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goylakris's Rating

I take this mid day for better nutrient absorption. Great product in my opinion. Increased vascularity and seems to help my pump stay with me longer. Solid!

BasedJ's Rating

I have tried NO3 before and I got to try once more with great results. As someone who loves the extra pump in the gym, I tried the product in various ways. I tried it, stacked with C4 50X, and the pump was crazy. Not to mention the extra focus and energy from the C4. I had a great chest pump that day and it was much different than just taking C4 on its own. I also took NO3 by itself, to see the difference. I took the 3 pills right before the gym, I know you're supposed to do it anywhere between 30-90 minutes before the gym, but I broke the caps in mixed the powder in my drink. It does say that you can do this for quicker digestion! I noticed that the pumps were still powerful. Veins were popping more than ever and I felt great during this back and bi workout! I will say that this product brings awesome pumps and it doesn't matter what you are doing in the gym. Heavy short sets, or light more volume sets, you will see the pump and you will see yourself grow after every rep!

Asc14's Rating

I have tried 3 sample packs of N03 Chrome which has 3 capsules each per serving. I would take 3 capsules 30 mins. before my workout with a 10 oz. cup of water. There were no digestion issues I have experienced. Being a non-stim product there was not a big rush of energy I have had but still was able to workout without feeling exhausted and unmotivated. The strength I had during my workouts were great. I didn't feel there was a moment when I felt weak or couldn't lift at all. Still was able to lift heavy in all of my sets and exercises. The muscle pumps were tight and full. Pumps were gradually getting bigger during my workout. Did not feel depleted or weak. I was clearly able to see my veins and muscles popping out which I liked a lot.

asianman2168's Rating

First I'd like to thank Celllucor for allowing me to sample and review this product for two of my workouts! Main Ingredients: - 83mg of Vitamin C - 10mg of Calcium - 1250mg of Arginine Nitrate - 750mg of Extreme Vascularity Complex - Nitrosigine Inositol-Stabilized Arginine Silicate - Citrulline Malate - Grape seed extract Dosing Directions: Take 3 pills approximately 60-90 minutes before your workout on an empty stomach. Pump and Vascularity: This, for me, is my first time taking a pump amplifying supplement and the results for me were amazing. I used the NO3 chrome before my back/bi and before my chest/tri workout and I have never felt more of a pump during and after my workout. From the beginning warm-ups of my workout to the very last set and even after my workout on my way home. The increased visibility in vascularity as well as new veins that were popping out was an absolute plus. Overall Review: No3... Wow! There was nothing negative that I could say about this product from how easy it was to swallow the capsules, to the results that came along with the product. I used this product an hour before a back/bi lift as well as an hour before a chest/tri lift and the results were amazing! I immediately felt a pump throughout those body parts and an increased visibility in vascularity, even a couple hours post workout I could still feel that pump and see veins popping out! The only side effect I could think of was that I wanted to continue to lift just to keep chasing that pump. An overall amazing product that I would recommend to anybody looking to intensify their pump and definitely worth the money! 10/10!

dgro39's Rating

when this product is take 30-45mins prior with atleats 16oz of water and about 20-40g of carbs you will notice a a much better pump (taken both times during arm days) as well as increased vascularity. I Also noticed that I was able to work out and push harder before fatigue set in. N03 when taken properly is now a very important staple in my stack while building lean muscle mass I highly recommend Denis product to anyone looking to enhance their workout, build muscle or increase stamina this product will do just that. PUMP: 8/10(when taken correctly) STAMINA: 8/10 TASTE: 10/10pill form easy to swallow no after taste Overall: it's a great buy to build any stack or on its own!

