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Cellucor P6 Black Reviews

The Legendary Anabolic Agent That Supports Muscle, Power, & Focus!*

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jgentner3's Rating

I ordered the 7 day trial of this product just to try out. I was hitting a platuea with muscle and strength gains so I was willing to try anything. After the 7 day trial I was very pleased with my results. So i then ordered a full cycle of p6 black. My strength sky rocketed and I packed on muscle and stayed lean. I would say I even lost some fat. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a boost and helping them hit their fitness goals. I have never taken a product that had gave me the great results this one has. I am a repeat customer and will be for awhile. This product is very effective and I recommend to anyone who is trying to build muscle and burn fat.

jarjar2k11's Rating

This is essentially Adderall/Ritalin-lite in my opinion. Sure I was able to concentrate and focus on the reps while hitting the gym, but after the supplement wore off, I was super irritable and grumpy. Plus, I don't think the gains came any faster than had I just drank some coffee or red-bull before the workouts. It's got DHEA and Vitamin D, both great supplements to take, but way cheaper if you grab them at your local health store. At least then you can avoid the other stimulants in it and avoid the negative side-effects.

chaskey66's Rating

I took this product because I wanted to jump back in the gym after being out for 6 months with a fractured femur and dislocated knee. Before my injury I was sitting at about 205lbs. starting this product: 6'4 188lbs 8% body fat I used the HARDCORE Dosing Protocol so 2 servings a day, once in the morning and once 30 minutes before gym for 8 weeks **highly recommend Had a noticeable increase in muscle mass and strength about 2 weeks in, endurance in the gym was crazy but i could probably attribute that to my pre-workout as well. Standard side effects with this T-boost, was a little more irritable and wanted to hump every lady in the gym. week 4 was incredible thats when it really starts working! ended 195lbs and 6% body fat

bassman41's Rating

I loved this product. I saw definite increases in the weight room in just about every aspect. The only thing I didn't like about the product is that after about a week of taking I had a hair trigger temper. It was bad enough my kids started calling p6 my grumpy pills. Other than that it was worth the money. I'm taking a break until the first week of March then will cycle back on.

Scraggles211's Rating

This is the first test booster I've tried. I've been taking it with C4 I was both impressed and thought it was... meh. For what it says its supposed to do, I feel like it works. I did notice that when I thought I wouldn't be able to finish a rep, I could feel it kick in and give me the extra "umfph" I needed to finish the set strong. I did NOT get an increase in my sex drive but neither did I get headaches either like I read in some reviews. I did see an increase in my biceps, triceps, and forearms since I've started taking it though. Overall, I give it a 7 due to cost. I don't think I'll get this again simply because it's faaaaar too expensive for only 30 days. It worked for me and I did see gainz, but not as much as I would have hoped. I'll be trying A-HD and Solid next to see how that works. About half the cost with just as good reviews. We'll see.

dwaynekilbourne's Rating

Looking for a powerful natural test booster to fill the gap for you? You found just the product. I must admit that this product really hit me strongly. I do not think I was prepared for it's full power, but I found the recommended dosage to be suitable for my needs and curiosities. With that said, I highly recommend that you follow the directions on the label to the T, and I also recommend that you cycle this with P6 Red - 1 bottle of Black until it is gone (4 weeks I believe) followed by 4 weeks of P6 Red.

UndergroundLeg's Rating

I tried the this product with my pre and I would recommend to anyone looking for intense focus and concentration in the gym! This stuff seriously gets you in THE ZONE. You won't wanna rest between sets, you be like recovery what?? You will definitely feel this stuff.

TheInstigator66's Rating

After reading the hype and getting a 50% off coupon code I thought I'd give this a try. I started with high hopes and was a little disappointed when I noticed no effect the first day. I thought maybe given more time it would kick in, but having just finished the bottle, I have to say I'm very disappointed. If anything, I noticed negative effects from this product in the form of a reduced libido. At no point did I feel any more focus than normal, any added aggression or any added boost to any of my workouts from this. I have used and been satisfied with a few other Cellucor products, but this is one did nothing for me and I wouldn't bother with it again.

jdotson5004's Rating

stuff works. Ive only tried a few test products and this one delivered the most, by far (compared to BPi, Body Fortress and Force Factor products). so far have had no side effects other than crazy solid morning wood(awesome for the old ladysbreakfast!). would recommend it and will be buying more.

Soldier9191's Rating

I'm 22 and am on my last week of cycle. I havnt really gained weight or much size but my bench has went from 185 to 235 Squat 205-235 deadlift 250-315. I currently weigh 152lb 69" I like the strength gains but probly if done again I'll add a test booster.

FERNANDO01's Rating

Cellucor P6 is legit in my books! Went thru a cycle with 1scoop of C4 and 1scoop of M5 and the pumps were insane! Taking two weeks off P6 like it says but I cannot wait to get back on it! First dose I noticed hardening in my muscles and my focus is off the charts on this stuff! I tried other boosters and being at 47yrs old and trying to put on size this stuff works for me! First cycle I took 3 pills on my second cycle I will bump it up to 6 pills and see what happens! For now this stuff is legit!

loctrice's Rating

This is only the third of fourth test booster I've tried. I noticed it almost immediately. I used it in a cut first, and then a bulk. I was extremely happy both times. I got strength and size gains in both cutting and bulking while taking this product. I also increased my bcaa intake while on it. Other people I train with also have taken this, and everyone seemed to be talking about it after I started taking it.

