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ForteD's Rating

Vanilla tasted aweful. Who rate 10 star maybe work for this product company.

awzeigler's Rating

I don't know if I got a bad batch, but the Vanilla tasted AWFUL! I couldn't even drink 8oz of it. There was a weird mix of sweetness and bitterness at the same time and I couldn't stomach it. Maybe if its mixed with something else it would be better, but I would recommend steering clear. There is better out there, taste-wise.

AntonioCappucci's Rating

great flavour. mixes very well. does not make stomach uneasy. favourite protein product

ironaddictlee's Rating

I order this when im looking to go H.A.M the creatinine gives the pump and swollen feeling. I like the flavor with some added Banana and cinnamon = flavor . I always seen good gains on this product but i switch back to muscle milk during cut. Great product

MNycum's Rating

Great Protein Product. I've tried a bunch and keep coming back to Monster Milk. Love all my Jym Products, including Jym Pro, but the profile, taste and ease in which Monster Milk mixes keeps me coming back. Taste is such a personal thing, but I find that both the vanilla and chocolate flavors are great.

Fieldservice1's Rating

I have been using this product for over four years until now. After taking a look at the blood panel results over the past three years not really sure why the cholesterol levels were so high now I realize the source. Since my diet is very lean and filled with fruits and vegetables seeing that each serving of this monster milk contains cholesterol at 40mg per shake I think I am done with this product. Because when you also add in the saturated fat at 2 grams per serving you begin to wonder is taking this product worth the risk of a heart attack, stroke, or other coronary issue due to the amount of cholesterol being ingested. No it is not worth the risk as this product is lethal.

TooChaiyot's Rating

TooChaiyot did not leave a written review for this product.

shawnhess's Rating

I though this was overall a good product. While everyone is crying about how it tastes they take the view off of the results. I gained a fair amount of mass. And the ratio is perfect for everything you need In a great protein.

mikekonowitz's Rating

Tastes absolutely awful & chalky unless you put at least 3 extra ounces of water in it and drink as cold as possible. Love the bottle, do not love the mix. Will not buy again.

FrankZA's Rating

FrankZA did not leave a written review for this product.

cbradley3324's Rating

Hopefully this product works better than it tastes! Definitely doesn't taste like any of the cookies and cream protein shakes I have had before. There is an awful after taste. This will be the last time I buy this product, even if it does work. I want to just throw it out, but too much money to waste. Just have suffer through it and go back to optimum.

soulsergeant's Rating

soulsergeant did not leave a written review for this product.

juancon95's Rating

This is a very cost effective mass gainer. It has pretty much everything you need all in one. However, the taste and consistency of this product are both pretty bad. I tried out the Vanilla Creme flavor and it had a slight unwanted aftertaste of banana. I eat bananas almost everyday, but this taste is just strangely awful. Plus if you let it sit for about 5 to 10 minutes, it starts to thicken and rise. It almost turns into some sort of putty. I will not be buying this product again. For a better mass gainer supplement, with great taste, I would recommend trying Optimum Nutrition's Mass Gainer. I tried the Chocolate one prior to trying this product and it was phenomenal. I plan on trying BSN's Mass Gainer next.

jtreece's Rating

Muscle Milk is one of my favorite protein blends, but this was AWFUL. Actually typing this halfway through a blender bottle full because it was so awful. It tastes like really bad weed. I'm really glad that it was a free sample.

palmernj's Rating

palmernj did not leave a written review for this product.

JoeC0's Rating

Amazing flavors. Tastes like a dessert and is rich and creamy. I love this stuff. You really can't go wrong flavor-wise when it comes to Monster Milk.

ScottMad's Rating

Horrible taste, and it didn't mix good at all

danielsusana's Rating

danielsusana did not leave a written review for this product.

StrateSavage's Rating

Overall, the macros were great! Loved the amount of BCAAs, primarily Leucine.. The protein sources are high quality, and the vanilla tasted great (especially with milk!) chocolate, had a bit of a weird taste, but it wasnt bad, i've had a lot worse! Only thing that would make the product better would be the price.. Just because its a tad on the expensive side. But then again, you're getting creatine and some quality protein/bcaas, so in the end it's still not bad.

Slakk44's Rating

I have been using this product for a while and can say it definitely works. When I am on cycle I use this post workout to sustain the recovery I need and within 5 to 8 minutes after drinking I can feel my body inflate from the creatine and the bcaa recovery is great. The proteins are medium digesting proteins so your body is fed over a good period of time so I don't have to eat right away as well, pretty nice. Definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to increase gains.

1-20 of 142 Reviews