cozuzu's Rating

I usually have Cellucor as my default brand of choice for my supplements when it comes to the essentials such as creatine and whey protein. Curious in getting my hands different supplements to help improve my strength and aesthetics, I was very fortunate in getting a couple of sample packs of NO3 Chrome from Cellucor. Here are my findings: Presentation: I love the sleek and clean silver design of the product and its convenient taking 3 pills for one serving. Ingredients: Arginine Nitrate, Vitamin C, Calcium and Vascularity complex. I really appreciate that there is no added caffeine or beta alanine. I personally wished I would have dumped these bad boys in my C4 Ripped in a future review so I don’t have to wait the large window frame of 60-90 minutes. I have a job that is constantly on the run. Taste/Mixability: This product comes in a pill form there really was no mixability to discuss. I love the color of the pills, but the pills itself are easy to swallow. Side Effects: None Price: This product is quite a good deal for the price, especially from bodybuilding.com! Results: Maybe I had bodyweight exercises at the time I used the product. I was given two samples and I usually try the first one to see if my body can tolerate it. The first pill I took at random, although I should have a nice carb meal to go with this. The second trial, I ate a good meal before doing a WOD styled Crossfit workout, involving kettlebells and pullup. Here was my workout: 10 Minutes AMRAP 20 Kettlebell Swings 10 Burpees 10 Push Ups 12 Minutes AMRAP 10 Pullups 10 Push Press 10 Pushups 10 Lunges 20 Situps 10 Minutes AMRAP 10 Box Jumps 20 Kettlebell Swings 10 Wallball 20 Situps I did received increase vascularity and some fullness to my arms, but I think I would get better results if I did weight training mostly. I also wished it had a focus ingredient, especially crushing through grueling workouts. I would love to try this again with a stack and also do a bodybuilding program and also do a follow-up review if anything. Verdict: 7/10

yankeekid15's Rating

Thanks to Cellucor for sending me samples to review! The last time I tried NO3, I had stacked it with C4 & the results were great. This time around, to really get a good feel for this product, I dosed it by itself with no other products. By taking this product alone, the pumps were incredible & long-lasting. Vascularity also seemed slightly improved which is a plus for me. I still felt the pump effects about 2 hours post-workout. I'd definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a pump-amplifier. I'm sure stacking this with any form of C4 would really bring about some insane pumps so I'd like to try that in the future.

kk878109's Rating

Presentation: I have always been a big fan of NO3 and this 4th generation version is no different. This product, when I tried it, was in a sample packet of 3 pills which is one serving. The packaging is what you would come to expect with any Cellucor product and is very clean and visually appealing. Ingredients: Arginine Nitrate, Vit C, Calcium, Vascularity complex Ingredients that allow for awesome vascularity and an amazing pump. None of the caffeine or beta alanine that will cause a crash or itchiness Taste/Mixability: Since this product comes in a pill form there really was no mixability to discuss. I’ve heard of some people opening the NO3 tablets and mixing them into a drink but, I personally prefer them the way they are intended to be ingested. I do find that some capsules have an uncomfortable waxy taste but I did not get this with this product. The size of the pills are also perfect. Some supplement pills look like they are made for horse consumption but, these were perfect. Side effects: Nothing besides an awesome lift Price: This product is defiantly a good deal for the price. That being said I am currently usually broke so it is not typically my first go to supplements. For me it is one of those things were if I have extra money at the end of the month, NO3 is something I gladly invest it in. The test: The first time I used NO3 was on chest day (a Monday of course) and as I was hoping for had an amazing pump. It allowed me to get a great lift in without getting jittery or itchy that is experienced with some pre workouts. Over all the general feeling of the pump is one of my favorite parts of lifting and I was not disappointed. The real test came the next time I used them on arm day. By far one of my favorite days to use NO3. The vascularity and feeling of fullness in my arms was astounding and was defiantly great motivation to get a great workout. The Results: As I am currently in my 19 credit hour semester from hell in grad school, I do not always get the quality of workouts that I would truly like but, this product helped to even the playing field. It allowed for that truly great feeling and is the reason why I enjoy lifting. I would suggest this to anyone who wants that great workout but, maybe it is too late in the day for all those stimulants (oh how I used to love the M5 that you mixed yourself). The only thing I wish that it had was an ingredient to increase focus but, that is just a personal preference. I would defiantly recommend this to any of my friends and plan on obtaining more in the future. Verdict: 10/10

NYYankees1's Rating

I tried this product in several different ways to try to gauge the best possible method. I tried 3 pills opened and dumped in my pre-workout, 3 pills taken as capsules, and 5 pills taken as capsules. First, both 3 pill dosages seemed to have the same result and I didn’t notice much of a difference between taking it as powder or as capsules. I noticed a slight increase in my pump while doing my workout and perhaps a slight increase in stamina. (6.5/10) However, when I bumped it up to 5, I definitely noticed a bigger difference. My pump and vascularity (especially when I took it for arms) was noticeably different from only 3 capsules and obviously even more so than the ‘baseline’ (no NO3). (8.5/10)

