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I wanted to add a testosterone boost in my diet so I could shed some weight but it didn't really help with anything so I'm rating a 2.

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This is a good natural way to boost your test. it gives you energy and focus. dont expect a crazy boost but rather a nice energy and focus increase!

This product does nothing. Do not waste your money. If this product were free, it would still be too expensive.

These are a good natural way to boost your "T". It's not like some crazy injection boost, but you can tell by the energy they give you that they work.

As far as I can't tell it has been performing as described. I seem to be more focused in the gym and my workouts have been more intense. Could be the product, could be me, but I like to think the product is helping.

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I feel like this gives me a little extra gas in the tank, I'm over 30 so being an avaid gym rat I can always use some extra testosterone. This fits the bill plus you can't beat the deals

I've been using this product for over a year, it's fantastic! When you first start taking it, you really notice a difference in all of your stabilizer muscles with just doing normal, everyday things. I take 2 capsules twice a day, one of those doses is before or after my workout, really minimizes recovery time. Add an extra dosage if you're feelin a bit frisky and want some extra fun in the bedroom.

Hi, Another basic product in my general CF supplementary set. Good value, I recommend for others.

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This has not had any effect on me as far as I can tell. No noticeable increase in strength, stamina, or sex drive for that matter. For my body it has not worked at all.

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THIS is a good product. Excellent energy booster, helps with muscle building and side bonus of libido improvement. Only down side it's that you really can't take it on an empty stomach. Only take with food or you'll be burping up foul stuff and your stomach will hate you. The product works as advertised tho so I give it 9 stars.

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really liked the product, plus it is buy one get one free.

I've been using tribulus for a few years now. Even doesn't seem to alter your free testosterone tests, I can feel more strength and muscles hardness. Highly recommended, specially brand of supplements. Very affordable and great quality.

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this product is ok i have been taking for a month know and i have not seen much in the way of mass gains..... However my strength has seemed to increase a good bit this is my second time with a T booster and this one is the worst of the TWO..... I took T-Bomb ll and it will blow your mind of course everyones body is different..... As soon as i cycle off of this i will cycle back on with MHP T-Bomb ll and A-Bomb these together are incredible you should try them, of course it is a little more expensive..... but for the price of this product and quantity i guess it is all good..... NO HARM IN GIVING A SHOT..... again every one is different

1-20 of 93 Reviews