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FitMiss Cleanse Reviews

Supports Healthy Body Composition & Daily Weight Management!*

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Offbroadwayx's Rating

This product did not work for me. I took two as directed at night with plenty of water throughout the day and it made me feel bloated and awful.

elfidaquiroz's Rating

Been taking already for 3 weeks and so far its been good to me! Before taking these i always had trouble using the restroom and now i don't have that problem, and it didn't give me the runs like most people have been saying it gives them. The taste of the pills aren't as bad as i expected them to be, only bad thing is that it makes me gassy -_-. . .But other than that i love them and i'll continue to take them and im already placing my second order for the cleanser!!!

LoseIt37's Rating

Pros: No cramping, Easy to take Cons: After the first 3 days it seemed to stop working. After I cycled off for a few days and started again, I had the same results as the initial time I took the cleanse. I believe everyone's body is different, so this may work better for someone else. When it was working, though, it was great.

madisonj's Rating

Never felt better and my bm's are back to normal and this product has done the trick for me.

kaitblack's Rating

When taken as directed I have normal bm's in the morning and don't get the bloated feeling anymore.

voores1's Rating

I do not feel bloated anymore after taking this and makes me feel great about myself and body.

milljud's Rating

I bought the Burn, Tone, and this and they are the best supplement stack I have taken.

showlay's Rating

My body has never felt better and have been digesting my food a lot better now.

katy11's Rating

When taking this right before bed I wake up feeling good and ready to go.

hornmily's Rating

My body fat and weight has went down a lot while taking this and Burn in the same day.

kerrfield1's Rating

I have really seen a difference in my body and this has help get rid of all the extra waste I had.

sbs1025's Rating

I didn't feel bloated and I felt "cleansed", but that was probably because I had to run to the bathroom multiple times a day. I apologize to all those who used the bathroom after me. Sometimes it was a matter of literally SECONDS, I couldn't second guess myself or I would have number 2 all over my chair. Not kidding. So if you like to not feel bloated and you enjoy the rush of maybe making it to the bathroom in time, this product may work for you. (Bought it with the Bizzy diet pack)

jcsblueyez's Rating

I purchased in hopes of cleansing my body. Day one no effects, Day 2 I was running to the bathroom literally. After that, at one point I went 4-5 days without a bm. I don't think it works. Positives, I wasn't bloated after taking. Just not sure if it is worth the $, or if it even works. I am continuing to take the rest of the bottle, so it won't be money completely wasted.

serenakinakin's Rating

This product did nothing for me ! Wont be buying again

elidziute's Rating

Used this product for 10 days- did everything what was said on the packet. WARNING: As I am on contraceptive pill, Missfit made it ineffective; and I only realised it when my period started way too early. Overall, happy with the results, but won't be using again.

Lulu5791's Rating

I used the cleanse for 4 days, and had diarrhea for 5 days, THAT was the only difference. I was hoping it was going to work the way it worked for others, reading those reviews is why I bought it, it did nothing for me except a whole lot of uncomfortable situations.......no thanks, no more!!

MommieESQ's Rating

I always had an "issue" having daily bm's but this product absolutely did the trick. Initially, it took about two days to work, but when it started working..it worked.

NessieLea's Rating

NessieLea did not leave a written review for this product.

MelLewis21's Rating

Since I started taking this product I have noticed a huge difference on how I feel. I do not have a bloated feeling. And, just so you know, my BM are not crazy or anything....just regular.

EThomas7's Rating

this product helps me get rid of those toxins and feel great

1-20 of 92 Reviews
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