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Increased Energy while Boosting Fat Metabolism and Controlling Appetite*

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amywatsup's Rating

Been sticking with meal plan and go to the gym 3-4 times a week. Since I added this into my daily intake I lost 8 pounds in 3 weeks.

Bonfighter's Rating

Super cool product...Lost almost 10 pounds in 2 weeks...

moustafazeez's Rating

i have one question if i cant swallow can i break the cap and drink what inside it with water or it will not be effective ... as i have swalloing proplem plz help and i cant buy the powder version bec i already bought the pills :D..... thanks in advance plz answer

TheeTactician's Rating

I have been taking Super HD since December 27, 2014 and it has help a lot with the combination of Supplements and Vitamins I take its worth the cost. I take it three times a day and have seen some major results with the combination I take and that includes a CLA.

leacoalmore's Rating

Not one of the best products. I have been taking this for about 16 days. I am constantly hungry, I can eat a healthy clean dinner and be hungry 30 mins later. I have tried to have a protein shake when the hunger sets back in and it still doesn't help. I get burst of energy after eating. Maybe something is wrong with my diet i am not sure. I do not like the always feeling empty feeling I have had lately.

KourtnyR14's Rating

Great product!!! This helped me lose around 15 pounds in about 3 and a half weeks! ( I was on a meal plan and exercised daily) If you are serious about training and looking to burn some fat, this is the way to go!

JordanMariee2's Rating

I got Super HD in a Cellucore stack I bought from bodybuilding.com. I hadn't used any fat burners before, but I loved Super HD! I am an avid coffee drinker and Super HD gave me more than enough energy for my days. I don't even buy coffee anymore! Love love love this product

amacedo1207's Rating

Worked fairly well, I also was counting macros and limiting myself to 2500 hundred calories a day so muscle was burned but lost 13 pounds of fat a total of 17 pounds was lost putting me at mytarget weight and fat percentage reason behind the 7 is I am currently going through withdraws afters stopping use.

alexxraee's Rating

I've used both the powder and the capsules, and both work great! I definitely noticed a difference. I never felt jittery and never had a crash. I love cellucor products and super hd did not disappoint!

TheCakeMix's Rating

TheCakeMix did not leave a written review for this product.

Vernon54's Rating

Vernon54 did not leave a written review for this product.

AtsBella's Rating

I read the other reviews here and I will have to agree with them ... this product is great! I was looking for something that boost my energy and this was recommended and I'm so glad I tried it! It definitely gives me energy throughout the day. I take 1 tablets in the morning on an empty stomach. I don't overeat because I feel full after eating the portion of what I should eat. It doesn't make me feel jittery and I take one tablet about an hour before I work out and it makes me feel great with lots of energy!

fotiskotoulopou's Rating

fotiskotoulopou did not leave a written review for this product.

jsande2's Rating

This is one of the best fat burns I've used. I used it in conjunction with CLA and Raspberry Ketones. Dropped a tone of weight. Everyone comment on the weight loss. 20 pounds in 2 months + gained a lot of muscle 😁

PinsFitness's Rating

Best preworkout on the market. Checkout my full honest review by searching "PinsFitness" on youtube

derek135's Rating

This product's first ingredients are energy drink ingredients. It also has a secret blend, and doesn't list how much of some ingredients are in it. It carries too little of the few good fat loss ingredients it does have in it. Basically it's not worth your money unless your paying a placebo effect.

easytheretiger's Rating

Numbers don't lie. I dropped 7lbs on this stuff combined with Cellucor CLK. I tried this once before by itself and did not really see any changes. but combined with the CLK this go around, I am a believer.

Grayanotoxin's Rating

I've been using the strawberry lemonade powder version of this. Taste-wise, it's very good. And I definitely feel a boost in energy using it. HOWEVER, my skin breaks out with vibrant small red dots all over my inner thighs, stomach, arms, and hands when I use this. I'm not sure what's in it that is causing this reaction, and I'm only using one scoop a day, but it gets worse the more consecutive days I take it. Bummer!

isabelleb's Rating

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT but in my wish list it say discontinued SO i wondering ....... !!!!!! I know they sell it at this time but for how long? I take 1 pills before breakfast and 1 at lunch and 2 L carnitine before breakfast and same at lunch i drink a lot of water eat healthy ,2 hours of cardio every day and i exercises ... it's working very well for me my jeans are too big for me time to go shopping again !!! l it would be more easy for me to write this review in french ;) Sorry

JoshuaHood's Rating

I have been using this for about 3 weeks now, pill form. First day I took one, felt nothing. Second day I took 2 for weights in the gym and felt a decent pump. I am in the Military, so caffeine is nothing new to me. I quit coffee for a week and took 3 pills before leg day. Man does this stuff work. I may have overdone it with 3, but I have no regrets. I haven't had a leg day like that for sometime. I am more sociable, alert and over all more happy so to speak. However, be warned. I am typing this up at 4:32 in the morning. I cannot sleep, I took 2 HD pills around 8 pm and did arms and shoulders until about 10:20 pm. The pump is good, but NEVER..ever..take Cellucor HD in the evening.

1-20 of 740 Reviews