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Extremely good multivitamin for weight lifters and athletes, good price, and contains more vitamins than most store-bought pills. I always take this as my daily vitamin, wouldn't choose anything else. Always helps prevent from becoming vitamin deficient.

Great price from a trusted brand, that's all you need. When it comes to multivitamins, keep it simple. I'm not sure how to objectively evaluate how well a multi works but I like this one for the reasons stated in the first sentence. As a side note: When I add 2 of these with my handful of ibuprofins and 2-3 glasses of water, I can reduce hangovers significantly compared with water and ibuprofins alone for what that's worth (hey, we all ***** up right?).

This is a great choice, cheap and quality if you're looking for some multivitamin this is a real good option

Only the second brand of Multi ive tried but way more effective and a good value.

Great price. Covers all the basics of a multi.

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really seems to have a good quietly

I don't really feel it working like other brands, and it also has a horrible chemical tasting aftertaste. Would not get again.

This multi doesn't have some of the overabundance of ingredients as others out there but it has exactly what you need. I've used MusclePharm's product and ON and this competes well with both. It will give you a stomach ache if you don't take it with food (the Zinc hits hard!). If you're building on a budget this is a solid go to.

The Women's multi-vitamin is perfect for me and I like it for many reasons. Here are a few: As a women in her 20s I need at least 18mg of iron a day and most multivitamins don't have that much so I end up having to take a separate iron pill. Second, it has amino acids and other natural ingredients that help your body recover and rebuild.

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Already on my second bottle, this multi-vitamin is great. I used to use the "one a day's" men multi-vitamin you can get at Walmart, and in comparison to that one, this multi has more of everything, and is still fairly cheap. You only got to take two a day with a meal, so it's easy to take.

Great price for great multi-vitamin! 2 a day keeps the body in check! Will buy again

horrible smell and taste both in the bottle and when I urinate, smell pure remedy 50 years ago, hopefully you have inside it works for something in my body

Excellent Multi-V. Gives you everything you need, and doesn't taste funny or have after taste. be warned though your urine will turn lucozade coloured for a few hours after you pop these!.

It's a great multi gives you all your basics and then some in just two capsules,that are easy to swallow combine that with the price per serving it's a no-brainer.Just don't panic if you have fluorescent urine it's excess vitamin B

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This is best multivitamin for the price!! You cant beat them. They have a Great nutritional profile. Im going to stick with these vitamins for a long time.

This is one of the better just plain and simple vitamins on the site. 100 servings for under $17 and you get all the essentials and a few added bonuses to top it off. If you don't want to pay $20+ for a month supply of vitamins and want something more economical this vitamin is perfect.

I really like this multi, ive tried ON,Infinite labs, etc. But this has what you need and nothing more. If Your a broke college student like more and u can't eat right all the time i would buy this. And it's not to expensive and you dont have to take like six pills a day smh lol

1-20 of 111 Reviews