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Cellucor D4 Thermal Shock Reviews

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ct62191's Rating

I lost from 115kg/253lbs to 78kg/172lbs and had gain myself more muscles instead of fats in 12 days with 1 capsule for the first 2 days, and 2 capsules for the other 10 days. Many people thought it is a magic pill where workout and exercise are not required, still it help you with your work out and boost up your energy level during your work out and burn fat at the same time, there is no side effect for me (result might be varies base on different individual), I would definitely recommend this product as it had helped me to change my life.

jcastro1234's Rating

Worst product! I being taking it for a month stack with clk and I have not seen a difference. Instead I feel weak and that I'm going to puke. This might work for other people but it did not help me at all it just helped me waste money.

Blaver1's Rating

This helped me shed 25 pounds so far and that's in a month. It's an amazing product, but you do have to work with it to see results push your self to do more. I love this and would recommend it 40 times over. To respond to the below comments of headaches and feels like a drug ect. Yes it gives you energy, a lot of it depending on your size and what you do with the energy. The first day I used it I broke out in a huge sweat while sleeping was really uncomfortable and had a horrible head ache but since that first day I haven't had anything wrong. I truly love this product. Give it a try!

courtneyrohara's Rating

Jitters, headache, clouded vision, felt like I was going to pass out & throw up. After all that went away I had a rush of energy, bur more or less felt drunk or like I was on some sort of hardcore drug (I'll assume that's what meth is like). Didn't understand what was going on around me until I woke up from a necessary nap.

malish82's Rating

malish82 did not leave a written review for this product.

bfreeman13's Rating

In the short amount of time I have been on this product I can already see results. Amazing

divalamotte's Rating

I love how you feel a clean energy that is jitter free. :) This product helped fuel my workouts, helped regulate my appetite, and also helped me become the leanest I've ever been within weeks.

workhard9's Rating

Wish this product was still sold in stores. Focus: 10/10 - Insane focus throughout the day. Makes an hours worth of chores turn into twenty minutes that fly by. Energy: 10/10 - Energy lasts for the entire half-life of most stimulants (5 hours). Not an energy where you have to get up and run around to not explode, but definitely provides a pick up of energy that makes doing boring things exciting. Definite increased productivity while on this. Results: 10/10 - Used this product, along with T7 and L2 (L2 on last week only) on a three month cut and I have never been at such a low body fat percentage in my life. Definitely got the results I was looking for. Went from about 11% body fat to about 5-6%. Side Effects: Crash after the stimulants wear off, as with any stimulant/fat burner. After about 5 hours you definitely become weary and feel a come down, but the dosing is set to take it twice a day so it works out perfectly.

marshiechen's Rating

Works pretty well. Nice apetite suppression and nice amount of sweat.

Stimulating's Rating

Wow! Jitters, unease, and a hard crash. My best guess is this product is what it feels like to be on a binge of methamphetamine! It's brutal. They s****est 2 capsules per day, and if you notice... this product is jam packed with caffeine! What a mistake taking this product is! I have never felt such poor effects from any stimulant before. Waste of money... should have just got a bottle of caffeine and took half a tablet.

BrandoB's Rating

Best fat burner I have used! Excellent energy, I experienced zero crash and I kept wanting to go harder and harder! Highly recommend!

sabyn13's Rating

sabyn13 did not leave a written review for this product.


The D4 pills work great! I take 1 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon. It keeps my energy, mood and alertness steady through the day.

joeylee56's Rating

This was a great product. I was given this to review and loved the product. Finished my run about two weeks ago and saw significant losses around my waist area. Lots of energy, more than super HD, and wouldn't recommend it to someone just starting with supplements and a low tolerance.

jesslb87's Rating

An ok product. I've been using this for about 2 weeks with not too much of a noticeable difference in weight loss but because of the caffiene content it does give a nice boost.

jeremydechavez's Rating

It quite an effective appetite suppressant; although, I do feel kind of queasy. Quite a potent product, so for now I'm taking only one serving (one cap) a day.

BubbaD's Rating

Upset stomach, didnt see any noticable results. would not recommend.

mp116's Rating

This is my 5th day on D4. Last night my body was burning and I threw up. If this passes, I would recommend this product as it has stupendously increased my energy at the gym. I'm 5'4 and 120 pounds, I'm not looking to lose much weight, just some body fat around my lower abs. I didn't take my pill this morning as I still felt somewhat nauseated and now it's resulting in me feeling jittery and somewhat weak. The energy it gives you is definitely a plus, however, I'm not sure if I will continue my cycle due to the side effects I am enduring.

kupzknight's Rating

Ive got a lot of free sample of this from gnc and bb . Ill say for me just for me it gave me Jittery , Heart beat pump to fast , Feel like vomiting . its like you want to work out but you can't it did give me shock for that day I've Tried it .. sorry did not work out for me

LaBete's Rating

This product does EXACTLY what it says it will do. This is the TRUTH!!!

1-20 of 178 Reviews
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