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GymmPrincess's Rating

I have only used the strawberry flavor. It is my first tub of protein so I'm not the most experienced, but I am pretty impressed with it considering the price. A lot of people have commented on the taste, but it really isn't so bad as long as you mix it well. This product also helps with getting your daily protein intake with 20g per scoop, and at 130 calories per scoop, it helps if you are trying to watch how many calories you consume. I recommend giving this product a try since it is easily accessible since it is sold at wal-mart and easy on your wallet (especially if you are in college!).

Mark4fitness60's Rating

I have been using this product for more than 3 years primarily in post workout smoothies and it is a great buy for your buck. Never mixed it in plain water so I can't comment on that. I also make a high protein pudding with the Chocolate flavor and it tastes great! $17.98 at Walmart for a pretty comprehensive whey protein is a great deal in my book!

MidwestGal73's Rating

I find this product to be very good, especially for the price. I have not had an issue with mixing or taste, but I usually add protein powder with other food items. I like that they add in BCAA's. I have tried the vanilla and chocolate flavors, both taste fine. Chocolate is good in coffee - like a cafe mocha. I always mix vanilla with crystal light - just something I started doing quite some time ago because it tastes like a fruit smoothie and I could drink about 10 of those in a row. I rarely drink my protein powders straight up. I like to add fruits, nuts, veggies, blend it up and make it a complete meal in a glass, or protein pancakes, protein bars, etc. Always tastes great. I also have pricer powders on hand (some are nearly $80 / 5 lb), and I must say the Body Fortress beats quite a few of them in flavor. Sad, but true. Some may find a downside is it is sweetened with sucralose (AKA Splenda). Others may find that because this is a blend of concentrate and isolate this is a negative, and as such the calorie count is higher. 170 calories with 30g of Protein, and this would contain lactose. If you are lactose intolerant you might want to stay away from powders containing whey concentrates, such as this product. Also if you desire only a fast absorbing protein, then skip to an isolate only. Lucky for me none of those matter. I like the blend of concentrate and isolate. I don't mind artificial sweeteners, and I'm not lactose intolerant. Otherwise for the money and easy access to this product I have no other negatives than those noted above.

This is the WORST PROTEIN SHAKE I've ever tasted!!! I had to take chug it I couldn't sit drink this stuff at all. The only reason cause it was cheap at Walmartand had 30g of protein per scoop. How can you drink something thattastes so HORRIBLE?!

I only used one tub of this protein so I can't really say anything for results. I had the Chocolate flavor and it is OK in water. Mixing with half water and half milk was great. The price is great but, I switched to Dymatize Elite XT because it is only $20 for more servings in my local area (BF is $17-$20 in my area). Mixed easy in my shaker cup, regardless of using milk or water.

I also saw this product at Walmart. I mixed one scoop of the chocolate with 6 oz. of water and 6 oz. of 2% milk and use a Blender Bottle I got at Walmart for $7.00. No clumping or granules. Tastes great, just like drinking chocolate with milk like I did when I was a kid. No bloated feeling but I did get one episode of the number two's a couple of hours later. I just started working out again after almost 20 years off. I'm 42 years old and just looking for a little help for my post workout without putting a whole in my wallet.

I've been using this product for about 2 years now, overall it's a pretty great protein for the money. The amount of of protein per serving allows me to achieve my daily intake with ease, and it mixes great with bottled water. The chocolate and strawberry are the best tasting imo, although I have had "bad batches" of each and some tend to taste better than others. $17 bucks at my local grocery store, and even cheaper online. You really can't beat it.

