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Creatine Free Arginase Inhibitor and Pump Amplifier*

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Eyembig2's Rating

Really raises the Test level and especially adds to the burn when taken with pro-supps Mr. Hyde!!!

awood24's Rating

I am currently using this product basically to aid with pumps in the late stage of my prep. During stages of low carbs, NO3 chrome is a great supplement to add to your pre workout regimen to help still gain the pump during your workouts. Without all the carbs you normally would be consuming, its hard to gain a pump when you're depleted. This has helped me maintain high intensity workouts and maintain high levels of vascularity. More blood in the muscle = bigger gains! The arginine, citrulline, and norvaline complex is amazing for maximum pumps. I would recommend this only to those desiring the pump in the gym. It isn't a necessary product to use all the time, especially if you're already taking a good pre workout. But anyone in a caloric deficit or dieting could definitely benefit from this product.

ecxtimmy's Rating

Solid stim free pre workout supplement. Packs nitrates for PUMP. Used 1 bottle, usually 4 caps PWO. Great to stack with other PWO's or C4, though be aware of your Nitrate intake if stacking NO3 with another nitrate containing product!

tennisnh86's Rating

Anyone who buys this supplement is getting ripped off. Not because this product does not have ingredients which work. In fact it does have all solid ingredients. But you are getting ripped off on the price. 80$ is a complete joke. You can buy Arganine, Norvaline and citrulline on their own, with more servings for 46$. You want calcium drink more milk or have some tums with the 34$ you save not buying NO3. Again, good product in terms of quality ingredients. But terrible product in that they are just trying to take advantage of customers who do not research ingredients and their going prices. Save yourself the money and buy these on their own, or search for other supplements with similar ingredients also for less money.

AlexKladder's Rating

This totally works for awesome blood flow, sick pumps and huge veins. Does what it says! The only down side is that it takes an hour + to stat kicking in. For someone like me that trains first thing in the morning, this is kind of frustrating.

esh83's Rating

This product is awesome. I have tried other pump products and by far this was the best. I opened two capsules and mixed it in with my C4 prior to my workout, I waited about 40 minutes and started my workout. I don't even think I got half way through before it felt like my muscles were going to explode lol. I don't have a lot of muscle mass, and I'm rather long and lanky. However, NO3 gave me crazy pump and helped me push through my routine. The only downside is the price.

hailey0317's Rating

Amazing product, and gives me amazing pumps at the gym! I, like many others, mix the three capsules into my pre workout so it hits me faster. When I swallowed the three capsules, I did not really feel anything, so I felt mixing it with preworkout was much more effective for me.

KiriakosM's Rating

Amazing pump and heavier longer lifting stats at the gym especially when taken with C4 extreme. It's a great booster and honestly works, I've taken just C4 alone and been to the gym then after taking the NO3 before with the C4 I can lift more and feel better while pushing.

SMITVE00's Rating

I've tried others but NO3 Chrome seems to provide the most visible pump and concentration for a serious workout experience. If you want to add extreme focus for form and pounding muscle pump, stack with your favorite pre-workout for a great training experience! I don't train without it!

timgilbreath's Rating

I started using this product last December for the purpose of increasing pumps, and it served that purpose well enough. However, the one thing I didn't expect was the lowering of my blood pressure. I have been on BP meds for 21 years. My level of fitness, my diet, nothing has ever made a difference in my BP levels. It is hereditary, or so it seems. Shortly after I started using NO3 my bp started coming under control, and at this point i have not taken blood pressure medication in over three months. I feel great, and this supplement is definitely the reason I no longer have to take BP medicines. I highly recommend it. I recently talked my brother into using NO 3 and he also swears by it. I highly recommend this product!

Aesthetics4Dayz's Rating

I stacked this with c4 and I've tried c4 alone before but with this supplement added a even bigger pump! Great job guys.

justinb227's Rating

I purchased this product after discontinuing Cellucor C4 with reduced effectiveness, looking for a clean pump at the gym. I took the recommended 4 pill dose at 175 lbs., but with no results had bumped it to the maximum 6 pill dose. After 3 weeks I have noticed no pump, no added energy, no increase in vascularity and no gains. Might as well have taken sugar pills. I only noticed moderate pump with 6 pills AND 1 scoop of Musclepharm Assault, but no more then any other workout. Do not recommend this supp.

sjpaladino's Rating

Most supps I do not notice. Most supps I have to take at least 2 times the servings to get anything. I took one serving of this and noticed just after one set everything felt super tight. I was thinking it may have been a mind thing since I knew I had taken something. Bottom line - After taking this for a few weeks and using 5-6 pills this stuff, for me, is insane. Everything burns after one set and I get a massive pump. I have never had ANY supp that hits me like this.

eleckttruss's Rating

Nice.... just open the capsules and mix it with your pre workout and feel it!...

iFartWhenILift's Rating

This product is top notch. I've used many other supps and this one by far gave me the best pump. MY first few days I took the capsules by themselves and felt a decent pump but not much at all. The following days I removed the capsules and emptied them into my water bottle along with 4 scoops of Epiq strength creatine and a few tsps. of Yohimbe extract. I took everything within 45 minutes of beginning my workout. This stack was by far the best pump I've ever had and lasted throughout my workout. Cellucor always delivers a great product and I WILL be ordering more.

jzeigler2's Rating

If you want your veins to look like garden hoses I would s****est you try this product stack it with c4 for optimal results

Shreddingtime's Rating

Great NO booster - you can feel and see the results

SSAlec's Rating

I will admit that I was a little skeptical trying the NO3 Chrome due to the price for the purpose it serves. I took 3 capsules on an empty stomach (along with 1 scoop of C4) about an hour before lifting. I noticed incredible pumps which in turn pushed me to step up my intensity. I'm not a fan of taking capsules/pills so a liquid/powder form would be preferable (and would be digested more quickly). Overall, another nice product from Cellucor, but pricey.

scottiewlee's Rating

This product serves its purpose! I take it daily along with the C4 preworkout and get a very nice pump. I like it. If you have the extra cash, i'd say it's definitely worth it.

Johno24's Rating

I took my first serving of No3 today a 3 pill dose, arm day. I didn't feel any energy which is to be expected considering it's only a NO booster. During my first superset of close grip bench and barbell curl I felt tighter almost instantly and I had more power in my reps. As the workout progressed my pump exceeded expectations, I thought my biceps were going to explode! I noticed a significant difference in vascularity too. I was still amped after my workout finished so I did 2 sets of 21's, the pump was extremely painful at this stage but definitely worthwhile! An amazing product cannot wait to try it on legs! Great job Cellucor.

1-20 of 188 Reviews