InfiniteRecomp's Rating

If you're reading this, you're probably looking into a targeted product built for one purpose - not a be everything to everyone pre. I got a couple sample packs to see what the buzz is about, and along with some helpful advice on correct usage I WAS BLOWN AWAY!! I've tried all kinds of pump products and thought I had achieved, but NO3 exceeded expectations, especially on a total of 2g. Pills were so well tolerated it didn't even feel like I took any. I got in about 24oz water plus another 24oz of carb bev (43g) in an hour to 90 mins before my morning workout. If I could take this before a show, I'd be a winner! results - chest day: pecs looked show-ready, back/lats day: hurt so good I was sore 3 days (most in a long time).

PharmGainz's Rating

I loved the old NO3 and thought it left me with a fantastic pump but this new stuff (especially when stacked with a solid preworkout like C4 RTD) revealed a whole new world of pumps. I tried a sample on both chest and arm days (what is leg day?) and couldn't believe the number of veins coming out. The pump was downright distracting and definitely a must have again. My arms felt massive at the end of that lift, and I can honestly say this will be a continuous addition to my preworkout stack

LXA1150's Rating

I have used the old NO3 back in the day with great results, nothing has changed with this new generation. I usually break the capsules up and mix the powder into my C4, so the taste is pretty bad, but the results are worth it. Veins everywhere and skin tearing pumps if you do a high volume arm/shoulder workout. If you want a pump so big it feels like your skin is going to rip? Take NO3. Hands down best NO supp on the market. When stacked with C4, you might as well buy bigger shirts right now

NIUhuskie12's Rating

This product didn't do a whole lot for me in terms of providing an added "pump," at least no more of a pump than what I am normally used to during my training. I did however have a slight increase in overall stamina and endurance while using this product. I would be very curious to see if I feel and increased pump effect while deep into a caloric deficit, when my carbs are lower and I need that extra boost from a stim-free perspective. This is a great product to stack with Alpha Amino, M5 Reloaded, and pretty much any of the C4 options!

blokpost's Rating

Solid pump supp. It definitely gave me a nice fullness and pumps, but still not as much as I expected. I like the fact, that it's a capsule and not powder - easy to take when you're away from home. I would highly suggest stacking it with a stimed pre.

jmfno64's Rating

i work night and go to the gym right after work. i take 3 pills an hour before workout and i have an amazing energy true out my workout.

antoniovilla's Rating

Cellucor NO3 Chrome
Review Cellucor NO3 Chrome is a nitric oxide pump amplifier product that promotes muscle pumps and vascularity, boosting performance and muscle growth potential. It utilizes NO3 in the form of arginine nitrate (a fusion of I-arginine and nitric acid). Arginine is a precursor of nitric oxide. Nitrates dilate the muscle tissue found in veins and arteries causing more blood to flow into the muscles for pumps. Ingredient Profile
Serving size = 3 capsules
servings per container = 30/60
90/180 capsule Vitamin C 83mg
Calcium 10mg
Arginine Nitrate NO3-T 1250mg-arginine will reduce nitrate tolerance so you will NOT become tolerant to it like other forms of nitrate. 
Extreme Vascularity Complex 750mg
 *Nitrosigine Arginine Silicat

