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jill1227's Rating

I am writing this review on behalf of my boyfriend. He has tried many products over the last few years, and this one really is one of the best. It not only helps build muscle, but helps you maintain it. He works out and lifts weights a lot, and always still has energy afterwards. I recommend to anyone out there still searching for a good supplement to their workout!

jakecreasey's Rating

I am well impressed with the Force Factor line. I started out using this product before branching out into other products from Force Factor, which I did because I was so happy with my results. This product made me feel like I could stay in the gym and just workout together, the endurance it gives you is amazing. It's like your regular preworkout product without the caffeine jitters and without the crazy dehydration feeling if you aren't drinking enough. I definitely feel like I boosted my strength using this because of the pumps I got, the extra reps I could get in during my workout. My recovery time greatly reduced, my focus in the gym heightened like crazy (sorry gym buddies, this is why I don't sit around and talk anymore) and my vascularity definitely increased. I also prefer this product because it's completely safe, I have never had any negative side effects using this product. More than anything, I felt better using this product. I slept better, I had less anxiety and less stress, I generally just felt all around better. Great stuff, Force Factor!

holzman1's Rating

Definitely a huge fan of the Force Factor family. Let's see, what have I used? The better question is what haven't I used. I'm a big fan of their pre-workout BRX + VolcaNo Fury. Fury has been my recent go-to. Great product plus fantastic flavor. Definitely try it. Also, I used Test X180, talk about some progress! Great workouts on this product. I have been using Force Factor products for some time now, and they continue to help me progress. Great brand!

Mal19901's Rating

I am a huge fan of the Force Factor products. I'm currently using the BRX pre workout powder. I have used a number of different pre workouts and there are always issues which lead me to stop using them. BRX is different. I take it about 20 minutes before the gym, I get a nice rush (nothing too crazy) and get to my workout. My progress has been fantastic and am really happy!

newtothis88's Rating

Excellent line of products from Force Factor, Volcano especially. My biggest issue with going to the gym was getting people to go with me. Helps with the motivation to do your best sets etc. With Volcano though, I felt like I was actually getting the good stuff out of my workouts. Now I actually prefer working out by myself so I can go at my pace.

reigninbluud's Rating

Of all the pre workouts I've used, the Force Factor pre-workout Volcano is fire. Great build up and cool down periods, and great recovery time. Building muscle and enhancing whatever endurance I thought I once had.

hairyterry's Rating

Even though I didn't purchase it through here I thought I would put in my two cents. I follow Vernon Davis, former Terp (my alma mater) and current 49er on Instagram and a while ago he started posting great stuff about Force Factor. I had never heard of it up until that point, but I saw it at a drugstore by my house days later when I was trying to find myself an NO booster and performance boost for working out etc. Asked the dude at the register his thoughts and he said it was legit so I made the bold move and purchased. Product has been great for me. Problems I encounter when it comes to working out are usually stemmed from me getting tired really easily. Force Factor keeps me moving with enough energy throughout the course of my work out regiments. Stoked I got on board with these guys, and now if I ever met Vernon I will have two talking points instead of just one haha.

isalirezag's Rating

Well first of all I just use the FREE trial version. Although they said it is free they charged me 75 box!!! 2nd of all the product increase my heartbeat and cause me have skin problem. I just took two pills and through it in trash.

CSFord's Rating

I have not bought this product. Do not take my rating at face value. If you are going to look at this, go for the verified purchase reviews. The only reason I gave it a high rating was so people would see this. There are over 150 non verified reviews on this product. All of them are fake. Created accounts for one day to put a good review on site and leave. There have been a lot of bad press about this product using the free trials. I am not saying the verified purchasers are lying, I am just saying buyer beware and do more research on this product before buying.

ohyeaalright66's Rating

Been meaning to write a review for a while now. Force Factor is simply awesome. My sisters boyfriend uses it and recommended it to me. I pretty much ignored him for a while, but he was definitely building muscle that I could tell so I said ***** it, and asked to try it with him at the gym. Noticed an increase in stamina and pump the first freaking day. Since then I haven't looked back. So pumped (literally) with Force Factor, saw too that they have some pretty big time athletes using the product themselves, NFL, NHL, and NBA. This stuff works.

mistermanster34's Rating

Hell yea! Finally a workout that actually gets me going. Force Factor has been awesome for me. Someone at my gym was using it and I decided to try it for myself. I am getting the best out of every gym trip. So awesome.

anthonyF1987's Rating

I play college bball and workout most of the week. Force Factor is a beast product. I kick butt in the gym and it has made being physical in the paint one of my strong points in the game.

WizardofOZZY's Rating

Force Factor has been the "X factor" with my workout the last year or so. I have been on and off working out since high school. I found, however, that with Force Factor I have been getting the results I've wanted for a really long time.

aminorthreat6's Rating

I have looked far and wide for something that was going to accelerate my muscle growth process. I work as a sever for a chain restaurant and have less time than I'd like to work out during the week. Found an awesome product in Force Factor. I take it about 30 minutes before going in to workout whether coming from work or at home before work. I am starting to enjoy what I see when I look in the mirror. Amazing workout product.

NeverNervous7's Rating

Amazing workout supplement! Getting all the results I hoped for. Making the most of Force Factor in order to get as ripped as possible. I have used all sorts of different types of workout supplements in the past, going back and forth the last couple of years. Force Factor has definitely shown me the most improvement.

keepitacrime69's Rating

I recently wanted to get more tone. I feel like whenever I take a huge fall while skating or doing other sports my recovery time is not where I want it to be. Used Force Factor in order to enhance the process. Works well for me. My daily skate is actually a lot longer too because Force Factor helps increase stamina.

downforNEthing8's Rating

Definitely worth the purchase. I feel like this supplement makes my workout totally intensified. Can't say more really than whats already been said. Really good stuff.

barrysandersfan's Rating

When I am using Force Factor I feel the pump come on and I get moving quick. I take it right before I work out along with a pre work out meal. I tried not using it a couple times to measure the difference and the difference is huge. Hoping to keep with it and continue to see the results.

bunglefan84's Rating

I am pretty excited, got some Force Factor for my bday a couple weeks back from a buddy I work out with. I am already a gym rat with some decent muscle, but really its benefit to me is the boost/pump I get with it when working out. Makes my routines smoother and more impactful. Get this for your people if you are late on holidays gifts, totally does the trick.

halfwaythere989's Rating

I have been tracking my muscle gain progression for the past couple months since starting to use Force Factor. Things I have noticed during my work outs 1- it follows up on its promise to increase stamina, which makes me feel great and gave me a good idea with how things were going to go in the following months. 2- The cool down period is perfect. I'm not still buzzing when I don't want to be. After the last couple months my gains have been extremely noticeable. People all over the place are noticing my increase in muscle and I am the healthiest I have ever been.

1-20 of 164 Reviews