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rjcranium's Rating

This is an okay pre-workout supplement. It has good pumps, energy and endurance but the effects don't last long enough for my tastes. If you do short workouts, like 1 hour or less it is not bad, it will definitely take you there.

haleyhannah79's Rating

I got samples of controlled labs by emailing them. the Taste of this is great, really gives you that UMPH

Goldeneagle76's Rating

Took this in a stack with Controlled Labs Green Magnitude. Taste was pretty good but a little bitter. Not sure which supplement caused the bitterness. Got a pretty good energy boost without the jitters (which is a plus for me). Slight beta alanine tingles. Had consistent energy throughout my leg workout and increased weight while adding more sets to my workout. Never crashed. This is a solid product. I have tried Bullnox, White Flood, PreWrek, Psycho and that is the order I would rank them.

meholton's Rating

I really enjoyed this pre-workout. As someone who has just recently started taking pre-workouts, I have been trying a lot of different brands and flavors. This was one that I really felt the effects with the recommended serving size and did not need to take more to get the added pump for my workout. I would recommend this pre-workout- loved the watermelon flavor!

buffren82's Rating

I loved the original, but when they introduced the new version with beet root ingredient, I got some crazy rashes in my body, and the watermelon which the original tasted amazing, tasted very very fishy like. Again, I loved the original, but hate the new version with beet root

joegomez5150's Rating

I got the sample pack from Controlled Labs, I took the White Flood today before a 6am workout. I took it 15 mins before hitting the gym. It woke me up quick and felt the energy when I got to the gym. Did a hard workout of weights and cardio (Crossfit) style and it kept me going. The taste is really good, mixed with 8oz of water. Great product and will most likely buy soon. Thanks Controlled Labs, you guys ROCK!

champ2685's Rating

champ2685 did not leave a written review for this product.

pattersonj2's Rating

Overall pretty good. Probably won't purchase again.

JDangerZunker's Rating

I used this product for a week, before each workout, following the recommended dose. I feel like it helped me go harder in the paint, but maybe it was just placebo effect? I have never used pre-workouts and I had the Pineapple flavor (which is tasty and caffeine free.) But I didn't like the taste of the aspartame. It always makes me sick. If you can deal with that, get this product!

oxbirdparkour's Rating

oxbirdparkour did not leave a written review for this product.

wilmnoca's Rating

The taste was just ok. Not too bad but I could really taste the beet juice. That earthiness is hard to hide. As far as the pump/focus/energy, I really didnt feel much.

bigjoewebb's Rating

bigjoewebb did not leave a written review for this product.

SpoonWithMe's Rating

I took White Flood for about a year, mostly by itself but sometimes in conjunction with Green Magnitude or Purple Wraath. By itself, it was a decent pre workout. I liked that it had citrulline instead of arginine. I stopped using it because I wanted more beta alanine and more citrulline malate in my pre workout. The caffeine in each scoop gave me just enough energy on those days I was feeling down.

TerrySmithJr's Rating

One of the best pre-workout drinks I have ever used! Love getting flooded!

Mikezx's Rating

Great taste. Decent price. The boost is great. Works best on an empty stomach. Gets me amped and ready to lift. Definitely recommended.

DNasty801's Rating

White Flood is a solid pre-workout. It's advertised pumps aren't as "EXTREME" as they claim to be, but it does it's job at providing a quick boost of energy to get you started with your lifts, it lasts a decent amount of time but if you're lifting for more than one and a half to two hours it starts to wear off.

easytheretiger's Rating

I have mixed opinions about White Flood. It provides a good pump but it doesn't last for long workouts. Toward the end of the cycle I had begun to get use to the dosage and wasn't getting that initial "buzz" anymore despite reaching maximum dose amounts. The flavor was no doubt something that had to be drank down quickly. The only negative side effect is a sometimes irritated throat from the powder if not mixed long and vigorously.

JumpingSpider's Rating

Tastes like real watermellon. Gives soft energy without tremors and good concentration. Effect lasts long.

Tejas53's Rating

taste was okay just strong, okay pump, but i didnt feel energized

jakehoevenaar's Rating

taste isn't the best but what can you say its pre workout. white flood gave me just the right amount of that tingle from the beta alanine. its the first pre workout that i have felt the "focus" from. my lifts are way better on this its honestly the best supplement I've ever bought. its a good price and you get a ton of servings that way you can recommend it to friends and let them try too.

1-20 of 953 Reviews