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Cellucor Super HD Reviews

Increased Energy while Boosting Fat Metabolism and Controlling Appetite*

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Peach Mango
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iiturralde's Rating

Flavor is pretty awesome and product is as well but beware of that spicy taste at the end.

andy0120's Rating
Peach Mango

Thumbs up! i've been using this product for 2months now i really like the fact gives me a lot of energy. i take 2 scoop of super HD (powder) before breakfast i can feel the energy kicking right away, since then i don't have to take my pre-workout!

JCarp8421's Rating

I took this stacked with the CLK. I was in a rut, and received a sample pack in a purchase at GNC. I decided to try it. I fell this product stacked with the CLK is the S"T. I cut about 20 lbs in 4 months and put on some lean mass. I was disappointed to see that i would need to cycle off of this and actually am now but cant wait to get back on it.

hartcl's Rating

I got the HD fat burner pills in a sample pack with one of my protein powder orders. I decided to give it a try. There were only 10 pills inside the pack. I took one per day every morning on an empty stomach. I felt increased energy, focus, and definitely a decreased appetite for about 4 hours. I never got any jitters, but if I took it right before a work out I was extra sweaty (but that is a good thing for some people). When I am ready to try a fat burner for a longer period of time, I will definitely be giving this one another try. I absolutely recommend this product.

WiDowns20's Rating
Strawberry Lemonade

This is a great product if your goals are to trim down your body fat. Compared to c4 extreme preworkout, this product gave smoother, and longer lasting energy.

Carleyjean14's Rating

I absolutely love super hd! I wish I could take it everyday of my life. Lol I work 7-2 at panera Bread and usually I HAVE to have my coffee and if I don't I have headaches. Sometimes even coffee can't do the trick. I always feel tired and sluggish. This stuff gives me so much energy and in a good way! I'm so focused and positive! Everyone around me noticed a difference like seriously!

kai09200910's Rating

good product for energy. very clean.

wells1784's Rating
Peach Mango

Works great. Has helped me shave of 40lbs in teh last 9 weeks.

ashleyd7150's Rating

Made me shaky and nauseous.

heidiho173's Rating

I have loved this product! I have dropped 6 lbs and 3% body fat so far! I would highly recommend this product. It has great energy and decreases my appetite.

72mazz's Rating

I am currently on week 4 of an 8 week cycle of SuperHD and so far had no jitters and none of that face itchiness I got when I tried some other product..it worked but that feeling was pretty uncomfortable and made me look like I was having an allergic reaction or something. Still feel like it's working and that additional serving in the middle of the day helps keep me on track as far as meals/diet go.

emilywoltemath's Rating

Works great if you have a good nutrition and workout routine but will make you feel very jittery. As for appetite suppression I feel it did the opposite. But you do burn more fat and faster!!

mkasunick's Rating

I bought this as a trial because I wanted some kind of extra sweat/burn during my workouts. This did exactly that. The first day, I took one pill on my way home because I planned on running. I expected it to give me a little energy kick in about an hour or so, but nothing big. Let me tell you, within 40 minutes I was shaking from an adrenaline rush. If you are sensitive to caffeine/don't like the giddy feeling too much caffeine gives you, this is not the product for you. This not only helps during my workouts, but sometimes I take one capsule in the morning when I can't get any coffee to wake me up and it works wonders. Definitely purchasing more when mine runs out.

FredyResponds's Rating
Strawberry Lemonade

I bought this after coming off of Hydroxycut. I'm really into the Cellucor line, so I decided to get into the Super HD and I love it. Great energy, not too strong where you're jittery and unable to focus because of it. I take a scoop in the morning and then one in the afternoon, if you take it too late in the day expect no sleep for several hours. I find that taking this on an empty stomach, then after a few minutes drinking a protein shake, and drinking some C4 before a workout works best for me. I get enough energy to push me through my workouts and keep me focused. It gets my core burning and my pumps have never been better. Even without the C4 I can workout and feel fine; the C4 gives me that extra boost. As far as appetite suppressant goes, it is okay. I still find myself snacking here and there (even though I try not to). I am definitely seeing results as I have been losing body fat around my torso, which is one of the most complicated areas to lose fat from and my arms and legs look leaner. I got it in powder form so that my body could absorb it quicker, that and I'm sick of pills! Great tasting and mixes well. Definitely a good purchase and will be using again.

alliehosmer's Rating

the taste was okay, but I did not see any effect from this product. It made me more hungry, instead of suppressing my appetite, even when taken on an empty stomach. Won't buy again.

Diskargador's Rating

from 36 inches waist line down to 30 inches waist line in 2 months of using super hd.im sensitive to caffeine so i can only managed to took 2 capsule a day.1 when i woke up and 1 before lunch.this is also a good pre work out supps .i do have sleeping problems on my first week of using these product .my previous fat burner is animal cuts.i did not lose weight but what matters to me is my body measurements im not even overweight.i only weigh 158 lbs.

lucasoteles's Rating

Great! best thermo I've taken so far.

Dancer825's Rating
Strawberry Lemonade

The strawberry lemonade flavor is delicious, and very sweet! It definitely helps lessen your appetite. I usually feel nauseous after taking this which explains not having an appetite. I sweat not to long after taking it and can definitely feel my heart rate increase. I have lost two pounds so far and I have only taken this 3 times so far. I still feel like I can take a nap after taking this! I haven't decided if feeling nauseous is worth it or not.

jplanitz's Rating

This product works great. I can definitely feel the effects of this pill within a half hour after taking it. My girlfriend and I have been taking HD for a little over a month now. We originally bought a 60 capsules bottle and shared it. We just bought the 120 bottle and I am excited. The effects I have had within the first 20-30 minutes are increased heart rate, increased inner core temperature/goose bumps/sweats, and if I have not eaten then I feel nausea from taking the pills on an empty stomach which was my fault. I have taken these before work and feel completely energetic and also feel great when taking them before my softball games. This will definitely make you feel better, more energetic, and it will physically show as well.

Pompyn's Rating

I love this product. I have only taken it for 3 days, but so far only good things to say. It has curbed my appetite and given me loads of energy. I took it to late in the evening the first day and the result was an inability to sleep. The next day I took the last dose earlier in the day and took gh freak at night. My weight loss had stalled, but it is now back on track. I am looking forward to my 1 month measurement results.

1-20 of 644 Reviews
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