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Verified Buyer

Awesome shaker!! It mixes good.

charlesdraper31's Rating

shaker worked as well as the other top seller's. We own 3 of them and have had no issues.

Poor product seal comes right off and the logo rubs right off.

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Verified Buyer

Do not waste your money on this bottle. It leaked on the first shake and leaks every time I use it.

smokinpanda84's Rating

Got this with my recent purchase and I must say its just as good if not better than the ones I buy at local vitamin stores. Its great for taking a pre-workout or protein shake as I usually only need 8oz. All powders that I have tried mix evenly without a hitch. Only time will tell how long it last but considering it was free I'm not to concerned.

61405585 did not leave a written review for this product.

SavannahBmolina's Rating

This was my FIRST "shaker bottle" and my first smartshake bottle. I have bought two others since this one. They are great for packing protein to go for my second meal of the day at the office. I really like the smaller size on the go and the strainer works great to break up the powder and my other supplements - like preworkout and BCAAs. If you haven't invested in a shaker bottle yet, start with smartshake!

ahariri2 did not leave a written review for this product.

Great shaker. Doesn't leak, easy to wash. I must say that it is the best shaker I had so far... It will not suit for gainer, but it's really the best for protein like for e.g. gold standard. I got it as a free gift, and definitely will select it again next time

raiders18nick's Rating

I recieved this as a free gift and am impressed with it. Everything mixes well and it is a smaller size and very conveinent. My only complaint is that some of the liquids stay in the bottle and won't come out.

dfneto did not leave a written review for this product.

Id give it a 10 but the decal is junk and will move if you press on it! haha instantly peels off and flakes everywhere in dishwasher. Great Product however. Mixes great, never have chunks unless im not trying hard enough (with the cheap supps only haha.) Works great with everything i have ever put in it except that cheap body fortress crap that stuff never mixes well no matter what. Haha invest in a paint mixer if you use that stuff. ITs BPA free so thats good too.

Cover too fragile. Use a long break.

Very nice little shaker, mix well. No leakage. I got it free, highly recommended.

Great shaker! Very compact. Very easy and quiqly. Best for all the way of mixing. 10/10 One minus that don't have a pill or whey container. I was get it with order over 75$. Thank you, BodyBuilding.

JessiJames89's Rating

Got it for free during the black Friday deals and I love this shaker bottle. Its small but its secure and never leaks. I use it for all my shakes or just a water bottle at work. Love it. Plus I like that it isn't a clear shaker like most.

channeldunlap's Rating

Cup works great. Got mine free and it's held up to plenty of abuse in and out of my gym bag. Mixes everything well, comes apart for easy cleaning, and just big enough for a 1-scoop protein shake. Of all the shaker cups I've paid for it figures the free would would be the best.

Perfect for mixing my pre-workouts before I hit the gym. Doesn't leak and is pretty durable. Great product.

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