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Cellucor Super HD Reviews

Increased Energy while Boosting Fat Metabolism and Controlling Appetite*

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njbrownlee's Rating

I use this product as a "pick me up" in the mornings and after lunch too keep going as the day drags on. I always take it first thing on an empty stomach and it helps keep my core body temperature up and gives me the extra energy I need to start my days. Great product! Cellucor is one of my favorite brands and always makes wonderful products!

andrewandily's Rating
Peach Mango
Strawberry Lemonade

Awesome product for either a thermogenic or energy booster. Taste great and mixes well. There is no burning from the pepper extract like what other products similar to this do. My wife loves this to, and has been taking it for 2 weeks now and has lost 5lbs fat while gaining 3lbs lean mass. So, if you like drinking your thermogenic and still be effective, then buy this.

HoneyBadger0892's Rating

Cellucor Super HD has been an effective supplement for my needs. I take Super HD to support fat loss and for appetite suppression. It doesn't make me feel twitchy like some supplements that are overcharged with stimulants. It delivers as far as appetite suppression goes, keeping me from hunger cravings that could derail my dietary efforts. I would definitely recommend this product to others.

JayDubbs932's Rating

Basically got 60 pills for $10...I take one in the morning before class, and then another after class about 5 hours later. Can't say it does much for me besides keeping me more focused in class and less tired. I see no fat loss or anything that seems to make me believe this is worth buying again.

xohidee's Rating

Super HD is my go to fat burner especially when I'm in contest prep. I've used it to help me cut down for all 4 shows I've done and I'm currently using it as I lean out for Nationals this year. Out of the powder flavors Strawberry Lemonade is definitely my favorite. I obviously use HD as a fat burner but it gives me tons of energy so when I'm taking it, it doubles as my pre-workout as well. I'm an early bird in the gym so I have HD right by my bed (no seriously haha) I mix it up first thing when I wake up and then get myself ready. I eat about 30 mins later & hit the gym. Gives me great energy that lasts me all day without giving me any jittery, tingling or burning feeling like other burners have. I swear by HD :)

schancey189's Rating

I just started taking Super HD the other day and I can say that I'm starting to notice when it's working. It's still way to early to evaluate how well it works for weight loss. I can tell you that I have the strawberry lemon aid powder and that it tastes great; mixes well (for the most part, I have a few clumps left in the bottle but nothing to really complain about); and it suppresses my appetite pretty well. I was sick last week and I'm not sure if my hydration levels haven't fully come back yet or not so I can't validate why I lost my weight. I'll try to get back and update my review once I finish this cycle.

SSAlec's Rating
Peach Mango

Normally not something I would buy, but I was given a tub of Cellucor's HD, so I figured I'd give it a shot! Started taking 1 scoop first thing in the AM followed by 1 later in the afternoon, per the directions. Mix-ability was pretty good and flavor was great, in typical Cellucor fashion. After taking HD for a couple weeks now, I can honestly tell a difference in definition. I was always a critic of weight-loss/definition products for their common misuse, but combining HD with my workouts has made a difference. Cellucor has yet to disappoint in my book and HD is another hit.

misccolony's Rating

i use the caps but these really get me going in the morning when I'm dragging during my fasted cardio or if i need a pick me up during the day and i can feel them working but i don't get the shakes like i do from a lot of other stims.

cltstrong's Rating

Cellucor has been ive stood by for years along with BSN, Gaspari Nutrition, ProMera Sports, and more recently Universal Nutrition. I expected a lot from the thermogenic line from Cellucor; and i got what i expected from them. The pill was not too big, with little aftertaste. I originally took two in the morning and one at night. After a week with this product i noticed the change in my waistline and BFP. The energy was smooth and gave me a clear focus throughout the day until the end of my cycle, when i started getting jitters. The cons of this product were excessive sweating when not active and rapid heartbeat, i dont mind rapid heartbeat but this was a little excessive. The cons are what i expected from a thermo and they weren't unmanageable. Overall the product was good and i would recommend it.

realzackdaddy's Rating

Hands down the best thermogenic product I've ever used. You can definitely tell its working without getting all jittery. It's good clean energy and it really does suppress your appetite, which is a great thing when you've got a hard time controlling it on your own like myself. This is a top notch product.

getfittoday's Rating

Cellucor HD is very effective at boosting your metabolism without giving you the jitters. HD has helped me to meet my fitness goals!

palmernj's Rating

palmernj did not leave a written review for this product.

MilitarysGirl's Rating

This is by far my favorite appetite suppressant. It really works! After 2 weeks I lost 5.4 pounds. Since it calms my appetite it has helped me kick my soda habit, which I have been struggling to kick for quite some time. Not only does it suppress your appetite it gives you a good energy boost.

