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Increased Energy while Boosting Fat Metabolism and Controlling Appetite*

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Giancarlo822's Rating

Saw this had good reviews and i like cellucor products. I just don't think this one worked very well. I used it to burn a few extra fat before a show and i didn't notice a change at all. I'm willing to try another fat burner.

kwagner1989's Rating

This is a great product. You definitely feel it, Love to take my afternoon portion before a workout. Definitely gave me energy and felt like I sweat a ridiculous amount more during my workout. Make sure you are staying really hydrated while using this. Lost weight but not due to just taking a pill. It enhanced my weight loss while I was eating really clean and hitting the gym hard.

maryb101's Rating

Super HD for sure gives you energy. Energy is through the roof and lasts almost as long as my workout, although when I take the Super HD alone I do notice I really start to tire out towards the end of the workout. I thought initially it was because it made me go harder at the beginning of the workout, but after checking my logs it seems it is mostly because the HD just began to wear off. It is strong enough to give me jitters which seems to dissipate some once I start lifting.

macdaddymoose's Rating

Definitely my favorite fat burner and thei first product I have ever bought from Cellucor. This is the product that turned me onto to Cellucor and made me a loyal customer. I have continued to buy this product several times and it is by far and away my favorite fat burner. I take two in the morning and one in the afternoon. This product will not just be a magic pill, it helps you lose weight when you work out and helps curb your appetite. Stacks well with Cellucor CLK.

christinehirt's Rating

Today was my first day taking Cellucor Super HD, and I was very impressed! I've tried many pre-workouts and this product gave me the most energy by far, I probably had one of the best workouts of my life today. It also definitely helps control appetite and burns a LOT of calories. I have a Fitbit that measures heart rate for accurate calorie burn measures, and I burned over 1000 calories in a 2-ish hour gym session.

eliasibarra's Rating

eliasibarra did not leave a written review for this product.

kkleigh98's Rating

This product is amazing and i can't imagine a day without it!! It gave me a lot of great energy for the day and lifted my mood. I definitly see results after my first bottle of this. I have lost weight all over my body and even feel like it helped me to tone up. I highly recommend this product for annoying wishing to achieve the body they want and need a bit of extra help!

sunnie0115's Rating

This pill is the truth. really. I literally ran, ran for the full forty minutes. like at a 9. If you don't like to feel wired however, this may not be for you, but since i love feeling wired :) keep em comin'!

Iram1234s's Rating

First time trying this product was today! I workout in a gym with NO a/c and this product is crazy. Definitely gives you energy, and it makes you sweat like CRAZY. Really heats up the body! With that said, Drink a good amout of water, and you'll be fine. Great product, does what it says it'll do. **no stimulant crash**

azcornelia's Rating

Great product! I can climb walls, like spiderman, during my workouts! May cause near constant need to talk at work.

fitnstrong23's Rating

Amazing for cutting. Dries you out good, def need extra fish oil while taking. But hands down best thermo/burner.

liftjeeprun's Rating

I was a little hesitate to try this product because I am not big on supplements and usually avoid "fat burners." A trainer recommend it to me so I decided to just try it. It was given me way more energy (used to have to take a nap every day and still be tired. With this I haven't needed any naps.) It also gives me more focus and has assisted with weight lose. Took a couple weeks off my diet and still lost weight while taking this.

PeterRasputin's Rating

This is the only weight loss system that has ever worked for me, beyond going ultra low carb. I see results in days, although I do find that the loss effect reduces to almost zero after about a week. I retain the lighter weight for a while, but cannot seem to lose more after that time. Anyone tried the powder vs the pills? I think these help you shift a certain % and then bottom out - but the fact is, they do work

amywatsup's Rating

Been sticking with meal plan and go to the gym 3-4 times a week. Since I added this into my daily intake I lost 8 pounds in 3 weeks.

Bonfighter's Rating

Super cool product...Lost almost 10 pounds in 2 weeks...

moustafazeez's Rating

i have one question if i cant swallow can i break the cap and drink what inside it with water or it will not be effective ... as i have swalloing proplem plz help and i cant buy the powder version bec i already bought the pills :D..... thanks in advance plz answer

TheeTactician's Rating

I have been taking Super HD since December 27, 2014 and it has help a lot with the combination of Supplements and Vitamins I take its worth the cost. I take it three times a day and have seen some major results with the combination I take and that includes a CLA.

leacoalmore's Rating

Not one of the best products. I have been taking this for about 16 days. I am constantly hungry, I can eat a healthy clean dinner and be hungry 30 mins later. I have tried to have a protein shake when the hunger sets back in and it still doesn't help. I get burst of energy after eating. Maybe something is wrong with my diet i am not sure. I do not like the always feeling empty feeling I have had lately.

KourtnyR14's Rating

Great product!!! This helped me lose around 15 pounds in about 3 and a half weeks! ( I was on a meal plan and exercised daily) If you are serious about training and looking to burn some fat, this is the way to go!

JordanMariee2's Rating

I got Super HD in a Cellucore stack I bought from bodybuilding.com. I hadn't used any fat burners before, but I loved Super HD! I am an avid coffee drinker and Super HD gave me more than enough energy for my days. I don't even buy coffee anymore! Love love love this product

1-20 of 753 Reviews