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Breakthrough Toning & Sculpting Support Enhanced with a Sweet Raspberry Flavor*

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yertlee's Rating

I hope someone can help me.... I've been taking the cellucor weight lost combination kit (CLK and Super HD) for a week now a full 7days... i take it as directed but also on emtpy a empty stomach. Recently I been noticing a runny and red stool when I go to the bathroom which has me kinda of worried. I thought it might be because of the raspberry keytones and the red caps but I'm worried.. can anyone help me please or has anyone else experienced this?

mpainter21's Rating

Like most, I stacked this product with Cellucor's Super HD. Together, the two curbed my appetite pretty well. The major con of this product is that it's pretty expensive and if you take as direct (3 capsules, twice daily), you'll run out of it in about 10 days. I'm not sure why so many say that this product is easy to swallow... I had a really tough time getting the huge capsules down and immediately after taking it it seemed like I would start burping raspberry.

Seagroves92's Rating

I love CLK! Much better appetite suppression than quadralean IMO. The raspberry flavor is really nice but pretty irrelevant to me since pills are on your tongue for all of two seconds. I am stacking this with Cellucor super hd and it maybe my imagination but I feel like my abs are already more visible, which is always a str****le for me without perfect diet and tons of cardio. The only reason I don't give this product 10/10 is the cost. It is on the pricey side and the 90 count bottle is only a 15 day supply! FWIW this product has you taking more CLA than pretty much any other CLA-based product, so at approx. 0.54g CLA per pill you could try taking just 4/day and stretch it to a 22 day supply.

AdamGX1000's Rating

stacked this with the cellucor super hd. i felt it was a great combo together. however, i didn't find the taste of raspberries too appealing, but it was tolerable

kkridos's Rating

Not a huge raspberry person so I'm not really fond of the aftertaste but I stacked this with Super HD and the results were great.

craigcapurso's Rating

Good Product to have in your arsenal when looking for optimal fat loss. You won't notice like a stimulant but it's working.

Itzaris's Rating

The stuff works if you do! Taste great!

edmqtgirl's Rating

edmqtgirl did not leave a written review for this product.

CaroShruggs's Rating

It improved my metabolism, however I do stack it to compliments my weight loss. I've dropped 6 pounds the first week. I like it so far.

TheCakeMix's Rating

TheCakeMix did not leave a written review for this product.

jhova313's Rating

it helps when u stack with others

knewman5525's Rating

I enjoy taking this product; however, eating properly is a MUST. There are no ways to get healthy by spending money. On that note I add, these CLKs are slightly expensive,

medoom6g's Rating

one of the best fat burner on the market

SallyGran's Rating

The flavor was really great. I like that it is stimulant free. I dropped 6% of my body fat with this product in about 3 weeks!! which is great, because I am 12 weeks out...So it's crunch time, and this little baby definitely delivers.

AngelinaBrolie's Rating

AngelinaBrolie did not leave a written review for this product.

JakeDDB's Rating

Great addition to Cellucor Super HD. Started the CLK about a week after the HD and definitely noticed a difference. Appetite was curbed even more and Increased sweat during workouts. Would recommend if you're looking for that extra boost to get those cuts you wants.

AlexCane's Rating

I just started taking this product and I am very impressed. Easy to swallow and very effective.

Milla532's Rating

Works well, helped me reduce body fat in my 30 day cut but make sure you research everything in it. I believe the majority of my success was the work put in, not supplements but it probably helped.

blazeroman's Rating

blazeroman did not leave a written review for this product.

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