meggiep's Rating

Taste: 3/10 Mixability: 4/10 (very clumpy, even with a shaker bottle) Convenience: 10/10 (pretty easy to just scoop and throw in a bottle) Effectiveness N/A (couldn't use it for more than 2 days) Before I go bashing Cellucor's Super HD (which, I promise I will haha), I really do like this company. I'm a huge fan of their C4 preworkout. That stuff tastes good and does what it's supposed to with minimal side effects. For Super HD....****. Just ****. This stuff made me feel SO awful. Just to give you an idea of my size, I'm 5'4" and weigh 119-121 flucuating, with 18-19% body fat, again, also fluctuating. So I'm not husky but I'm not super skinny. I can definitely handle caffeine. I usually have anywhere between 95mg-500mg each day, it really just depends. And somedays I don't even need it, I can just get up and go. Super HD messed me the hell up. I don't think it was the caffeine, since I'm so used to it. Upon purchasing it, I only had half a serving/scoop. It was around 3pm so I didn't know how my body was going to handle it. Assuming you know what it feels like when a preworkout kicks in, you feel revved up and ready to go, right? This didn't really make me feel ready to go, it just made me feel like I needed to do everything in the world, whether it was that important or not. Then all of the sudden I had NO energy at all, whatsoever. So I laid down and then started to get a headache. I was thirsty and had to pee even though I didn't drink too much water that day. It also made me feel so sick and nauseas when I tried to eat. I'm on a cut and I felt like I couldn't finish any of my food, but I literally forced it down because I knew I had to or I would be in a major calorie deficit. I don't need to be in a huge one, either. This was a huge issue. The next day, I tried one serving as a preworkout, but couldn't finish it because the taste was awful. Also, before my workout, I tried eating something (which I always do before a workout), and felt sick to my stomach. Super HD made me feel so incredibly nauseas. I just wouldn't reccomend it, guys and girls. If you know you're okay on this product, then that's awesome and I'm glad it works for you, but if you've never tried it, just don't. Go for the real and most efficient way to drop weight or body fat % and just eat right and work out. That's going to get you places. Not some product that makes you feel so sick you can't eat.

Mribaudo28's Rating

It's been only about a week, I'm taking the pill version of this. It's gives me the energy to work out abs I sweat too while working out which I normally don't sweat a lot And I have lost 5lbs the first week! I have been eating about 1100 calories a day I try my best to make it healthy but I spurge here and there but I'm counting the calories my body is taking in. I workout 4-5 days a week burn a min of 500-600 calories for one hour on the elliptical and do weights 2 days a week. So far I'm happy, yea there are times I feel nauseous but I eat or drink water and I'm fine. No juices or anything else I have been only drinking water and milk. I will update my review in 30days starting weight 160 week one 155lbs !!

andrewjgallegos's Rating

With this product I have been able to control my appetite and have been able to melt away the fat. With only 1 capsule a day I have been able to loose 3lbs in the 3 weeks of taking Super HD.

DropkickMurphys's Rating

This product gives me a good energy boost, along with very good focus. Other reviewers mentioned nausea; I've experienced that as well, but the feeling went away once I started drinking enough water. I did notice more definition around my abs while taking this product, so the fat-burner does its job. It also makes you pee a lot, so be ready for that. A major downside is that every now and then I feel my heart skip a beat while taking this product. Also, when you come down off of it, you feel utterly exhausted. The next morning, I often feel dead tired (more so than usual) until I take a pre-workout or another Super HD pill. I rate this product a 7/10, because while I am happy with the results it produces, the side-effects are such that I'm not comfortable taking it for more than two weeks at a time. I recommend it if you have a beach vacation coming up in a couple weeks, but I wouldn't recommend long-term use.

atverdova's Rating

Not working product. I was looking for my Oxy Elite Pro in the store but found out it was banned. Oxy Elite Pro actually worked great, I lost about 15 lbs. in 1 month, so from 150 lbs. to 135 lbs. and I am 5'8 in height. The super HD gives you energy for 2-3 hours, and its pretty strong so I had to stop drinking my coffee at all. It does control your appetite but simply because you feel a little sick from the pill. Also when I would work out in the evening I would have energy crash and for some reason when I was jumping in my turbo kick class , my head was hurting really really bad but it cannot be dehydration because I drunk plenty of water. So that's not a good sign at all. At night it would make me paranoid about little noises. Its weird honestly. And the thing I am mad about is the results!!! there is zero weight loss!!! I have been eating 1200 calories and worked out 4-5 times per week. Also the price is not that cheap for the product that made me worried a lot and didn't show results. I took it for 2 weeks. It was a waste of money.

kmay17's Rating
Strawberry Lemonade

I really like this product. It gives me sustained energy all day long without any crash. It is definitely stronger than a few cups of coffee like others suggest. I take one scoop when I first wake up then eat breakfast 30-1 hour afterwards. I take one more scoop 5-6 hours later which serves purpose as a pre-workout supplement. I run faster while on this product and can also run for a longer period of time, although I mainly count on it to help me reach more reps at higher weight. I count macros throughout the day so I try to keep my appetite as normal as possible in order to meet measurements. I also find that if i don't eat after taking it i will feel nauseous. So it does help to eat afterwards to remain from feeling bad. I recommend this product for anyone trying to jumpstart their metabolism and increase intensity in their workouts. After taking it for three weeks I took a two week break from the product and then have now started using it again. In my two week off period from this product I found myself hungry every few hours or so. Which is annoying.. but awesome at the same time because I can continue to burn what I eat quickly even while off the product. The strawberry lemonade flavor doesn't taste like lemonade very much it's pretty tart for my first flavor of the day. Mixes fairly well although sometimes there are chunks in it. I find it mixes easier when water is in the glass before the powder (as with most powder supps). Hoping to try the peach mango flavor eventually and will then write another review. Side note: as of now I have dropped body fat % while gaining muscle mass. So don't rely on the scale to tell you all what you are achieving on this product and in the gym because increase in weight does not mean that the product isn't working. Hopes this helps you all!

GymRaider's Rating

GymRaider did not leave a written review for this product.

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