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Lid leaks, seals poorly and gets worse the more you tighten it. Mixes shakes well enough. Works for immediate consumption over a sink. Not good for transportation.

absolutely love this product works amazingly, i use it everyday and have no problems. works much better than the blender ball in my opinion.

Have to say, 2 years on and this one is still going strong. I have two of them and its awesome.

Works well I like the plastic strainer over the wire ball other bottles have

Again, My other favorite shaker... Holds up from many uses and dish washer.. Biggest thing for me is NO LEAKERS and the LID GOES ON EASILY... Again been using this type of shaker for the past 4 years.

It is a beautiful shaker but of course similar with other ones. But it does the job well.

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Good bottle. Whoever says it leaks clearly cant tighten a bottle right. Buying beyond this is a waste of money.

Bottle is a good size. As it leaks when shaken, it fails at it's job.

This protein shaker is great at first it was not easy to use but once you figure it out on how to use. You'll love it.

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Complete peice of crap. leaked from the first day I used it. Now I just use it as a cup

very good quality, versatile and resistent. i have been using this for almost 10 months and still love it.

No leaking, very safe bottle! Works just fine for me!

if you dont secure it, it'll opens trowing all.

After using this shaker for almost 2 months i decided to throw it away. The cap doesn't seal right, even when you hear the click and it happen to open in the gym bag and spill half of the content right when i got to the gym, lol. Luckily it was just a mango flavor intraworkout , not a protein shake with milk. Never had this problem with the original shaker bottle. It's free for a reason. I got it with an order i placed on 10th year anniversary of Edit, I forgot to mention, when you open the tab , after you shake it, it catches some content on when you drink, that drips on you, lol - yes, a simple shaker can be over-engineered. This is not the one.

1-20 of 234 Reviews