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Bodybuilding.com Foundation Series L-Carnitine Reviews

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Great price on this product. No side effects from it and my sensitive stomach was okay.

5tarhero did not leave a written review for this product.

Larrythomas809's Rating

It's not going to make a major difference by itself, but it will help lower body fat. Used it with CLA and took 4 a day

Love it no side effect take it 3 times a day with cla only down side is the capsules are a little big for my liking

I've been using this product consistently for the past few months. I use one a day in the morning with my multivitamin and fish oil. I am not aware of its effects. I do not notice any increases in energy compared to days that I skip it. However, it's relatively cheap (especially when BB does b1g1 deals!), and I have never noticed any negative side effects - so this alone gives it a great rating because although I don't notice it helping, it's not hurting me either! I plan to continue using this product to help achieve my weight loss goals. Just with all "safe" supplements, nothing is a substitute a good diet which has been the most critical component to my 20lb weight loss in the past 7 months.

Good product. Very good price.

Leyo400 did not leave a written review for this product.

Awesome product. Studies are showing taking l carnitine before a workout has tremendous benefits for fat loss, especially when paired with fish oil. And awesome price!

I have used this product for two months along with my CLA. It is doing the job it's supposed to do. It is helping to decrease my belly fat! I love it and recommend it to others needing that!

4loveofthegame's Rating

I have never had a product make me feel as sick as this one did. I even cycled off of all the other products I was taking (including protein) to try and figure out what was making me feel so sick. It took me two weeks but I finally figured out it was this product. Not sure what about it is bad, but it made me feel like I had the worst flu symptoms of my life.

Another staple in my diet. This L-Carnitine increases my ability to burn fat while preserving the hard fought for muscle!

reddjackson33's Rating

Always have the best products at the best prices

I was surprised how much this truly gave me energy and help me focus will be buying more

I open up 6 caps and put them in my post workout. I noticed a difference within a few weeks. Constant use at the right time will show results in fat loss. Especially post workout.

Great product for cutting carbs. I use this during competition prep and ketosis. Highly recommended as a year round supplement

Highly recommend. Aided with recovery and I believe it definitely aids in moving fat. Have seen myself lean out while taking it and I always felt on top of my game after intense workouts. Price is great too especially with the buy 1 get 1 free promo! Solid product.

simply great!

Works great when losing weight use pre and post workout

This product works great and when use with green tea I lost the few pounds I wanted in a week.

Very good product. Works as it is described too and a good price. The pills aren't too big what so ever. I find them easy to take. Simple and effective. If you are looking for L-Carnitine you can't go wrong here.

1-20 of 117 Reviews
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