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Dymatize Super Mass Gainer Reviews

Awesome Value, High Calorie, Mass Builder Protein!

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kylereece's Rating

Overrall, I would say this is the most affordable of the mass gainers out there and if you're looking for some extra calories during a bulk program, this is pretty good. I would usually drink half a serving per day (about 600 calories) and get the rest of my calories from food. As for flavor, the Cookies & Cream flavor is very good. Mixture does sometimes clump a little if not enough milk or water is used. Some people complain of the sugar content, but since I usu. just use half the serving it ends up at 20 grams of sugar which isn't terrible. I'm on my second tub but will probably try Real Mass next just for variety.

Build4Christ's Rating

Build4Christ did not leave a written review for this product.

santiblanco's Rating

love the taste, love the results, gained 6 pounds in 3 weeks, i took one scoop just after i wake up to fuel my muscles every morning!! great protein!

Ularlaut's Rating

I've try the Strawberry flavor. As for the taste and smell, they are great ... I love it .. Easy to shake with a shaker, better if using small amount of hot water for the base then you can continue with cool water. When you are using cool/cold water straight away, you might have some "clumping", even having shake-it vigorously for couple of minute. Haven't try using milk and blender though. I have been using the 12 lbs pack for a month, and gain 3 kg / 2 lbs. The 2 "shovel" size scoop per serving recommendation was way to much for my stomach to handle. I can only handle 1 scoop per serving; 1 scoop in the morning, 1/5 scoop with/after lunch, and 1 scoop after workout / before bed. You may have some extra gas in the stomach, but I think is normal when you consume good(large) amount of protein, same when you consume 2-3 eggs per day. I didn't have diarrhea problem, just normal bowel schedule.

ykurdi's Rating

Its the best. I recommend it.

Formann's Rating

Formann did not leave a written review for this product.

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Wliu10's Rating

Felt dizzy and unable to concentrate after everytime taking it. And the taste is terrible, it has massive of sugars, but the taste is still terrible.

ToMi22's Rating

I must say i used this product and gain almost 10kg in 1 months time. Best gainer so far i have used. its just the taste is not so bad but drinkable. Will use it again anytime. ^_^

seotrab's Rating

seotrab did not leave a written review for this product.

tylerwerwinski's Rating

Most beautiful flavor i have ever doused my taste buds with. I CRAVED this stuff while i was on my bulk. Mixes like you would expect a mass gainer to mix, but it tastes so good and I gained 15 pounds while using this (along with a bulking diet) and lifting heavy iron things

PatDonaldson's Rating

This is a very good supplement if your looking to gain mass and weight. I was 145 and two weeks later I weighed 157. If you eat 3 times a day and have a quick metabolism I highly recommend this product.

muscley66's Rating

This mass gainer has a good nutritional profile if you intend to gain weight. But there are mass gainers out there that I feel are greatly superior. The taste was one of the main reasons for the relatively low rating. If a mass gainer has nearly 40 grams of sugar, it should taste a lot better than it does, which is chalky and fake. If you’ve ever had the old protein powder from the 90’s, you know what I’m talking about. That’s what this tastes like. Also, the serving size is massive. I mix my shakes in a 1HP Vitamix blender-best blender money can buy. It has a tough time mixing one full serving of this mass gainer. It fills half the **** blender (64oz)! I will say that it does provide satiety. Dymatize is a great company, but this product is not its best offering.

shonna24's Rating

This shack is my dream come true it have been very. Hard for me to gain weight let alone have something that actually tastes great the but muct use a blender so it can mix good the taste was so good I started to crave it everyday I've been taking it for almost and I went form 109 to now 118 I never thought something like this would work as fast or as good as it has I take 1 scoop with 16oz or milk 2 r just to much for me but in a days time my intake is about 2 and a half scoops the only bad thing the 6oz dosent last very long othere then that Iove this product n will be buying more very soon

rajnims's Rating

This is the BEST shake i have ever taken. The strawberry shake is the best tasting shake i have ever drank. Drink it with milk with one scoop. gets u 900 calories. i take one in morning and one in evening. I have used it for 3 days now straight with gym and i gained 1 pound already. it works like a charm and digests very fast. i am a really hard gainer. i have tried everything and this seems to be the exact thing i needed. i want to thank dymatize for creating a shake this amazing tasting. I WILL DEFINITELY REORDER IT.

ErickVasquez23's Rating

Some points I wanna talk about: It does taste good, the problem is that the serving is HUGE. That could make you dislike the flavor a bit as time passes. I finished the 12 lb box today (started 1 and a half months ago, drinking on workout days, I workout 4 times a week) I'm an ecto 5'10", 22 yrs, started with 131 lbs, I have 135 lbs today. Even if I did not increase that much over time I would say it works quite well because it's VERY HARD for me to gain a pound and also it has been hard for me to eat a lot. The point here is: Nutrition does play an important role while aiming for weight gain. I used to take half scoop pre and 1 scoop post workout, I did see soe good results. You need a blender to mix it well. For now I will try another gainer, even if this one was O.K., I'll go with Dymatize Elite probably.

saeed10101's Rating

Best gainer out there. You need to shake it very well. The taste is great and the price is the lowest for a gainer :)

Chrismcnik1's Rating

I've gained 5 pounds using this for about a month. Only negative with this is that it does not mix well with water

RCastillo2010's Rating

Been switching between the 2 flavors morning/evening, and they both taste great. Easier to get a normal protein scoop and measure out the servings. Shaker friendly, just don't be such a woman about it, shake it...LIKE A MAN!!! I've been using this product with the whole milk, I am lactose intolerant, and it does NOT have me sitting on the toilet all day. Going on about 2 weeks now since i started, and I jumped up from 173lbs-184lbs. THIS STUFF WORKS, well with your diet and weight regime. DEFINITELY will be reordering again!

SirGeorge's Rating

I had high hopes for this protein. Purchased the 12lbs and was expecting to gain at least 5 kilos (12lbs) in two months due to combining two/three protein shakes per day with 3 rich meals and couple of others. I even combined it with creatine for a month and I only gained 3 kilos (6 pounds) - in two months. Now going for the Serious Mass hopeful that the gains will be much much more. P.S. The strawberry flavour and its mixability were quite satisfying.

antethesis's Rating

Great product! Now shaker friendly! I burn calories really fast and so I drink it with whole milk. I have used it for the past two months and have gained 10 pounds. I have increased my bench from 205-255 @ 12 reps. It tastes great and I use it with Dymatize BCAAs and their Pre workout/.

1-20 of 143 Reviews
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