brandonwynn's Rating

NO3 CHROME REVIEW Fri Oct 30, 2015 8:02 pm In one word AWESOME! I received the samples on Monday and took the first packet on Tuesday(October 27) 90 minutes before my leg and arm workout which you can find under Brandon Wynns workout log, I made sure to eat my usual five packets of oatmeal(long lasting carbs that totaled 104g)............I would like to thank TheSolution for pointing this very useful tidbit of eating enough carbs with this. I usually take a half dose to see how I will do on the product but this time I chose not to since I have used N O products before but I highly recommend doing so inorder to assess your tolerance( the game is to get bigger and stronger) so be smart and make sure you do not cause permanent damage and/or death....................FOLLOW ALL DOSING INSTRUCTIONS. MY RESULTS: I felt it a lot in my arms(the pump remained for days), the high rep Tricep work just left me unable to move my arms which was an AWESOME feeling when added to my Bicep workout which left my arms pumped to the point that they hurt(made me feel really bad@ss). The leg portion of my workout didn't prove to be quite as impressive as I thought but the quads are a large muscle composed of four smaller muscles that are hard to "hit" like the Bicep and triceps, the pump was there and my calves were pumped up and started showing a defined shape and size( especially in the Soleus and Peronus Longus areas)................I personally hate my 16" calves so to start seeing size and shape was a GREAT thing even if it was temporary. Wednesday Chest and back I followed the same protocol of timing and oatmeal consumption. I did a higher number of sets and reps on my chest which proved to be AWESOME I felt tight in my chest and not only was my chest tighter feeling it was also thicker as well( even if it was temporary.........it felt AWESOME and made me feel like a real bad@ss in the gym), I did a wide range of back exercises focusing on lat pull downs with vary grips( underhand, overhand, and wide) and different bars( V bar, Straight bar)...............my back/Lat muscles felt fuller and bigger; I loved this product and I have just now lost the tight pumped up look and feel from Tuesday and Wednesday..............TODAY IS FRIDAY AND I HAVE NEVER HAD AN N O PRODUCT LAST THAT LONG they usually keep your muscles full and pumped up for an hour or two after training. THE BENEFITS OF A PROLONGED PUMP: The increased/dialated size of the blood vessels mean more nutrients are getting into the muscle which when properly and continuously stressed are forced to grow and a good N O helps deliver the nutrient increase they need provided that you FEED THE MACHINE PROPERLY. Price We all have to look at this when making a decision. The product can be purchased for 39.99 from bodybuilder.com so when you look at the pill count of 90 capsules and the serving size of three caps equals 30 day supply which is about 1.333 a day. A N O that I have taken in the past is sixstar Nitric Oxide Fury which is about 10.00 a bottle for 60 caps but the dosing instruction is based on weight( I am 207lbs) so I have to take 4 since I weigh over 200lbs( like most guys do) that equals only 15 servings per bottle so I would have to buy two bottles per month totaling $20.00 a month for a products whose effects fade after a couple of hours after training.............Yes SixStar is cheaper but for just $20.00 more you can get a better formulated N O product. I am BLOWN AWAY with this one, I can't believe I wasted so much money on an inferior product even though the ingredients are the same the amounts are not.

EthanR10's Rating

Let me start by saying this is one of the best products I've used for achieving pump when lifting in the gym. I've seen some people who have had issues with it and I'll address that in the review. Product Description: This product is essentially a Nitric Oxide Pump agent. It's helps to increase blood flow to get a better pump. Product Presentation: To me I really like the bottle. If I saw this on the shelf it is definitely something that would catch my eye. Packaging is simple and cost effective and I don't feel like I'm paying for it. Taste: Now these being pills there's really nothing to taste. But I will say that the pills go down very smooth and there's no nasty burps after or anything like that. Side Effects: I didn't have any issues with taking this which was quite surprising. My stomach is pretty sensitive to any supplements so it gives me some cramping when taking them. I didn't experience this at all. Also it being stimulant free I didn't get any annoying jitters or burning sensation you sometimes get form other NO products. Price: I saw that some people complained about the pricing but honestly it's not that bad. You get 30 servings if you take it at the recommended dosage. All for 39.99. Considering you should cycle stuff like this anyways the money is fine. Results : Now for the main event! So I'll admit when I first took the product I noticed a few things wrong. I felt as if I needed to increase dosage and also it took a little long to kick in. Roughly an hour. After some tweaking though I will say anyone who has any issues with dosage and time lapse try it with some pre workout carbs. This helped immensely. It only took about 20 minutes at that point and taking the recommended dosage was plenty. I've tried Nitric Oxide products in the past in various forms. None of them have ever done me justice. These little pills are like magic beans! I get a solid pump and feel the lifts in every part of my body. This even gave me a super good pump in my chest which I've always had an issue with. Overall if taken the right way I give this product a 10/10.

davidbelolong's Rating

The pump is one of the things I live and work out for. For everyone, it's also one of the most satisfying effects of a workout. NO3 makes the pump that much better! I was taking about 3 capsules before the workout, and it had phenomenal effects. The main thing is that I've been doing a strength training program for the past couple of months while I've been taking this. And you don't get the same kind of pump from strength training as you would from high volume hypertrophy training. It's much harder to get a solid pump from low rep heavy training. But from supplementing NO3, I was able to feel myself start to swell up even while I was benching, squatting, or deadlifting around 3-5 reps.

dromerno's Rating

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