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Kmm930's Rating

Really love this! My third day taking it, and I'm really feeling that extra push today! Was skeptical about the flavor but it's actually very good.

qtstylist11's Rating

Flavor is great and it really gets me pumped before my workouts

daniifitnessxo's Rating

Working 12 hour days, I often find it really hard to go to the gym after work. I'm tired and just want to curl up in bed and watch TV. I decided to try some pre-workout and I gotta say, it was an incredible investment. I have heard so many reviews about the FitMiss products I thought it would be worth it to at least try. I took some last night with some water on my way to the gym and I was so pumped and ready to go. I've never been so energized to go to the gym before. I bought the Strawberry Margarita flavour and it was delicious. It gave me tonnes of energy but I didn't get the jitters or itchiness that others seem to experience. I guess everybody is different but I would highly recommend this to someone who wants a delicious tasting pre-workout before going to the gym!

chloe96's Rating

I was excited to try this, since it has very good reviews, and I love the Fitmiss Delight protein powders. However, I found that this product did nothing for me except make me itchy all over, dizzy, and nauseous. The taste wasn't the best either, but it did blend pretty well with the water. Will be returning this.

alr17's Rating

It gave me a burst of energy and allowed me to get my workouts done, whatever they were. The Strawberry Margarita tastes amazing and dissolves in water with a few shakes of the bottle, which I love because no one likes chunks in their drinks.

salloua87's Rating

The taste isn't bad at all. Definitely need to drink a lot of water while using this product but I don't feel it gives you that great pump to have an awesome workout. I had order this one and the essential amino acid ( ON) and I must say the amino acid has a way better pre workout boost!! I don't recommend ordering this product if you go hard at the gym and want something that will push your limits.

Juliabrooks17's Rating

Just in all a great product and a great brand, I continue to purchase their products and continue to love them more and more!

KEANEY13's Rating

I got this product because I wanted a non-creatine preworkout. I was worried that because of how 'pinkwashed' this product was, it would not fare well against MP's Assault. (Remember, this product is MP as well!) However, i still get the tingles, the energy, and the overall feeling of a weighlifting superhero. I recommend it. Taste is quite decent as well.

taralynnc90's Rating

Once again an overall nasty taste. I really wanted to use this brand but the taste is horrible and the powder does not blend well at all. You basically are having to eat a powder stick.

daniellestefm's Rating

daniellestefm did not leave a written review for this product.

PiinkDumbbells's Rating

This one taste really good! And it gives me the energy I need and I'm able to go to sleep later/ It doesn't make me jittery or make my heart pound. The reason i gave it an 8 tho is because if you take it about 30 mins before i work out my sin gets itchy and kinda burns. So i started taking it when i arrive at the gym to avoid that problem.

angelaeyler's Rating

Taste great but doesn't give me energy as other pre-workout shakes, it was just like drinking really sweet juice. If you need just a little boost this may work for you but if you're looking for a strong workout boost like I like to have, this isn't the one. I couldn't tell a difference in my energy levels on the days I didn't drink it before my workout. Also when I first opened it, the powder was clumpy like moisture got in there or like it's been sitting for a long time. I don't recommend this pre workout shake.

muraskip's Rating

The Ignite was nice at first, it's not as strong as other pre-workouts, which since I hadn't used any in a long time I was looking for, though I got pretty quickly acclimated to it. Personally I like a pre that gets me borderline jittery with energy, but this does the job of getting me in the mood to lift. If you're looking for a more low key PWO then this is fantastic and the strawberry margarita flavor is delicious!

Abigailfederico's Rating

Love! No jitters. Slight tingle but I love the feeling!

Sherezada23's Rating

The Flavor is great! You also get a nice boost. However, I think this is great for the beginner athlete. By the time I finished the bottle, 2 scoops wasn't giving me the pump/energy I need to sustain my tough lower body workouts.

BrittanyPiquard's Rating

Not my favorite pwo. Didntvrealky feel much.I'll try two scoops and see how that works. Tastes great, but just doesn't seem to do the job like others I've tried

lamb_'s Rating

lamb_ did not leave a written review for this product.

JordanJubilee's Rating

I bought the Strawberry Margarita and it tastes amazing and really helps. When I first took it I didn't like the tingly feeling, and I quickly learned that if I don't work it all out of my system at the gym I'll feel nasty later. But it definitely pushes me to beast as much as I can. Just reordered and ordered the BCAA too. Highly recommend! Amazing stuff!

deuter78's Rating

deuter78 did not leave a written review for this product.

KaileyR's Rating

I first received a free ignite package with the purchase of Fitmiss's Delight protein. I received the orange flavour and really disliked it. I didn't feel anything either. I think this is because the preworkout was expiring the next month? Maybe? ha I love Fitmiss's BCAAs so I decided to give this another shot. I purchased the strawberry margarita flavour and loved it! Pumps me up and motivates me to get my *** to the gym. I had the "tingly" feeling at first but it wasn't ever overpowering.

1-20 of 218 Reviews