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englishal's Rating

Pretty useful during last year's cutting phase, will buy some more in the spring.

Excellent dosage and a great price-point.

marcus235's Rating

def worth the buy. i didnt take this alone , i stacked this product and it literally keep the fat off me. not so much but every litte bit help

The BOGO deal was too good to pass up since I wanted to give this product a try. Sadly, after almost five months I've seen no appreciable difference in weight loss or muscle retention than I would otherwise. I would not purchase this product again.

xtremecycos's Rating

Great purchase when on sale. Perfect for maintenance. Slight weird after taste compared to other CLA out on the market, but nothing to be turned away when on sale.

adolfo95143's Rating

Did not work. No results or effect in burning fat or reduce hunger. The only thing it made me go to the toilet after every meal. Not in a bad oh I'm about to crap my pants kind of way but yea lol

tepz41 did not leave a written review for this product.

cloudade's Rating

Great price when on sale. This product helped me take the edge off a plateau and help keep my bf flowing down.

While not a miracle supplement I've lost a lot of body fat since taking this. It's probably more due to diet and training but I got a great deal price-wise and it doesn't seem to be hurting.

Larrythomas809's Rating

Works really great with the keto diet. High fats and low carbs. I used 6 per day

I felt a good affect from the CLA. Felt it warming up my body as if its taking its affect. Worked great with the L-Carnitine combined, I could actually feel a metabolism boost.

ggould2112's Rating

This is a staple in my daily routine - excellent product at a fantastic price point

Not sure if its works or not. It might be me not eating right or whatever. Not sure if its working or not but it is a great price.

adampendrith's Rating

I've only tried two brands of CLA but I prefer this one to the first one I tried. It's extremely effective when taken in addition to an exercise regimen; I usually only use it for about 60 days and take 3-4 weeks off so as not to overuse it, and I find that I'm a lot leaner when I'm using it, all else being equal.

dylant902's Rating

Took CLA for about three months while cutting. Noticed body fat overall went much lower than when not using the product on a cut.

I'm still on the fence as to whether or not CLA actually has effect. But's is good quality and affordable.

ankitvohra's Rating

Great product, do what it says!

Great product, Felt like it reduced my food cravings down also.

smself01's Rating

Great product at a great price.

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