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It's not a miracle supplement, but it's simple. It boosts metabolism and energy. It will absolutely help you burn fat with proper diet and exercise. It did a great job at helping me cut before a show

While with this product I can't feel it working, such as when someone takes a pre workout supplement, I feel that it is working in helping me with weight loss. I take one pill with cla at breakfast and lunch, but I have not felt the possible energy boost you can get with a product that contains caffeine. You can't beat the price and I would highly recommend this product.

Besides creatine and whey, this is by far my favorite supplement! I feel better and really work up a sweat!

Hard to beat the price. Everyone should use green tea!

This product really helped me lose weight. With dieting and exercise, my goals became in reach. I recommend this to anyone trying to lose weight in a more natural way.

i mean it was good at all but i rather jut drink tea

FYI do not take on an empty stomach.

Good potent green tea extract. Helps with my metabolism and antioxidant intake.

Best green tea extract for the unbeatable price.

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Perfect for when you want just green tea extract with out anything else in it.

I have been using this for last few days. As instructed by my trainer I took 1 pill in empty stomach. It's not for long but I really feel few changes. I took this before my morning jogging and it heat-up my body and I sweat more. The fat from my belly side starts disappearing . Great product and nice packaging.

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Hi, This is also the part of my CF dietary supplement set. Good price, good value especially when you got one extra on order.

Love this product! I started taking it with CLA and I have already noticed a difference. Gives a great energy boost without leaving you feeling jittery, and it definitely helps with metabolism! 3 weeks in and I have already dropped 4 lbs (have gained a lot of muscle in the process too...). I take it twice a day, about half an hour before breakfast and lunch, and it never bothers my stomach (as some suggested it would). I would highly recommend it! does it again with another successful product!

1-20 of 188 Reviews