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Perfect for mixing my pre-workouts before I hit the gym. Doesn't leak and is pretty durable. Great product.

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I got mine for free as well, but I love it. It doesn't leak and hasn't broken on me. It mixes really well. I love the size, I typically make smaller, thicker shakes anyways so this shaker is perfect. The only issue I have with it is that its a pain in the butt to clean.

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I love these! I make sure to add it to my order each time. You can never have too many shaker cups.

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Bottle doesn't leak, however powder builds up inside of the lid. The strainer fits nicely into the lid and mix's well, however its under neath where there is a buildup.

Good quality stuff, got free with my order. I like it !!!

I have two of these that I nabbed as freebies. Great size for smaller protein shakes (BPI comes to mind) and I use them most days for my pre workout. Haven't had any problems with them and they're shakers. What else do you need to know?

A bit small but it mix so well!!! the shaker feel like it's great quality and it look nice.

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performancefz1's Rating

Best shaker on the market (so far) never leaks , mixes very well , can't go wrong

mine doesnt leak like a couple people were complaining about. its the perfect size for one scoop shakes. i take this one to the gym with me for right after my workout. great free gift everytime i reorder more protein powders

Pros: Small size is good for travel. Color helpful to remember which drink you put in which cup - ie: PWO or Intra/Post drink. Lid and sieve separate for easy washing. Cons: Seems to make drinks foamy. Cannot drink all of drink without removing lid. Print is not holding up in dishwasher and is sticky feeling. I would prefer to get the other item with a ball inside next time.

I got this shaker free with an order, otherwise I would have returned it. You know what a shaker is? It's a cup, with a lid. You wouldn't think that someone could mess up something so simple. Really though, shakers are either a 10, or a 1. They work, or they don't. And this one doesn't work. For one, you can't completely drain it, the design of the lid keeps about 2 tablespoons of liquid from actually making it out, no matter how you hold it. It's annoying, especially since we all know that last little bit has all the unmixed powder from your overprices supplements.

I've been using this bottle for about a month now and I've noticed that water or any other fluid inside the bottle tends to leak out from the side even if they bottle's cap is fastened tightly.

Great shaker, I gave it 9 just coz it dose not have that mixing spring inside, but very handy specially with the extra pills and powder containers,

Like the smaller size. Also like the fact there is no annoying metal ball sound.

acethefighterpilot's Rating

i got it as a free gift and want more of them. i usually use it for my morning shake which is one scoop of protein. i think using 2 scoops of powder would make the shake too thick because you couldn't add enough water due to the size of the bottle but i have never had my protein blend so well. i think the filter that fits in the lid really helps eliminate the chunks of protein i usually end up with. i will definitely get more of these shakers when i can

1-20 of 105 Reviews