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Working out or not everyone should be taking Green Tea Extracts! If you want to lose or gain weight, I been seeing gains both ways Ive taken this product!

Love's green tea extract, I always take it twice a day, once in the morning and once before I workout. Gets me going and keeps my metabolism elevated throughout the day.

I take one pill in the morning with all my other vitamins and creatine; I also take a second pill before lunch. I feel the difference when I take it so if you want a slight boost with no side effects or crash, I recommend this 100%. The only issue I have is sometimes they break open and the powder goes everywhere but it doesn't happen often.

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Great stuff, although make sure you do not overdo it. As I had some bad sleep nights when taking it even around lunch.

Great Thanks!

I have been taking this green tea supplement for two years now along with my wife neither one of us have had a cold in the whole two years i'm not sure about weight control but the antioxidants are a huge plus.

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Best price and only have to use one capsule as opposed to other products where you need to take 1-3 per day. Helps me with energy and stacks well with other products.

For me, the green tea extract didn't do much. I workout frequently, and my diet is no slacker. I enjoy green tea, so along with the tablet, I often had a tea daily, but I refrained from drinking tea for awhile to give this supplement a test. Truly, I didn't notice anything by taking the supplement, but should I have? Hey if you want to buy it, and think the benefits may help you, give it a shot. For me, it didn't do much, but it is as advertised!

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I really like this product as it helps my wake up in the mornings and accelerate my workout sessions but it kinda hurts my stomach. It isn't bad enough to keep my from taking it but it is noticeable enough to bother me for a bit. It says to take it with food and I do but it still gives me a bit of a stomach ache. Definitely good for my energy levels and cutting season alike though. If you have a sensitive stomach you might want to proceed with caution. Otherwise, good product.

great product for the price. anyone looking for Green Tea Extract need to look no further.

Green Tea Extract is only going to work if your diet and exercise are in line. So I wouldn't buy this if you're looking for magic. If you are, on the other hand, looking for something to assist in your routines and to add to your stack, GTE is fantastic. I've noticed some improvement in overall well-being, but I generally feel pretty good as it is. There isn't anything special about it, it's just green tea extract. I'm sure any GTE would work, but this one is affordable. An all around good product!

do not work for me and i do go to the gym 5 day a week.

Seems to work fairly well. I haven't noticed much weight loss but to be fair my diet has not been good lately. Definitely feel better when taking this though.

It's a great anti oxidant it take it daily. It's a good supplement to take if you can't get the benefits from drinking the tea.

This product helps greatly with maintaining weight. Super helpful during cutting season.

Excellent improved alertnest, in half an hour start feels the effect of heat into the body.

I'd prefer to take this rather than drink green tea, that way I keep my pearly whites. Not much you can say about fat burners, really can't feel any effect. Great price, can't go wrong with this. My rating is based on the price, but this is a great product for sure. Definitely will be buying more when my capsules run out.

1-20 of 164 Reviews