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Hard to tell a difference between multivitamins - some of these reviews are a little funny. I trust the label, this has a solid dose of the ingredients when compared to other brands, and only a fraction of the cost. These should always be taken WITH FOOD, especially fats, to get the most out of it. If you take fish oil, taking a dose with the multi is a great idea.

I love all the BBcom foundation series products!! whenever i am out of Multi Vitamin then the BBcom foundation series multi is my go to product. 200 capsules which is 100 servings for $16 is very very inexpensive. And iam very impressed with the ingredients, theres lots of " extras " that most generic multi's will not have in them. just give it a go!!

Excellent Vitamin for serious athletes! Make sure you take it with food. You know you have the super powers when you pee neon.

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Very good vitamin! I noticed my eyesight would go HD within the hour of taking. I had more energy throughout the day and it really helped settle all of my vitamin deficiencies. However, I did get nauseous a few times when I took them with green tea

I've tried quite a few multivitamin & I must say this is a pretty good one.

Good product! Well worth the money.

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This multivitamin has very good ingredients but if I don't take it with enough food I get an upset stomach. Otherwise it's great, also makes my pee golden yellow and smells wierd too but that doesn't bother me. It's a good price too, no bad aftertaste like other multivites.

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I'm not a huge fan so far.. Ive been taking this for 4 days.. i take it first thing when i wake up. I vomited 2/4 days... it also has a pretty strong chemical taste. I will give it another shot, taking it with my breakfast. if the vomiting continues then i will go back to my previous multi

My new multivitamin of choice. Good product at a great price.

Seems to be a great multivitamin. I can feel a difference in energy when I take it and I don't feel like I flush it down the drain like many other vitamins I've taken in the past. Wish it came in other sizes though.

I chose this product due to the amount per servings, got sick of taking 6-8 pills from other products. Doesnt make my stomach upset at all. Very impressed and will continue to buy, best one iv taken.

Taken once daily at wake up. No after taste. Seems to digest well and has supported me well. And the price is great.

I take usually twice daily, no change in appetite really. Appears to digest well without aftertaste.

I'm sure this product works great for a lot of guys, but it had such an excess of certain vitamins that made me nauseous almost everytime I took it even when I'd take it with a meal. I'm only 155 lbs so for bigger guys, it probably works great. I had to stop taking it.

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Easy to digest. Does not upset my stomach like other brands have.

Good product for great price! No after taste or anything like that. It covers all basics and more. Best bang for buck I've found.

I have taken MUSCLE TECH PLATINUM multivitamin and it blows this away. The only area this is better in is the price but it is worth the difference. I didn't believe the reviews that said it would hurt your stomach if you didn't eat a full meal but i almost puked the first time I took it without.

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