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Slow Release Casein to Feed Muscles Overnight and Recover from Intense Training*

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jeffbevan's Rating

Loved this Casein protein - definitely one of my favorites - I consumed it mostly with mixing it in water and I though it had great flavor and mixed well. Not gritty at all. I have re-purchased this brand and the Cinnamon Bun flavor multiple times. Love it. Update - 11/16/ 15- Purchased and tried for a 3rd time now, no change - still a very good Casein protein. Cinnamon Bun mixed with greek yogurt and cooled is a great night cap treat!

mytime40's Rating

I gave this a 9 instead of a 10 because is gets clumpy in a shaker bottle. More so with milk than water. The taste is fantastic. I will drink it just for a snack because it is so good. The pricing is in line with the quality. It is also available locally so I don't have to wait for it to be shipped if I run out.

eleckttruss's Rating

if you want a casein protein from this company you better get ELITE XT

patrick6006's Rating

Great product, mixes well with no chemical after taste. I like to mix the vanilla w plain Greek yogurt and a tbsp on natural peanut butter. At 1 gram of sugar it's the perfect casein for the carb cutters night time snack. Blends nice w half cup of almond or coconut milk to the consistency of a small Wendy's frosty for a sweet low cal/carb nightl time snack.

jimenez0215's Rating

This is the first Casein protein I purchase and I'm not impressed by the flavor. Cinnamon Bun is the best rated but I had trouble drinking it. Didn't really like how it mixes(clumpy, gritty texture). The taste wasn't that bad but it's the texture that kind of makes it unbearable to drink (personally). I don't know if Casein protein is supposed to be like this but oh well. I like Dymatize products(love Iso-100) and will continue to buy Casein from them but maybe try a different flavor next time evem though the texture of the drink was the problem .

daldos25's Rating

This protein tastes amazing and in 3 1/2 weeks i can already tell a difference with my recovery.

WMerc's Rating

Just finishing up my first 2 lb bottle of Cinnamon bun. The flavor is excellent and mixes very easy with no clumping. Kinda tastes like a dessert before bed every night. I'm getting ready to purchase the 4 lbs for added savings. I rate this product as a 10 for taste and quality. On a side note, I supplement only with Iso-100 protein and their creatine as well. No lactose intolerance with any of the products.

fatelvis's Rating

Tastes unbelievable! I look forward to my bedtime "snack" every night. The Cinnabun taste is right on and mixes easily with water, no clumps or dry pockets. I immediately bought more after trying my first container.

elopez10's Rating

Very good product. I usually workout in the evenings and finish exhausted and very hungry, Then I go home and, instead of dinner, I prepare myself one (1) scoop and a half of this casein mixed with water. I immediately feel satiated and after a few minutes I feel my body temperature going down back to normal, making me feel incredibly refreshed. It turns out that my body's natural reaction to glutamine is feeling sleepy, so I feel I want to go to bed 30 minutes after taking this protein; so it is very convenient taking it before bed. At first, I was not impressed by the taste, but after some time I got to like it a lot, and obviously almost everything tastes delicious on an empty stomach. :)

clakich's Rating

clakich did not leave a written review for this product.

EmperorRyker's Rating

It's casein and the protein to weight ratio is decent (~75%), but obviously worse than what you'd get with (whey) isolates. Having said that, the chocolate peanut butter flavor is probably the best protein powder I've had as of yet, and I've tried all of the ones from both Dymatize and Optimum Nutrition, along with a bunch of other ones from different companies.

ashishahuja23's Rating

I am not sure whether this is working or not. I hope so but regarding the flavor its just feels too chemically. It has a wierd aftertaste which i never felt with the ON Casein. I am going back to ON as soon i can chug this tub.

walkady's Rating

When I read the blog of a fellow member (e_santana) and decided to follow a similar supplemental format to theirs whilst I too opted to alter my own healthy living regime, I was glad Eddie indicated the flavour of casein he preferred as, out of all the protein flavours I have tasted this has to be my favourite whether it is mixed with water or milk. Better still when I add BCAA unflavoured powder or leucine or creating powder into the mix the taste does not alter or dissipate like it does with the fast acting protein which has led me to add in half a scoop of this flavour casein to my pre/post work out protein shakes just to help alleviate the taste and add some flavour. I note it must be popular as I have logged in a couple of time to re-order the cinnamon bun flavour and it has been unavailable. Glad I purchased the 4LB option when it was on offer! It's the only protein powder flavour I enjoy taking prior to bed and upon waking the pre/post one I currently use is awful in comparison and just hope the alternative two I have ordered will remove that feeling of dread when I hear myself up to taking the daily pre/post ones. So in short yes I would recommend this brand and highly recommend cinnamon bun flavour which, as suggested by fellow member Eddie, also tastes great when you had 1/3 of a scoop to a cup of coffee!

crls10's Rating

The best mixing and best tasting casein protein by far. It's fair priced, 100% micellar casein, satisfies sweet tooth, and just plain delicious. As far as results, it's protein powder, if you're consuming the correct amount of macros for your goals, you will achieve them. This only helps add to my protein intake and ensures I get amino's even while I sleep. Pros: Reasonably priced, delicious, good mixability (for casein), 100% micellar protein. Cons: The only con I have is, it uses artificial sweeteners.

Maybezerk's Rating

So far, the best tasting Cinnamon flavored protein I have tried. Far better than Dymatize's Iso-100 in the same flavor, in both the strength of the cinnamon taste and that of the bun taste. When put up against the Bodybuilding Foundation Series Cinnamon Bun 100% Casein, I found this product to be slightly better. Less sweet (which I prefer), and more of a pleasant doughy-taste. As for texture, this has turned out to be the absolute best micellar casein product for sludge consistency that I have found (so much so that I mix it into a chocolate-flavored sludge to add to the thickness of it). I am currently awaiting a sample of Trutein's Cinnabun flavor, and I will be giving XF UP's cinnamon flavor a go in the coming weeks as well. Overall though, a great product from Dymatize, and one that I will likely purchase again.

Drexller24's Rating

How is this only 8.6 overall? This Casein is the best. It mixes well and it taste wayyyyy better than the ON. Just bought my 2nd 4lb cinnamon bun! Im adding more cinnamon powder so it tastes more cinnamon!

MCMantoani's Rating

I was skeptical to buying it, but as it was on sale and as I read the comments saying that Cinnamon Bun was "the best supp I've tried in my whole life" I decided to give to a chance, and luckily that is true: THIS IS THE BEST AND MOST TASTY CASEIN I EVER TRIED!!! YOU MUST BUY IT!! Moreover, it is quite cheap when comparing to other brands...

pilarsteele's Rating

Been using it for the last 3-4 year. Amazing! Use it in baking and in my overnight oats! Keeps you full so long! Tastes great!

majavelim's Rating

majavelim did not leave a written review for this product.

mthompson720's Rating

mthompson720 did not leave a written review for this product.

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