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Controlled Labs Orange Triad Reviews

Supporting Optimal Digestion, Immune System, And Joint Health!*

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KrednaxelA's Rating

Orange Triad is by far one of the best Multi-vitamins I have personally taken. It packs a punch when it comes to what is offered inside each vitamin. I personally usually only take about 2-3 a day as a supplement just because of it's amazing dosage.

qstick99's Rating

Product lives up to its hype, great profile and inclusion of the joint complex component is a great bonus

Justin93's Rating

Best overall multivitamin I've ever had. Give the joint support almost a full month to take full effect, and try not to miss any dosages if possible.

skk5076's Rating

I used to bounce around from multi to multi just trying them out. I eventually tried and then moved on from Orange Triad but I noticed an immediate difference after switching. Even now when I run out for 3-4 days between shippments I feel a huge difference. I've tried most multi's and nothing compares to Orange Triad. Incredible joint support.

softasjelly's Rating

softasjelly did not leave a written review for this product.

bt2180's Rating

After using Orange Triad for about 8 months and then buying anavite and trying it for a while, I quickly realized how good Orange Triad is for you. You cant argue with its ingredients that help your joints, flexibility, and immune and digestion system. Orange Triad helps me out in the long run.

Darkslide426's Rating

This is my go to multi vitamen for the last 3 years. The main reason I use this product is the joint complex, digestion formula and immune formula. Most multi vitamins on the market only contain vitamins and minerals. My joints aren't sore and feel really good. The profile on this product is one of the best available in my opinion.

Acdelco's Rating

Switched to Orange Triad from Animal Pac, and find this formula much more suited for my needs. Highly Recommended.

shaneners's Rating

Amazing product. Slightly more expensive than other multis, but the quality of OT is definitely worth the price.

xxdanny8xx's Rating

one of the best, if not the best... really like the joint support, especially b/c off all the HIIT training. would highly recommend!

Keith1994's Rating

Price: a little high compared to others but when you think about it you're getting a multivitamin, digestive, immune, and joint formula so it's well worth the price. Effects: definitely feel more energy and function Great product, definitely will be re-ordering

Grubie024's Rating

Grubie024 did not leave a written review for this product.

sashkaukraine's Rating

great stuff when i got off of it i felt the difference. will buy again

FitAzBro's Rating

This stuff is ok. Felt a bit better overall after taking it for a while. One problem with this product is the size of the tablets and the amount you gotta take per serving (6 tabs per serving). These tabs are pretty big and when you gotta take 6 at a time, it can become a bit of a hassle. Overall, I rate the product as being effective, but perhaps it could be improved if the tabs were a bit smaller and maybe a bit more concentrated so you wouldn't have to take so many per serving.

zooghi's Rating

zooghi did not leave a written review for this product.

BBain's Rating

For the longest time I would read how everyone loved Orange Triad and they were shooting down the Multi Vitamin I've been taking for years (Opti-Men) and I decided that for the joint support alone it would be worth trying it out. I have now been through 2 bottles of OT and let me tell you, in my opinion OT is the best. If you are wondering if there is really much a difference between this and your other brand of multi, as a consumer who swore by another brand.... Give it a try and you will not be disappointed, nor will you be going back to that other brand.

tallydawg's Rating

My go to vitamin once I made my initial purchase years ago. I do not take the full 6 pills a day, but rather half that. The primary reason I switched from Opti-Men to this was the inclusion of joint supplementation. I have a muscle imbalance in my lower body that was causing knee pain. I don't know if it was the vitamins, or the other exercises I do now or a combination of both. But I don't have knee pain any more. I am disappointed they only have the 270 pill option now though.

NorthsideMMA's Rating

Awesome product! Mixing a joint supplement with multi-vitamin is genius. This helps my joints more than any pure joint supplement I've ever used. I take half dosage (3 pills spread out) each Any more than that I am wasting nutrients and ******* orange or neon green. The multi-vitamin itself is sufficient but doesn't satisfy as well as Armor-V did. If they could put the same joint supplements with Armor-V multis in one pill it'd be a 10 out of 10. But a 9 will work!

Jcurtis6189's Rating

Love this stuff. I will definitely continue taking this as my multi-v. Over all just felt better everyday!

Rishay's Rating

Defiantly the best, if not, not even comparable to the other multi vitamins. Makes me feel good, barely get sick, and helped my muscle pain/pinched nerve diminish. If you are looking into this, stop right now with your thinking and purchase this.

1-20 of 416 Reviews
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