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Bodybuilding.com Foundation Series Green Tea Extract Reviews

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What can I say, with the right dose it boosts your metabolism like a beast. I take 3-4 pills a day and I feel better during the day after taking them.

When combined with my morning caffeine pill it seems to give me a little extra energy. Other than that, no noticeable effects.

Seems to be a good product so far. Good price and a good addition to any diet. Seems to give me a little more energy in the mornings.

Great price and product. Would prefer to use Vcaps though.

This supplement is pretty awesome! This is my bottle and it works pretty good on it's own, but I have taken with Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Cuts and I have seen a lot of weight loss. Now I also work out 4-5 times a week, so neither are miracle drugs. But with a decent food plan and work out regiment, you should see some results. I am about to order my 2nd bottle. Great product, I would recommend!

This is can use with Foundation Series L-Carnitine, anyone help me ?

I was about 203lb before i started taking this product along with RSP CLA 90 softgels and body building L-Carnitine 60cap. My goal is to cut down on my weight about 15-20lbs and get a lean body in 3-4 month. I was told this product will boost up my metabolism, break down fat and help me process my food more efficiently. OVER ALL they were right, I would take this product along with the other two about 2-3 times a day, right before or after eating. With working out 4-5x a week and dieting as best as i could (the reason why i says as best as i can is because we all or most of us know how ridiculously expensive it is to eat healthy. however i do make sure to stay away from junk food.) I went down to 195lb in 3 weeks or a little over 3 weeks. With that being said, its been a month+ now and i am starting to feel the product isn't working as well as it first did. i am about 199lbs now, so i gained. i still work out 4-5x a week and my diet has been improving, so i think i might have to switch things up and see what i need to change.

This is a great product! GTE has a bunch of healthy side effects to it promoting weight loss and increasing the health of your heart! I use this year around because I believe its a true staple in a lifters diet

Good product no matter what time of the year it is. Good amount of caffiene and you can't beat the price

Good supplement, and this one is the best value. I can tell a difference in my workout on the days I take this and days I don't. I seem to sweat faster and sweat more. Normally this would annoy me, but I don't mind sweating more when I know its just my body burning more fat calories.

Got to have it for first thing in the morning cardio along with my Best BCAA.

I was not impressed with the 'Green Tea Extract'. And will not buy anymore. Ken Polk

I noticed an increase in energy and alertness after the first dose. Love the 'no crash' effect afterward. I can not take this product on an empty stomach.

This product had definitely curved my appetite and had given me a boost of energy.

SHUTxUPxNxSQUAT did not leave a written review for this product.

I have not finished the entire bottle as of yet, but i dont think i have seen or felt a difference. I have some more bodyfat to drop, and with my nutritional goals still being adjusted its hard to tell.

Have been taking for 2 Weeks so far, haven't noticed much of a difference although i do feel more full throughout the day.

Bodybuilding brand is awesome, if you want cheap and quality this is your option

I took 1 capsule with my breakfast each morning (frozen fruit, oats, almond milk shake), didn't notice much of a difference with my energy, but I found that I felt full throughout the morning. I found that I slimmed down a bit while taking these bad boys, but honestly its only like $10 so it wouldn't hurt to give it a try.

Started taking this with bodybiulding's L-carnitine during the fall when I was in cross try to and cut weight for the upcoming wrestling season but since there's just so much for your money I just kept using it through to the spring with about one serving everyday before practice or working out. This stuff's great! It's not so much of a pre-workout or a thermogenic at all, but it'll definitely help you lean out and lose fat. And again, nothing happens over night, so don't expect to be as lean as a rock after your first day, but you'll get there after the full bottle

1-20 of 144 Reviews
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