Moodymuscle's Rating

This is the best "budget" whey protein out there in my opinion, it's nutritional profile is good, yes it's a concentrate whey, but let's face it for $18 what are you looking for? It mixes well in water it's the only way I drink it, milk for me is to thick. I've seen allot on it clumping in other reviewed but haven't experienced this personally. Bottom line if your on a budget, this is the whey protein to buy.

beefpatty147's Rating

got 3 tubs of BODY FORTRESS whey protein. Im not at all picky when it comes to tastes, but I promise this is the worst tasting protein I have ever had. the peanut butter chocolate and cookies n cream flavors were TERRIBLE with water, the chocolate was pretty bad too but it I could gulp it down. These flavors may taste 20% better with milk, but mixibillity is also an issue, you'll have to mix it for atleast 10 minutes to get rid of the crunchy taurine crystals. I almost threw up every time I drank it, but I had to finish it I didnt wana throw it away and waste my money. Maybe the protein quality is good, but PLEASE BEWARE OF THE TASTE. one more thing. one more thing, this product might seem cheaper, but if you compare the PER SERVING COST with optimum nutrition whey protein, theres not much difference. STAY COOL !

shaggynuts24's Rating

Chocolate Flavor: overall tastes chalky tastes horrible with water not as bad with whole milk does not mix well in a shaker cup results in horrible stomach cramps and nausea Strawberry Flavor: overall does not taste bad not bad mixed with water if you make it thick better with whole milk mixes foamy in a blender mixes decently in a shaker cup overall -- will not buy this product again, 3 days of stomach cramps and asploding on the crapper because of the chocolate was warning enough tl;dr 3/10 - strawberry was ok, chocolate was toxic

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shizzlehappens's Rating

Decent whey for the price but you get what you pay for in taste. I use the vanilla and chocolate. The vanilla is sweeter than a lot of others (like muscle milk or Syntha6) but I like that. The chocolate was what a lot of other reviewers said, not awesome, but I mixed it with a spoonful of pb2 powdered peanut butter and it tastes EXACTLY like a Reeses PB Cup. Now I'm addicted. I also use a tornado blender cup for my proteins so they aren't clumpy. Way worth it in my opinion. TLDR; Decent whey, chocolate is good with pb2, good bargain protein.

ManOfDeath567's Rating

Hmm..... not too sure about this. I thought I'd buy it because of taste, but this mix leaves clumps which isn't good.

Lionsheart81's Rating

Very disappointed with the flavor of this product. I bought this to try it out, and now I have a whole container to go through and choke down. I will go back to Muscletech.

RSalvatore20's Rating

What people dont seem to realize is that this is one of the cheapest and if not then its THE cheapest protein on the market. You can't expect a 10/10 rating across the board for Close to $18. For the price and serving count I think this product gets the job done.First of all its very convenient, if im pressed for money I can go out and buy two 21 servings of this for around $36 at a Walmart. No other brand is matching that except 6 star. You cant really complain about how bad this product is if you're cutting cost and buying the cheapest resource available, its like using the neighborhood kid to cut your lawn and then complaining that his job sucks, if you wanted quality you would have paid adequately for it

mainmarooner's Rating

This should NOT have been my first protein powder choice. It tastes like chocolate, sure, but I could not for the LIFE of me get it down in a shake. I tried milk and water. One time I even tried ice and peanut butter. The only way I can consume this disgusting powder is to put it in my oatmeal. I plan on switching to Isopure Zero Carb Banana Cream powder. Surely it will taste better....... Right?

Dodgefather's Rating

I use to use this product when I first starting lifting and it tasted fair with milk, atrocious in water. It was gritty and mixed terribly However, I stopped using when I realized how incredibly spiked this product really is. Taurine, Glycine, Creatine, added aminos, maltodextrin, and whey from concentrate. So you are getting these ingedients at the EXPENSE of the total protein because it jacks up the nitogen content allowing the label to say 60 grams of proteinswhen there's actually anywhere as low as half of that much actual protein. And you wonder why it's so cheap? You truly get what you pay for.

Tastes bad, doesnt mix good, kinda pricey, but it made me go from 195lbs to 200lbs pretty quick

theitalian87's Rating

Oh my god this chocolate peanut butter flavor is exceptional... I use this daily but also on my cheat days with milk as a tasty shake... yum yum yum

Tastes great, mixes well, and helped me make great gains while using as a post workout shake. Complete protein and not expensive.

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