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Very good product and easy to digest. I recommend the product

this product works for me since I don't eat red meat give me the nutrition that I need

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I use this product twice a day. Once in the morning and than again before my workout at night. It is working good for me to help get rid of the stubborn belly fat and love handles. I will point out that this products synergy works best when utilized with a proper workout program and diet. We all know that there is no magic pill that will just burn the fat away without the work, but L-Carnitine, is helping to burn that fat with my workout/ cardio regiment. I have been using this product for 3 months, and along with Yohimbe I have lost a combined 44 LBS.

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This is a tougher one to know for sure how much its working, I only take it on workout days, pre-workout meal and post workout shake and usually with dinner. I don't think it is all mental, I haven't shed gobs of weight, but I definetely think it is helping my progress and is helping me lose some fat, especially around my waistline.

I have lost fat in some troublesome areas since I've been taking this with CLA, fish oil, and green tea, not sure if its the pills or the dieting/cardio alone. I only plan on taking it for about six months. I give it 8 instead of 10 is because I've read that it should be taken 3 times per day; this means its about $15 per month. Since I'm not 100% it works I don't want to say its amazing. Buy this if you don't mind spending a little extra money on a hunch. I will say I haven't had any side effects so worse case scenario is you've wasted some money.

This is one of my favorite products to assist with converting fat to energy, especially when I cycle off of fat burners! I add this to my supplement regimen DAILY before cardio and again before weight training! This in conjunction with CLA is the perfect formula! promise me to deliver in Mexico no long than 20 days, i bought it december 1 2014, now is 23 january 2015 and still dont have the product, i have mailed them many times and i got the same answer : we are sorry but is a customs problem, is not our fault!!!, if you live in Mexico be aware, delivery is not guaranted, so big chance to be a waste of money, and time.

I was unbelievably disappointed that both of the bottles that I ordered had broken capsules in them. I expected better quality from :(

I have just started taking this supplement, and am hoping it will assist in losing some of the weight I need to get off before the spring. I am currently taking one in the morning and one in the evening with my daily vitamins.

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Research shows great effects when combined with an insulin stimulating drink.

the product is too good for the price!

I bought this on a great deal that was having. BOGO Free if I remember correctly. The price was $15-20 per bottle of 120 caps, which is a great deal. But after doing a fair amount of research I realized that L-Carnitine was not the product I wanted for my goals.

I have to say, this one actually made me lose weight, the product is too good for the price!

Great price on this product. No side effects from it and my sensitive stomach was okay.

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It's not going to make a major difference by itself, but it will help lower body fat. Used it with CLA and took 4 a day

Love it no side effect take it 3 times a day with cla only down side is the capsules are a little big for my liking

I've been using this product consistently for the past few months. I use one a day in the morning with my multivitamin and fish oil. I am not aware of its effects. I do not notice any increases in energy compared to days that I skip it. However, it's relatively cheap (especially when BB does b1g1 deals!), and I have never noticed any negative side effects - so this alone gives it a great rating because although I don't notice it helping, it's not hurting me either! I plan to continue using this product to help achieve my weight loss goals. Just with all "safe" supplements, nothing is a substitute a good diet which has been the most critical component to my 20lb weight loss in the past 7 months.

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