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I took 1 capsule with my breakfast each morning (frozen fruit, oats, almond milk shake), didn't notice much of a difference with my energy, but I found that I felt full throughout the morning. I found that I slimmed down a bit while taking these bad boys, but honestly its only like $10 so it wouldn't hurt to give it a try.

Started taking this with bodybiulding's L-carnitine during the fall when I was in cross try to and cut weight for the upcoming wrestling season but since there's just so much for your money I just kept using it through to the spring with about one serving everyday before practice or working out. This stuff's great! It's not so much of a pre-workout or a thermogenic at all, but it'll definitely help you lean out and lose fat. And again, nothing happens over night, so don't expect to be as lean as a rock after your first day, but you'll get there after the full bottle

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I started taking this the same time as the Opti-Men Multi, but I do feel like I have more energy. It doesn't give you a pre-work out boost, kind of an all day energy. I would recommend this product for anyone looking for a little extra boost

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I noticed that when I take this, I get thirsty and often. Which I considering a good thing, because then you are constantly drinking water and peeing and I also notice a have a little energy when on these.. I will definately buy more of this.

I have really noticed a big difference since I started taking this stuff. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to lose weight or tone up.

Great addition to any supplement stack to help with fat loss.

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Green Tea supposedly has some good health benefits and the price of this is pretty good. The caffeine in the product also gives a nice bump, so I usually take this in the morning and pre-gym, especially in the evening when I dont want too much late night energy.

I feel like all green tea extracts are the same. This one seems decent enough :)

I have a question for anyone taking this. Can you use the green tea extract along with taking the supplement "garcinia cambogia"? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

Excellent value and provides a good boost when taken preworkout

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taan87 did not leave a written review for this product.

I use this in conjunction with my Optimum Amino's and have been pleased with it's ability to help keep me motivated and energized to get my workouts done.

Easy to swallow, I take it every morning before my class, and I notice I'm always awake considering the fact that it is a 2 hour Accounting Course that is pure lecture, I do not know about the fat burner, but I'm not looking forward to that, I also got sick once (Maybe Flu Season) while taking this, so it might not had much of a affect on my immune support, But overall I will say its cheap, and easy to swallow!

1-20 of 127 Reviews
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