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i mean it was good at all but i rather jut drink tea

FYI do not take on an empty stomach.

Good potent green tea extract. Helps with my metabolism and antioxidant intake.

Best green tea extract for the unbeatable price.

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Perfect for when you want just green tea extract with out anything else in it.

I have been using this for last few days. As instructed by my trainer I took 1 pill in empty stomach. It's not for long but I really feel few changes. I took this before my morning jogging and it heat-up my body and I sweat more. The fat from my belly side starts disappearing . Great product and nice packaging.

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Hi, This is also the part of my CF dietary supplement set. Good price, good value especially when you got one extra on order.

Love this product! I started taking it with CLA and I have already noticed a difference. Gives a great energy boost without leaving you feeling jittery, and it definitely helps with metabolism! 3 weeks in and I have already dropped 4 lbs (have gained a lot of muscle in the process too...). I take it twice a day, about half an hour before breakfast and lunch, and it never bothers my stomach (as some suggested it would). I would highly recommend it! does it again with another successful product!

This is a very good product. I have been using this supplement along with CLA and it is working great. With the two combined I have lost 10 pounds in 5 weeks. I am very satisfied and will continue to use these products.

I tested this product out today worked pretty well from what i could tell no major side effects other then a little more sweating then usual but not a major problem when im working out! will update later on with weight loss results!

Been using this for about a month now, was drinking matcha green tea daily previously. A lot more convenient in a concentrated capsule form. I do overall feel better and have more of suppressed appetite due to higher concentration of active ingredients compared to drinking green tea. If you are not dieting properly and are not at a calorific deficit (diet/cardio) than you're wasting your money taking this for fat/weight loss benefits. Stacked with CLA, Omega 3 fish oil pills will maximise results.

My friend uses this product so i tried some for myself and i have to say it works BUT only if you're exercising on a regular basis. You’ll need to have a good diet plan of course. Just because it helps with “fat loss” doesn’t warrant you the right to just start eating whatever or just sit around after taking it.

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