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Controlled Labs Orange Triad Reviews

Supports Optimal Digestion, the Immune System, and Joint Health*

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jo3ster7's Rating

jo3ster7 did not leave a written review for this product.

chrislkeith's Rating

I would still be taking this product if not for the fact that the warning label literally saids that this product has been known to cause CANCER. DO NOT PUT ANYTHING IN YOUR BODY KNOWN TO CAUSE CANCER!

bicaboi's Rating

My favorite multivitamin, Over the past few years i've tried nearly all the big brand multivitamins and i've got to say that Orange Triad is the one i always come back to.

jbeuhdoe's Rating

Has been my go-to Multi for the last 4 years or so, provides everything you could want in a multi, plus more. No joint or digestive issues since I've started using this product. A+ profile IMO

Abomota's Rating

Abomota did not leave a written review for this product.

aekest's Rating

As someone who has joint pain in their wrists after extensive training 8-12 times a week, this product helped me a lot in prodviding me with a solid multivitamin to fill my nutritional gaps, and also help strengthen and repair my joints which were worn down from all the training. I am very happy with the quality that the company brings to their products and if you want to try something that you can see working, then look no further.

Bleachway's Rating

Surprised I did not write a review before about this before. I got recommended OT when my previous Multi wasn't allowed in Canada anymore. I've had some joint pain & some digestive issues prior to taking OT. About two weeks in my joint pain was gone and my stomach felt so much better. I feel great through out the day with energy. This is a great Multivitamin with Joint/Digestive support. I will purchase this again!

ebless911's Rating

Works well, joints aren't as sore or achy. Does exactly what it says and you don't have to take a ton of pills like Animal Pak. One serving is enough for me though.

BenBlue's Rating

A little expensive for a multi, but that is it's only fault. Quality product. The joint complex is one of the major reasons I bought this, and it has helped tremendously. I have issues with my elbows, and this stuff really helped to eliminate the pains I typically experience while doing certain lifts. Would recommend.

rydocan's Rating

rydocan did not leave a written review for this product.

vietduckboi's Rating

vietduckboi did not leave a written review for this product.

dexfuchs's Rating

I have been taking this multi for about 2 weeks and it's pretty good I've had more crackling in my joints I assume this is do to the joint complex causing calcium deposits in my joints and the pills are kinda big but I've gotten used to them

winstonshark's Rating

A great multi-vitamin that has many benefits. I take it for the multi-vitamin benefits and for joint health and it seems to be working. My joints are less sore and I just feel healthier. There is also digestion enzymes that help my stomach. I have noticeably less diarrhea on the toilet. It also helps my skin, my skin is normally ashy and dry but this helps my skin and makes it look healthy.

Dahman's Rating

I have been using orange triad for a while, I started using them when the pills were actually still orange haha. With the ingredient profile and the joint supps, I have a hard time finding a reason to stop using this product and finding another brand of multi's. I've noticed that if I skip doses, my knees starts to ache. Great multi, digestive, joint supplement! I guess if you have a hard time swallowing pills, then this may not be for you since a full daily dose is 6 of these pills.

rememberMOB's Rating

The warning label on the actual bottle is about three times as long as on the website. PLUS.. and this is why im giving it such a terrible review..it says "this product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause CANCER..dunno about you but if I would have read that on the website I wouldn't have wasted my money buying this product.

cbrm9000's Rating

This multi vitamin really delivers what it offers, great min/vit profile. But I would say that the real highlights of Orange Triad would be the immune and joint complex. I have been taking Orange Triad for 1 year now and the fact is that I have been free from fever, flu,etc. Now the Joint complex is the best thing about Orange Triad, I can really feel the difference in my shoulders and elbows when I'm taking it. Im not giving this supplement a 10 because I feel that it lacks performance boosters like Anavite.

KrednaxelA's Rating

Orange Triad is by far one of the best Multi-vitamins I have personally taken. It packs a punch when it comes to what is offered inside each vitamin. I personally usually only take about 2-3 a day as a supplement just because of it's amazing dosage.

qstick99's Rating

Product lives up to its hype, great profile and inclusion of the joint complex component is a great bonus

Justin93's Rating

Best overall multivitamin I've ever had. Give the joint support almost a full month to take full effect, and try not to miss any dosages if possible.

skk5076's Rating

I used to bounce around from multi to multi just trying them out. I eventually tried and then moved on from Orange Triad but I noticed an immediate difference after switching. Even now when I run out for 3-4 days between shippments I feel a huge difference. I've tried most multi's and nothing compares to Orange Triad. Incredible joint support.

1-20 of 431 Reviews
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