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Bodybuilding.com Foundation Series CLA Reviews

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Not sure if its works or not. It might be me not eating right or whatever. Not sure if its working or not but it is a great price.

adampendrith's Rating

I've only tried two brands of CLA but I prefer this one to the first one I tried. It's extremely effective when taken in addition to an exercise regimen; I usually only use it for about 60 days and take 3-4 weeks off so as not to overuse it, and I find that I'm a lot leaner when I'm using it, all else being equal.

dylant902's Rating

Took CLA for about three months while cutting. Noticed body fat overall went much lower than when not using the product on a cut.

I'm still on the fence as to whether or not CLA actually has effect. But BB.com's is good quality and affordable.

ankitvohra's Rating

Great product, do what it says!

Great product, Felt like it reduced my food cravings down also.

smself01's Rating

Great product at a great price.

seems to work, but a great price!

hoomangym's Rating

Thanks for Bodybuilding. It is excellent and I will buy it again.

gclausen55's Rating

This is my staple in my daily vitamin routine. I take 2 pills, 3 times a day. Over the long haul, it will preserve muscle and burn body fat. Quality product!!!!!

my sister uses this stuff its Okay, wouldn't recommend it to anyone

KristySD's Rating

I'm taking this along with L-carnitine and at first i didn't really notice a change and then i hit rut where I didn't feel like working out and during that week and a half i did notice i have lost some fat on my lower abs. I have also noticed that my upper abs are slightly more noticeable without flexing. I would definitely recommend someone to take CLA with L-carnitine but not to expect a change until about 3-4 weeks in. Also a side note i'm only taking one CLA with one L-carnitine a day minus those days if i go out to eat with friends i'll take 2 CLAs that day.

I didn't really get a chance to test it properly. I took it for a week but for about 6-8 hours after taking it I would get bloating and very annoying stomach discomfort. I couldn't function properly with the stomach pain so had to stop using it. Obviously this won't happen to everyone but it did to me.

drstrongarm's Rating

The dosage is great and combined with intermittent fasting I've seen significant fat loss. How much of the progress comes from diet/workout or CLA is tough to determine but it certainly hasn't hurt

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Verified Buyer

I have been using this for about 6 months. Three pills in morning and two at night. No difference from 6 months ago. Will discontinue after this last bottle.

Michaelmhmhmh's Rating

Easy to take, not a bad after taste burp either. Which I occasionally get. Helps out toning!

MDubCee did not leave a written review for this product.

This product is easy to take, however I didn't notice any benefits of taking it. Won't purchase a CLA product again.

clangregor01's Rating

Bodybuilding.com's brands are top notch and the price is right. Using this product now and love it. Equals other high dollar brands I will purchase again.

CraigSwain's Rating

Using this product with my other supplements, I did see results. Easy to take and has a sensible daily dosage. I'll be buying this again when I feel the need...

1-20 of 122 Reviews
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