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Leaks like crazy from underneath the lid. I thought it was a defective product so I asked for another one and the second bottle still leaks. The lid just does not seal.

Mine is leaking even when I tighten it fully. I contacted customer service about it and they sent me two brand new ones! from 6 to 8 for customer service, however, they still leak.

Like the design/colors but leaks with or without supplements.

Good size and the measurement lines are pretty clear (I have the black bottle). However, the bottle does leak a lot and the plastic piece inside is hard to remove.

graciegirl299 did not leave a written review for this product.

This shaker bottle is terrible! Every sip you take, it leaks all over you and the floor. Awful if using in the gym with an intra-workout supplement that has color. You'll have to go around with a paper towel to wipe up the floor from all the leaks.

Muddrum did not leave a written review for this product.

This is hands down the BEST shaker I own and that's next to both the old style and new style blender bottles. The negative reviews are all either by people who can't put a bottle together, or have a VERY old version. The OLD versions do have a tight fitting strainer but if you even lift it comes out without too much hassle. That said I just got a 2nd one in the mail with my last order and they've re-designed the strainer to be slightly smaller so that weaklings don't have to ask their mothers to remove them anymore. Also this thing DOES NOT LEAK so long as you ***** THE CAP ON! anyone saying that they have a leaky bottle also had trouble with the strainer. I hold these behind my head and shake upside down all the time without spraying my back. So if you can get it free with an order DO IT and if you can't buy one anyway!

Good quality. The plastic does not absorb the smells of the shakes. Seals well. Holds up well to the dishwasher.

Works, but no extra compartments and the plastic mixing part is tough to remove.

Good shaker. Doesn't quite compare to a blender bottle though because it doesn't seal tightly.

I have 3 of these bad boys and I'm very happy with them. They look nice and they can handle whatever I put in them. I see a lot of people complaining about this or that with this shaker but those things happen with every shaker, regardless of look or brand. I wouldn't mind seeing the same design in the blue color with the silver top. I think that would look sharp. Keep it up, I love what you do!

Best protein drink bottle I've ever used. Large enough for big drinks, but fits inside my cooler just fine. Hand mixer fits inside very well. Plastic screen inside helps with shaking and mixing, and is easy to clean. Flip top is great, easy to drink from and the cap doesn't get in the way. The sides include opaque panels that let you see how much is inside when held up to the light.

One of the worst shaker bottles I've used. It screws on with a hassle & you can't see the measurements on the side. However it does work, it came free & most importantly it doesn't leak!

Used it fo ra month, no leaking, does the job.

I haven't had a problem with this shaker at all yet. No spilling or leaking, and I use it everyday.

dwyreaux did not leave a written review for this product.

I wasn't expecting much out of this cheap shaker cup that I chose as a free gift, but this thing is choice! I must have gotten a good one because mine doesn't leak at all. It gets the job done. I would give it a 10/10, but mine is clear, and the measurement numbers are very difficult to read.

It is a beautiful glass, lasts long, used in the days of training, also used in my daily runs.

1-20 of 207 Reviews
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