can definately tell when I dont take it. I would recommend it to anyone.

JScholar's Rating

I take the pre workouts and I feel like I can't stop. All I do are calisthenics for resistance I put on a backpack with books inside of it...

empedersen's Rating

I have been using Force Factor stacked with Force Factor 2 for two weeks now. No extra pump. No extra energy/ focus (it is caffeine free) No noticeable improvement in strength or endurance It didn?t do anything for me. I gave it to a friend and he yielded the same results (i.e. Force Factor is not a good preworkout) I would not recommend this to anyone looking for a quality preworkout. Hope this helps,

wgk111's Rating

wgk111 did not leave a written review for this product.

ripley60's Rating

Do not order directly from from FORCE FACTOR! Their business practices are deceptive, improper and non-customer oriented. If you must try or use their products you are safer ordering through Bodybuilding.com. At least Bodybuilding.com is an ethical, honest organization who cares more about their customer. STAY AWAY FROM FORCE FACTOR!

Jmhager's Rating

I used this a while back and was really satisfied with my results! I took as directed (2 bottles) and experienced great pumps and solid increases in strength! This is the product that made me a believer in FF. My roommate uses this and swears by it!

1-20 of 119 Reviews
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