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Supports Optimal Digestion, the Immune System, and Joint Health*

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NattyasNattyPB's Rating

Great multivitamin. Not underdosed, has joint complex, and only have to take six pills per day.

lawrence_ballenger's Rating

My favorite multi by far it a full day multi

LittoRP's Rating

For now, looks like a pretty good product but since it's a multi vitamin, it's harder than a pre-workout to value the effect of it. My only deception is that the promote it as a 60 tablets but keep in mind that on the bottle it say's 10 serving...which mean that you need to take 6 of them a day...but the instructions says 1 or 2 a day. It's pretty rare that a multi vitamin will deliver so much vitamins that you gotta take only 2 of em.

Waltheri's Rating

Perfect vitamin, the body is in overall good condition, the digestion could not be better, for me, absolutely gorgeous.

aleighshoe's Rating

Provides that extra boost throughout the day. I could tell when I was out and needed more. I was miserable without them. I like that they are an all around vitamin, I do not take the full 3 pills recommended per dose, Since I am female I see that a lot of men use them and the 3 pill dose is more for the bigger guys. I have not noticed a lot of weight reduction, more my moods, and have more pep in my step throughout the day.

raywinkelman's Rating

I'm on my 6th bottle. 'Nuff said! Edit: I'm on my 8th now. I LOVE these.

hazesmia's Rating

Great multi for those who are hard on the joints

precarl's Rating

precarl did not leave a written review for this product.

Showtm490's Rating

I'm on my second bottle at the moment. I've always taken several different bottles of vitamins so an all in one is nice. Plus it's only three pills.

bosscracker's Rating

This is my favorite multi. I like it because of the added digestive enzymes and also for the joint supplements. It vastly cuts down on the amount of pills I have to take daily. It's the only multi I take.

808cichlids's Rating

I have used this multi for about three years and have always loved it. Really helps with digestion and immunity. Also keeps my joints feeling good. I take three in the morning with breakfast and three with dinner.

gabylifts's Rating

Always in an uplifting mood. I noticed without them I am not as up and active.

offbeatbop's Rating

Definitely the best, most comprehensive and vioavaioable multivitamin I've tried and I have used several. It's worth it to shell out a few extra bucks when you're dealing with a product that can potentially increase your body's overall efficiency. You get what you pay for. Pay for some Orange Triad.

RobertCatesby's Rating

Best multivitamin I have used. When I am not not working out I take one twice daily. When I am working out I take two twice daily. When I am cutting I am taking two three times daily just to make sure that I am getting enough.

theyankos's Rating

theyankos did not leave a written review for this product.

Nickd21's Rating

This was the best multi vitamin I have ever taken. My energy was off the charts, my body felt good, and I was more mentally ready to go for my workouts while taking this. It is a great product and I'll definitely buy it again. I found out about this product through Furious Pete's videos.

machoc's Rating

Good value. I'm not supposed to take iron supplements and I don't take the recommended dosage so this lasts me a good while.

Thwap's Rating

Thwap did not leave a written review for this product.

StayinFit84's Rating

StayinFit84 did not leave a written review for this product.

1-20 of 504 Reviews