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Promotes a Healthy Appetite, Increases Metabolism, and Promotes Fat Loss*

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gclausen55's Rating

I like to use Inciner-8 during my cutting stage leading up to competitions. It gives me added energy and reduces my appetite so I can see the body fat burning off and lean muscle staying on!

theironcowboy's Rating

This product works great. Lost a lot of weight right off the bat. I have cycled on and off this since.

Good fat burner. Doesn't make me jittery or sick when I take it. Good mix of thermogenic, and lipogenic ingredients.

So far so good. I noticed and increase in focus and energy. Definite appetite suppression, however, (for those of you saying it doesn't) when it's time to's time to eat. I just don't get mid meal cravings. I skipped lunch one day due to busy schedule. That day I felt extremely lightheaded. So don't skip...just make a good choice. I also decreased my coffee due to the added caffeine in the product. Stay tuned!

Didn't curb my hunger as much as I wished it did. It did burn fat though, which is always good.

I've used this product for 2 weeks now. Makes me hungry all day. No fat burn at all. Exercise 7-8 times a week, 1.5 to 2.5 hrs per day with 30-60 minutes cardio and 30-60 minutes weight training. I do loose pounds, but not from using this product. Wish I had read the reviews before purchasing this...waisted my money. Does provide a little energy. Notice some women wrote that it works for them. It doesn't seems to work for men, I guess.

After 4 months using this product, I've seen absolutely no fat loss. My diet and exceed use regimen has remained the same throughout.

marksommer's Rating

very good product, didnt get massive swings in energy (no crash). very noticeable fat loss. with that being said my diet and cardio were spot on, but i attribute some of the fat loss to this product

ENERGY: 8/10 Thermogenesis: 8/10 FOCUS: 8/10 Appetite Suppression: 8/10 Side-Effects: 10/10 OVERALL: 8.4 / 10

This product was one the top 5 Thermo/Fat burner type products I have used. I used this first thing in the morning prior to breakfast and mid afternoon generally. Nice pick up of energy, appetite suppression was noticeable and no crash or jitters. I was a little concerned about getting an upset stomach from taking this on an empty stomach but never happened.

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Verified Buyer

Love this product! I'm sensitive to stimulants and this did not make me feel jittery at all! But certainly boots my energy level!!

Ran a full bottle of this and noticed very little fat loss. Low-carb diet and under 2500cal, HIRT (sweating my *** off weight training 5x a week), bodyweight cardio. Only lost about 1.5kg using this product. I have lost 4-5kg in the past using Super HD and Shred Matrix.

marshallmcgee's Rating

great dosage and not overly powerful on the stimulants. great if youre looking for a daily dose of keto-7 and L-Carnitine. appetite suppressant worked well for me and saw results within 2 weeks.

Kameron0129's Rating

I think this is a goood quality fat burner. After 2 days of supplimentation I had increased energy which is good when I'm in high school. I focus better and not to mention that i lost 1 pound and ate 600 caloriies less than i usually did before. This my be the suppliment that'll finally get me in the 140 lb range again after 3 years

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beverlyjune's Rating

Great results are evident after about 2.5 weeks of use. It's true when they say no jitters! I have tried other fat burners before but this one really had little to no negative side effects. 3 capsules per serving seemed like a lot at first but they are small and easy to take. Overall great product!

For me no hunger suppression and it didn't work at all.

Solid product with a good profile. Dosed adequately and not hidden in a blend. Appetite suppression is pretty good. This is not a heavy stim fat burner. I think Inciner 8 stacked with a more powerful stim fat burner would be a real promising combo.

I've tried several different fat burners, still looking for the one that works best for me, but this one is NOT it. No energy increase, and probably most disappointing of all, no appetite suppression what-so-ever. Disappointed with these results, after just about a month of usage, especially after reading some of the reviews.

1-20 of 68 Reviews