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Cellucor Super HD Reviews

Increased Energy while Boosting Fat Metabolism and Controlling Appetite*

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Peach Mango
Strawberry Lemonade
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lucasoteles's Rating

Great! best thermo I've taken so far.

Dancer825's Rating
Strawberry Lemonade

The strawberry lemonade flavor is delicious, and very sweet! It definitely helps lessen your appetite. I usually feel nauseous after taking this which explains not having an appetite. I sweat not to long after taking it and can definitely feel my heart rate increase. I have lost two pounds so far and I have only taken this 3 times so far. I still feel like I can take a nap after taking this! I haven't decided if feeling nauseous is worth it or not.

jplanitz's Rating

This product works great. I can definitely feel the effects of this pill within a half hour after taking it. My girlfriend and I have been taking HD for a little over a month now. We originally bought a 60 capsules bottle and shared it. We just bought the 120 bottle and I am excited. The effects I have had within the first 20-30 minutes are increased heart rate, increased inner core temperature/goose bumps/sweats, and if I have not eaten then I feel nausea from taking the pills on an empty stomach which was my fault. I have taken these before work and feel completely energetic and also feel great when taking them before my softball games. This will definitely make you feel better, more energetic, and it will physically show as well.

Pompyn's Rating

I love this product. I have only taken it for 3 days, but so far only good things to say. It has curbed my appetite and given me loads of energy. I took it to late in the evening the first day and the result was an inability to sleep. The next day I took the last dose earlier in the day and took gh freak at night. My weight loss had stalled, but it is now back on track. I am looking forward to my 1 month measurement results.

Anmurphy2's Rating

Anmurphy2 did not leave a written review for this product.

doom17369's Rating

This really works for me as a fat burner the days I take it in the morning I lose around one and a half pounds a day compared to losing 1 or 2 pounds a week when I don't take it, however the days I do take it I feel like crap unless i drink tones of water

TNT714's Rating
Strawberry Lemonade

I have tried both SuperHD powder & pills and quite frankly I think they are wonderful! Stimulation: at first when I started it 1 pill was INSANE with how much it affected me, but I'm pretty sensitive to caffeine. It didn't have any jittery crash or anything, so I was quite happy with it. The powder does seem to pack a little less punch than the pills, but not by much! Does it work: for me I feel it did. I was able to get through the last few lbs of fat that needed to go away when I hit a plateau! With all thermos though, what works for me might not work for you! I didn't see any noticeable losses in muscle when using the product, but I definitely did see losses in pudge! **Warning**: When mixing the powder though, make sure you mix well and don't let it settle. Some of the ingredients are 'heavy' and don't dissolve well and settle to the bottom. These ingredients I'm sure are devil's spit b/c if you drink that your mouth, throat, and all the way down to your stomach are ON FIRE... I swear the cayenne is what settles! Overall I give this product an 8 because of the warning above... being a powder you'd think they could try to refine it a smidge more. It has worked for me, but as with any supplement it may not work for you. I love the strawberry lemonade flavor in the powder and it helps me with my preworkout kick sometimes when I'm out of the other product I use. Its also a great jolt to your system in the AM and mixes VERY well with just water.

nstadlman's Rating

I used one bottle and found it mad e mo difference in my energy or fat loss. Waste of money in my book. It did not make me feel jittery as some have experienced with similar products, but it did not help me cut any body fat at all, nor did I notice any increase in pump, energy or other training benefits. It looks like I will stick with good old fashioned healthy diet. I would recommend this product unless you just need to spend money.

randomkokonut's Rating
Peach Mango

I love Super HD, I have the pills and the powder. It gives me energy without making me feel "tweaked out". I take the powder as a pre workout sometimes. Just make sure you taper onto the pills like the directions say!

clksccsc's Rating

Used this product for 3 weeks, only one capsule a day, and started to have problem with joints that had old injuries, especially ones with scars and nerve damages. I had broken my hip in 4 places 13 years ago and had major scaring on my right hip. Fractured my rib and left shoulder a year ago. It would stiff up if I stayed in one position too long. The pain increases as I continue using this products. I stopped using the product for 6 days now and can finally walk without limping again. I purchase this product because I received samples of it and noticed it provided energy and appetite suppression, but noticed a few other side affects (cold sweat, shakes, dizziness). The side affects were manageable with lots of fluid, so I thought I would try it. Gave it a 6, because it does do what it says it would do. Would NOT recommend to anyone with past or current medical conditions though. 3 months off this thing, shoulder finally stop hurting. I think this thing takes too much fat off the joints. Starting using for long distant driving. Keeps me awake.

Ginaflores78's Rating

Ginaflores78 did not leave a written review for this product.

DarthV2's Rating

Everytime ive taken this my stomach is upset and ive gotten no pumps or energy from it. Its not a good product

Billias's Rating

This is an amazing fat burner not much for the fat loss but has great thermogenic properties, i sweat all over my t-shirt in every workout.The energy is quite nice too.In just a week using this product i' ve lost a great amount of water and some bodyfat.

robichri's Rating

As a fat burner and a pre workout, I love this product. I always see fat loss when i take it and always feel the extra energy to push me through workouts even on a calorically restricted diet.

