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Bodybuilding.com Accessories Premium Shaker Bottle Reviews

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No leaking, very safe bottle! Works just fine for me!

if you dont secure it, it'll opens trowing all.

After using this shaker for almost 2 months i decided to throw it away. The cap doesn't seal right, even when you hear the click and it happen to open in the gym bag and spill half of the content right when i got to the gym, lol. Luckily it was just a mango flavor intraworkout , not a protein shake with milk. Never had this problem with the original shaker bottle. It's free for a reason. I got it with an order i placed on 10th year anniversary of bb.com Edit, I forgot to mention, when you open the tab , after you shake it, it catches some content on it...so when you drink, that drips on you, lol - yes, a simple shaker can be over-engineered. This is not the one.

Nevermind the leak, the plastic 'screen' can be downright impossible to remove once you've put it in the rim. Not worth it, not even as a give-away. Only plus is the size of the bottle and drinking spout w/ latch is comfortable.

Best protein drink bottle I've ever used. Large enough for big drinks, but fits inside my cooler just fine. Hand mixer fits inside very well. Plastic screen inside helps with shaking and mixing, and is easy to clean. Flip top is great, easy to drink from and the cap doesn't get in the way. The sides include opaque panels that let you see how much is inside when held up to the light. UPDATE: Been using this 5 days a week every week for 9 months, and I love it! Cap stays tight, easy to clean, holds a lot of liquid.

It LEAKS! No matter how tight, no matter if the grill is in, out, tight, checked, it's in perfectly, checked it over and over. Tightened! It does this weird thing where it feels closed, but if you give it the extra muscle it will skip ahead an inch to be tighter, but it still leaks somehow. Some mixes build pressure, this bottle can't handle the pressure! Looks good, feels sturdy, but leaks all over you, your house, car, bag...and for that it is GARBAGE.

leaking and didn't shake well

Been using it for about a week now and it doesn't leak if i tighten it well. i can shake and hold it upside down with no leaks so it serves the purpose! Mine looks slightly different then the one in the pic and it says Dymatize on one side and bodybuilding.com on the other.

How can anybody rate this above a 1... you cant even drink out of it as it leaks.. its a joke product

This is an improvement over the old design with the revised strainer section, but there are better ones out there, like Gaspari. It can leak if you don't tighten fully.

Leaks like crazy from underneath the lid. I thought it was a defective product so I asked for another one and the second bottle still leaks. The lid just does not seal.

Mine is leaking even when I tighten it fully. I contacted bb.com customer service about it and they sent me two brand new ones! from 6 to 8 for customer service, however, they still leak.

Like the design/colors but leaks with or without supplements.

Good size and the measurement lines are pretty clear (I have the black bottle). However, the bottle does leak a lot and the plastic piece inside is hard to remove.

graciegirl299 did not leave a written review for this product.

This shaker bottle is terrible! Every sip you take, it leaks all over you and the floor. Awful if using in the gym with an intra-workout supplement that has color. You'll have to go around with a paper towel to wipe up the floor from all the leaks.

Muddrum did not leave a written review for this product.

1-20 of 218 Reviews
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