R0B0TJ0HNS0N's Rating

Super Test Kryptonite - OSN Labs Took 1 bottle. 30 day supply. I'll base my review on the claims made by OSN Labs: -Heightened Libido and Sexual Enhancement: Absolutely true. I had the raging sexual drive of a 15 year old boy. Good thing I have a girlfriend or I would have savaged myself into oblivion. -Improved Endurance and Work Performance: My lifting endurance did increase slightly on most days. Got an extra 1-2 reps. Other days I felt sluggish halfway through my workouts. My cardio endurance always seemed to be pretty high while taking the product. Most days I quit cardio for the mere fact that I had been at the gym for two or more hours and had other stuff to do that day. This also applied to sex. Too much was never enough. -Increased Muscular Strength and Power: My strength or ability to do more reps did not change. -Enhanced Recovery and Protein Synthesis: This is true. Normally after my legs workout I am very sore and feel the need for a wheelchair or walker for the next couple days. While taking the supplement I did not feel near as sore and was fully recovered when leg day came back around. I do legs twice a week. -Optimized Anabolic Hormone Levels: I took one bottle of the supplement as directed and over that time I did notice some re composition taking place. Normally, without any supplement, I hold extra fat in my chest. After a week my chest fat had diminished slightly. The rest of my muscles also had a little more definition. Recovery was faster. Sorry, no before and after pics :/ Final thoughts: The re composition I got was good. Not great, but good. The sex drive, though annoying at times, was actually kind of cool. Though if I had no outlet for that sexual energy I would have been a very very frustrated dude. My biggest hangup was the aggression. I am normally a pretty easy going guy. While taking this product I was full of aggression, cocky, and judgmental. The gym I go to is normally very busy. I do get annoyed at this fact but while on this product I was straight ****** off every single time. I would only recommend this product for folks that handle their emotions well. It would not surprise me at all to see an already aggressive person start taking this and then try to fight an entire bar. I give it a 6 because of the price mostly. It's good, but not $55 good.

MoreOvalteenPlz's Rating

I did a full cycle of P6 Black and noticed slight gains in all of my lifts. This was my first experience with a test booster, so I guess I didn't really know what to expect. The nootropic effect produces great focus in the gym. I was expecting fairly noticeable improvements and I just did not get what I wanted from P6.

bngoru's Rating

I've tried a handful of test boosters in the past (P6 Red, Activate, Bio). P6 Black is like no other. The focus is what I'm talking about. The nootropic effect kicked in for me on the first day. I felt great, confident, ready to take on the day. It wasn't a jittery or over-energetic feeling, just a very clear and focused feeling. I took this at 3 caps a day while on a cut and fasting. It really helped me concentrate on my lifts and consistently break through PRs. When combined with consistent routine and solid diet, it helped me drop 5% BF while dropping overall weight by 2LBs. Maintaining lean muscle on a cut is of most importance and this helped me do so. I had no negative side effects from this product. Also at a much shorter cycle time than the average test booster, it is more manageable. Only thing is I had withdrawals of the nootropic effects post cycle.

sotiriosc's Rating

Oh my GOD, this product is the best D- Aspartic acid product I have purchased, ever. Works well, noticed tingling in my pants the first couple days. Then I felt it in the gym. Helps with focus and it also helps with dopamine release. Which is the neurotransmitter for motivation. This is a very well made product. I am shocked at its effectiveness. This product will assist with 1) Higher Test levels (not sure how much but very noticeable) 2) Weight loss 3) Better Workouts 4) Focusing 5) Harder, better, stronger Pumps All these things provide good gains and so this product gets a 10 out of 10 for what it claims to be. Try it out you wont regret it. *** I took the 6 pill serving option.

Caesarprz's Rating

Caesarprz did not leave a written review for this product.

Overbeys's Rating

I had started to take this and felt a little weird at first. didnt know what to expect since this was my first test booster ever taken. I started taking it, and my workouts were great. I felt a lot more focused through them which was great. I stuck with two capsules a day because I tried 3, and I just didnt feel good when I took that many. After finishing the cycle I saw a good gain in size, and muscle had gotten a lot harder dense look. I also gained a lot more strength. My pr in my bench, and squats went up, and before taking this I was really struggling to do so. Overall I really enjoyed this test booster and feel if your looking to grow, and look harder. This is a great choice, although sometimes my GF told me I was a little more on the angry side while on it. lol

Jlopes8520's Rating

I love this stuff, it is my goto test booster. Right after you take it you can feel it working, and working HARD!! Love the effects, except for the acne and a little hair loss, which is typical for a product like this. Well, one that actually works at least! Will buy again when I'm done with my cut, looking forward to it!!

nfmejia's Rating

Absolutely great product. I cycled it off for way too long my last time (I've been off of it for 4 months and definitely can tell). I have literally dropped from a minimum 225 lbs decline and flat bench to 150 lbs for both and in only 4 months. Just started yesterday on my new cycle of P6 Black and will do my 4 week cycle then off for 2 weeks this time and cycle it back on once more before I immediately cycle to a 45 day P6 Red Extreme. Great product with amazing strength gains, lean muscle mass, libido and all. Only negative I had on my first ever cycle was anger but 2nd cycle was much better and 3rd too. This will be my 4th cycle.

1-20 of 104 Reviews
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