XClassic10's Rating

- Doseage: For the 1st 2 weeks, I did the normal 1 serving in the morning and 1 serving about 5 hours later (usually before a workout). The last 1.5 weeks I did 1 serving in the morning and 2 PWO. - Mood/energy: The energy was working well at first with the 2 pills a day, but as the diet dragged on so did my energy so I felt I needed a little bit more. For the last 1.5 weeks, I bumped it up to 1 in the morning and 2 as PWO for some boosted energy; this worked great. good energy in the gym and I felt I was able to blast some stubborn backside fat as well. The appetite suppressant always worked pretty solid though; I was noticeably less hungry in the morning/afternoon than at night. Due to that, my mood was usually pretty good throughout the day, but would gradually get more down as the day went on. - Thermo effects: It definitely got my temperature rising, especially during workouts after I took 2. I've never been a huge sweater in workouts, but I would definitely notice some more sweating going on when I was taking it during workouts than when I wasn't. Sometimes that was kind of annoying, but for the most part I enjoyed it because it made me feel like I was really working hard and burning some calories. - How it aided workouts: Kinda touched on this already with some of the previous points, but when I was taking them pre workout I definitely noticed some more energy which was crucial for some of these brutal days. it didn't work perfect all the days, but they were some days where I was really dragging then the 2 pills before a workout helped pick me back up to kill the workout -What you noted on a day to day basis: I began to grow used to the pick me up in the morning and pre workout; for whatever reason I'm always just really out of it in the morning, probably because I stay up late, so it was always a great way to start off the day. - Touch on the formula: I gotta admit I'm not the most knowledgeable when it comes to knowing fat burner formulas, but based on my limited knowledge I felt that super HD had a good balance of all the necessities. Some fat burners I've taken in the past have had too much caffeine in them to the point where I felt cracked out. And some others had too much niacin that would flush out my face and make me feel all red and hot; I hated that feeling. Luckily I never got that feeling with super HD so that is definitely a good thing! - Overall cost compared to other burners: Overall I'd say this is pretty middle of the road and average price for a top company's fat burner. But because I really liked the feeling I got with it (not to mention the results, backside is sharper than ever which was always a problem in the past), I gotta say that gives it the priority and edge over others that I've taken despite the similar pricing. This is the leanest I've ever been in my entire life. For the 1st time ever, I legitimately have a christmas tree and striated glutes, and it feels awesome haha. A lot of this is due to taking my time with a long, consistent diet, yes, but I have to give a lot of credit to super HD for providing me with the energy to get through some brutal workouts on days when I was dragging, the appetite suppressant controlling my strong cravings on certain days, and helping shed some stubborn fat I've never been able to get off before.

calinkous's Rating

This product does not give me the jitters or rapid heartbeat but I definitely feel hyper. My issue is finding the right time to take the product. Eating every 2 to 3 hours and it is hard to get an 'empty stomach' as the bottle suggests as a time to take it. I do take first thing in the morning and I have not been as consistent with this as the CLK so I am only taking about one per day.

ytweety79's Rating

I try not to use fat burners and I don't recommend them. I do however use them in the final phase of competition prep to keep me going. I found that these gave me energy without jitters and I did actually lose weight, I feel easier than I would normally. My metabolism was cranked up and I lost even though I had some cheat meals! Thanks! :)

ajonesssss's Rating

This product has been supper efficient, I can definitely see a huge difference! It gives me tons of energy, I never feel tired throughout the day, and it also makes me happy too. I take one about 30 minutes to an hour before I eat breakfast in the morning and then one about 5 hours later. I do workout and go to the gym every single day. My problem has always been eating healthy and dieting. With this pill I almost never feel hungry, I have no craving for snacking, and when I am hungry I am in the mood for something healthy which never used to happen! I definitely drink lots and lots of water throughout the day to keep myself hydrated. The only bad effect that I have experienced so far is I have trouble sleeping now. I have never had problems with falling asleep before, but this pill definitely keeps me tossing and turning at night...sometimes to where I'm only get about 3 hours of sleep. I would not recommend taking this like 6-8 hours before going to sleep. I would probably recommend this product to a friend, and quite possibly purchase it again!

stephaniehuddle's Rating

I started taking the capsules about three weeks ago. I like to take two in the morning. I usually wait about 30 minutes to eat. This product gives me amazing energy and focus. I do take this with c4. I wait about 4 to 5 hours after. I hit a plateau about a month ago and this put me right back on track to lose the rest of my stubborn weight. Lastly, this product really helps suppress my appetite. I just did my two week cycle and am on my second bottle. Highly recommend!

louie0939's Rating

energy...8/10 i thought the energy provided was longlasting, smooth and nice. it kept me energized throughout the day with any hard crashes. when i went to 2 tabs in the morning this was definitely more pronounced. focus..7/10 i thought that this could have been a bit better. focus enhancement was noticable but not to the degree that ive experienced with some other products. appetite suppression...8/10 unlike some people, i thought this was one of the best selling points of Super HD. it effectively curbed my hunger for hours and kept any cravings at bay. like they say...everyone reacts differently to different products thermogenics.....8/10 pretty good. nothing over the top....just a slight and constant prespiration and dampness. price....SuperHD isnt cheap, at 40.00 for 60 caps i may or may not be purchasing this in the future. OVERALL: i thought SuperHD performed well. while nothing about it really blew me out of the water, it delivered on its advertising claims and met my expectations. it performed well across the board and is another solid product in the Cellucor line.

1-20 of 628 Reviews
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