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I have bought a total of 40!!!!! Shirts lol . These are by far the most comfortable shirts ever.. i always wash inside out and must hang dry for these to last a long time. I have looked everywhere for this type of shirts(material) and cannot find these anywhere.. anybody know what kinda or where i can get these but plain.??

Bae got this for me as a surprise gift after completing our very first #250KChallenge. She chose L based upon the reviews and comments from the models and it was spot on! I'm 6'1" with a developing musculature and this shirt fits like a glove. The fabric is super soft to the touch and from the kind of blend, one can tell it's gonna last a long time. The shape is also flattering as it's fitted but not overly tight and just as flexible as it should be. The printing doesn't feel itchy neither did it make me sweat and the extra length is super convenient, because fitted shirts are usually on the short side. Five star purchase as far as I'm concerned!

Anyone know what brand of shirt these are? Very comfortable and form fitting!

LOVE these shirts! Although I feel like a show off wearing shirts around, these shirts fit my shape better than anything I've found! Hard to find shirts that aren't cut to fit someone shaped like a pole. I have broad shoulders and a slim waist and it's hard to find shirts that don't look like a dress on me! I would pay good money for all my shirts to fit this well and be this comfortable!

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Very confortable and it molds the arms

I probably one of the hardest to satisfy when it comes to t's. This shirt is basic, fits nicely, and two important things for me, neck fit, and fit around delts, both on point! Highly recommended, and I thank B for having affordable apparel for a well-rounded customer base. Shirts fit tight so if you don't like tight go up a size. I dry my clothes a lot, but shrinkage is minimal. Just wish there was a white version.

I'm 5-9 190, more muscular that the "average" guy. I normally wear a size L but this one was way too tight on me. Looked like I was wearing a size schmedium. I re ordered an XL and it fits perfect, but is a little long. Nothing a wash and dry won't fix though. My advice would be to order a size up from what you would normally wear.

Perfect shirt! Bought this when I started getting serious about lifting, sort of a motivational factor of living up to the name on the chest. Fits perfect. Just the right amount of snug in the upper body and arms. Slender in the belly since I have lost weight. Can't beat the price either. Would only recommend more colors

wow i love this t-shirt logo

Love the shirt and it fits great without shrinking.

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Great material, washes without shrinking, and fits well around the shoulders and through the back (I am 5'7", about 150 lbs and the medium fits somewhere between snug and breathable). Only thing is it is a bit long, but I understand I am vertically challenged, so I still give it a 10!

This is my new favorite workout shirt. Being 5'10" at 160 pounds, the Medium fits absolutely perfect, should fit well into the 170s also. It doesn't feel heavy or too thick on me when working out, but it also doesn't feel paper thin. I pretty much get another one of these every time I make an order from since its less than shipping is anyway. They are extremely cheap, and very good for the price. The only quality issue I've had is the lettering on the inside where the tag would be peeled off one one of them. No big deal to me, but I take preventative care and turn them inside out when washing so I don't risk the outside lettering. So far so good. HIGHLY recommend this shirt. Cannot find a better shirt for the price.

I'm 6'0 225 lbs Semi-bulky build and it fits perfect. I got the XL based on reviews. Fits like a glove and perfect length. The material feels very sturdy and well built. I'm actually ordering 6 more since it's a steal for the price.

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Very comfy and boasts a little show-off of my growing guns! I love it :3

I received this for free since I spent over $100. Very comfortable and love that there aren't any itchy tags!

Really love the feel and look of the shirt. But it runs smaller than usual, really wish i would've ordered an XL instead of a Large.

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