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Our 100% All Natural Pure Liquid Egg Whites Are Liquid, Not Raw Egg Whites!

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I have been using Egg Whites International protein got about 3 weeks now and I absolutely love it. I have lost 6 lbs and feel great. I mix 8oz of the egg white with 4 oz almond milk and half scoop of chocolate protein and it is awesome. Mixing it with coffe is even great. There is no taste and no odor so you get them benefits without the horrible taste that others have. I see myself using this for a long time.

I've been using this product for the past 4 years or more and it has truly helped me to put on more muscle. My 1st bodybuilding competition in 2012, I weighed in at 174.5. I took 3 years off to build muscle and this product was instrumental in helping me to add on about 20 lbs of lean muscle. I use it in conjunction with my protein powder in order to increase bioavailability of the protein into my muscle. I've also used it in recipes or just when I want cooked egg whites. However, do to the odorless and tasteless nature of the product, I usually use a cup of it and blend in a scoop of protein powder along with a couple ounces of almond milk and it makes the best protein shake their is. I order a 4 gallon case every couple of months.

EWI is a great company to buy from and their product tastes excellent and is completely safe. Their customer service is top notch and so is their packaging. They keep you up to date with your order and quick to answer any questions you may have. If you use a lot of egg whites for breakfast or for any meal, this would be the route for you. You can easily make scrambled eggs or an omelet. Or mix the egg white in with your protein drink for extra protein throughout the day.

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Great product. It has no taste, which is a plus. It mixes well with protein powders and doesn't foam up. I even make omelets with it. Once it thawed out though, I had to run it through a strainer. It had chunks of egg white goo floating on top.

I am an International Egg White sponsored athlete and can honestly say this is the best, healthiest protein out there. There are alot of proteins that claim to be independently tested, but with International Egg Whites you know they are tested. It is the only all natural protein you will ever find. Don't pass this up.

Fantastic product and great customer service from EWI. I use these in everything from cooking to adding some extra protein to a shake. Really can't emphasize enough the awesomeness of this product. Only thing... make sure you remember to order a pump - they aren't included with the jugs. Makes measuring quick & easy. It can get pretty messy without it!

I am a Figure competitor, and both my in-season and off-season contest diets include egg whites. Initially I was buying a few 1lb/ 16oz cartons a week, but I was going through those quick! I graduated to the 2lb/32 oz cartons, but I ran into the same issue. I was investing entirely too much money throughout the week having to re-up on my egg whites. I knew I would have to purchase a bigger quantity to get a better bang for my buck. Fortunately, Egg Whites International provides a product with the perfect quantity and quality that I need! Now I purchase my egg whites by the gallons, and I'm saving a ton of money! Plus I've got the flexibility to eat or drink the egg whites, which breaks up the monotony of consuming the same kind of meals!

Egg Whites International Liquid Egg Whites are one of the best products available as a nutritional source for protein. They can be used to mix smoothies or for cooking. We use them daily. We have been using Egg Whites for several years and we haven't found a better source for pure protein. Highly recommended!

I have used 100's of different products with each one saying they were the next big thing so I started out with this alittle skeptical. I've been using Eggs Whites International now for 7-8 months and have had some great results in both lean mass gain and body fat reduction. The product arrives to your home packaged very professionally and is ready to go out of the box (although some slight defrosting may be needed), It mixes literally with anything and is completely tasteless. You can add it to your kids's cereal, oatmeal, or just cook with them. The best part is the fact that 1/2 cup has 0 FAT, 60 CAL, 13 PRO, and is all completely Bio Available. If you want a great protein I would def try this cause you won't be sorry. Be sure to order directly from their website or call them

the packaging is so professional . Its been two days since they sent my order and the products are still cold. I tried it this morning and i can feel the difference. I got 1 scoop of hydrolyzed whey protein with one cup of egg white international. The taste was amazing, mixed very well with my protein powder. i had no stomach issues what so ever. In my opinion, this is the best way to get your daily protein. I love it.

Let me for one say I HATE EGGS! So for me the thought of drinking my eggs made me wanna throw up. However this product had such a good rating and not to mention they are ODORLESS AND TASTELESS they weren't kidding. Upon arrival I cringed my nose expecting the worst. I first tried smelling them to prep for the taste....and nothing. I decided to go ahead and pour me half a glass and give it a shot. I added a bit of water so mentally i wasn't drinking straight egg. First sip no taste whatsoever. I felt like i was drinking water, so I ch****ed 4oz and it felt great. I cant tell u how pleased I am. I can get a sufficient amount of protein without gagging it down. I love this product and happy i took a chance. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!

I was initially hesitant to try these liquid egg whites but I'm glad I took the plunge. Not gross, no smell, no slime, period. I use it in my shakes which are a mix of hydrolyzed whey and casein and it's fantastic. I should think it would mix with basically anything. It has a salty taste (but not at all overwhelming) and a yellowish tint and those are the only signs you're consuming egg whites. In just the few weeks I have consumed this product I have already seen my body changing. Product came quickly and still well frozen. Took several days to thaw completely in the fridge. Customer service is great and they actually encourage you to contact them, which is rare. Take a chance and try something new!

I love these pasturized egg whites. One of my favorate ways to enjoy them is in a breakfast or snack scramble with smoked turkey and smoked gouda. Also fantastic in a breakfast burrito. The whites can be enjoyed right from the bottle, and are a great way to pump up your protein shake!

This is the ultimate way to get your daily protein to build lean muscle and lose body fat! I was introduced to this product by Mrs. Monica Brant, and coming from a fitness icon like her I knew it had to be the best form of protein on the market. So many ways to use it, mix it with your favorite protein powder, drink it plain (its tasteless), cook it and use it in your favorite ingreients that require eggs. It has kept me on track with my goals for over two years and for the price you will not find a better product out there!

I love egg whites international! Their egg white pump makes it so convenient . You can make your protein last a little longer just by using a half scoop then 8oz of egg whites instead of water or almond milk! All Natural 💪 26g of Protein / Cup ✅ 2g Carbs / Cup ✅ 120 Calories / Cup ✅ Fat Free & Cholesterol Free ✅ Pasteurized 🚫 No Preservatives

I was first introduced to Egg Whites International at the 2013 Arnold Expo in Columbus, Ohio. I tried it and couldn't believe that it was smooth, odorless and flavorless. It mixed very well with the protein they had on site...but I left without placing an order. I returned to the 2014 Arnold Expo and there they were again! I decided to make a purchase right on the spot. I ordered 4 gallons right there and I haven't stopped ordering. The results are unbelievable. Not only do I get a great deal of my daily protein intake from the egg body......oh my body is a true testimony of the external benefits this product has to offer. I leaned out for competition season and I'm ready to hit the stage all because of the egg whites. Yummy!

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Actually cheaper if you buy them off there official website.

This product helped me win my competition! Nonfat, high protein, smooth and easy to use. I got my product within about a day of ordering, and it was useable right away. The pump is a perfect measuring tool. I drink it in my smoothies and also put it in my kids' cereal for added protein. It is the purest, most perfect way to get high-quality digestable protein.

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