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Rich0919's Rating

Great protein at a great price. The chocolate flavor is great ! Stay away from the peanut butter chocolate . It tastes like burnt popcorn to me .

I've tried several of their flavors and like them all; are they the best you'll ever have? No, but they are certainly good enough. Their chocolate flavors really benefit from some milk when mixing, the vanilla cream is good enough with just water though. Also, of course its not the very best protein powder there is, but its at a budget price, and works just about as good as designer brands, regardless of what others say who don't know what they're talking about (macros are macros when all is said and done to your digestive track). If you can afford more, go for better, there are plenty of better products out there, but if you're on a budget, or just getting started, this is a good choice and can be found locally at Wal-Mart as well as cheap online.

kadehampton7's Rating

I mainly used this so i can get some serious protein in me, and not have to pound down the dry Chicken breast. Taste of almost all their products, at least to me, Taste like a**..... The only way i can get it down is by closing my nose so i can't taste it... Oh and tell my brain that is a nice smoothie..... For taste yeah horrible... Though for price nothing really beats it.

Chickenguts's Rating
Chocolate Peanut Butter

Definitely a good price, however I've never tasted a more awful flavor than their chocolate and peanut butter; honestly I'd rater eat Whey protein isolate. BUT, I will most likely end up exploring some of the different flavors they have to offer, because the protein:calorie ratio is decent enough , and once again its cheap!

I like the taste both vanilla and strawberry. It blends well for me and my strength has started to climb again and the only thing I can accredit that to has been my protein supplementation with this product. I use no other supplements.

carlosgastelum's Rating

For being a walmart protein it works.

This is a good product but I am so very disappointed that the "new improved" formula cut the protein grams from 30/scoop to 20/scoop. Now it takes 3 scoops, instead of 2, to receive 60 grams of protein and, of course, the container will empty faster!

The vanilla is one of the best tasting protein I've had. I bought this in a pinch when I ran out of my regular vanilla. I like to have a variety of brands and flavors on stock, so I don't get sick of one or another. I currently have 5 open right now. Usually i will blend a smoothly in the morning with a scoop, cup of spinach, frozen berries, and a carrot, and the vanilla flavor is still great. Today, I mixed it in a cup of coffee and it tastes like a vanilla cappuccino. Love it. Definately helps with your macros on the cheap.

ronnychandler7's Rating

Been using this for bout 2 mos works great, tastes fine, cant beat the price , this is all i take no other supplements.

KristenHair1's Rating

I have been using the chocolate powder for about a month and have been happy with the resultes. I started using for my Spartan Race training as a meal replacement at work and have seen a dramatic increase in my muscle growth. For the price, this stuff is amazing!

I bought this supplement earlier today and tried it out after my workout. This is NOT a review of it's efficacy as a bodybuilding supplement. I've never used it before today. So, I obviously have no way of knowing how effective it is. What this is is a review of the taste given the way I prepared it. I think the chocolate/peanut butter tastes really good considering what it is and what it costs per serving. I can totally consider this a post-workout snack. For those who are thinking of trashing the remainder of the canister, try this instead. ~ Use a blender - I have a VitaMix ~ Use ice and water equal to 12 oz for one scoop of the supplement - I used about 7 large cubes and distilled water ~ Drop one ripe banana in with the water and ice ~ Blend until you crush the ice ~ Put in two heaping tablespoons of dry milk powder ~ Put in one scoop of the Body Fortress protein powder ~ Blend well to avoid clumping Tastes great to me. Hope this helps. Carpe diem, ya'll

I used this product before and was very pleased with its taste and its results. I work uniform security and by the time the summer was over i needed bigger shirts because i wasn't able to tie my boots without my shoulders and arms stretching out the fabric from my gains. Also, being that is low calorie, it didnt add bad inches to me. I tried another brand in between because it was in the weight loss stack but i wish they would have included this one because i havent seen further results.

Airick713 did not leave a written review for this product.

GymmPrincess's Rating

I have only used the strawberry flavor. It is my first tub of protein so I'm not the most experienced, but I am pretty impressed with it considering the price. A lot of people have commented on the taste, but it really isn't so bad as long as you mix it well. This product also helps with getting your daily protein intake with 20g per scoop, and at 130 calories per scoop, it helps if you are trying to watch how many calories you consume. I recommend giving this product a try since it is easily accessible since it is sold at wal-mart and easy on your wallet (especially if you are in college!).

Mark4fitness60's Rating

I have been using this product for more than 3 years primarily in post workout smoothies and it is a great buy for your buck. Never mixed it in plain water so I can't comment on that. I also make a high protein pudding with the Chocolate flavor and it tastes great! $17.98 at Walmart for a pretty comprehensive whey protein is a great deal in my book!

MidwestGal73's Rating

I find this product to be very good, especially for the price. I have not had an issue with mixing or taste, but I usually add protein powder with other food items. I like that they add in BCAA's. I have tried the vanilla and chocolate flavors, both taste fine. Chocolate is good in coffee - like a cafe mocha. I always mix vanilla with crystal light - just something I started doing quite some time ago because it tastes like a fruit smoothie and I could drink about 10 of those in a row. I rarely drink my protein powders straight up. I like to add fruits, nuts, veggies, blend it up and make it a complete meal in a glass, or protein pancakes, protein bars, etc. Always tastes great. I also have pricer powders on hand (some are nearly $80 / 5 lb), and I must say the Body Fortress beats quite a few of them in flavor. Sad, but true. Some may find a downside is it is sweetened with sucralose (AKA Splenda). Others may find that because this is a blend of concentrate and isolate this is a negative, and as such the calorie count is higher. 170 calories with 30g of Protein, and this would contain lactose. If you are lactose intolerant you might want to stay away from powders containing whey concentrates, such as this product. Also if you desire only a fast absorbing protein, then skip to an isolate only. Lucky for me none of those matter. I like the blend of concentrate and isolate. I don't mind artificial sweeteners, and I'm not lactose intolerant. Otherwise for the money and easy access to this product I have no other negatives than those noted above.

This is the WORST PROTEIN SHAKE I've ever tasted!!! I had to take chug it I couldn't sit drink this stuff at all. The only reason cause it was cheap at Walmartand had 30g of protein per scoop. How can you drink something thattastes so HORRIBLE?!

I only used one tub of this protein so I can't really say anything for results. I had the Chocolate flavor and it is OK in water. Mixing with half water and half milk was great. The price is great but, I switched to Dymatize Elite XT because it is only $20 for more servings in my local area (BF is $17-$20 in my area). Mixed easy in my shaker cup, regardless of using milk or water.

I also saw this product at Walmart. I mixed one scoop of the chocolate with 6 oz. of water and 6 oz. of 2% milk and use a Blender Bottle I got at Walmart for $7.00. No clumping or granules. Tastes great, just like drinking chocolate with milk like I did when I was a kid. No bloated feeling but I did get one episode of the number two's a couple of hours later. I just started working out again after almost 20 years off. I'm 42 years old and just looking for a little help for my post workout without putting a whole in my wallet.

I've been using this product for about 2 years now, overall it's a pretty great protein for the money. The amount of of protein per serving allows me to achieve my daily intake with ease, and it mixes great with bottled water. The chocolate and strawberry are the best tasting imo, although I have had "bad batches" of each and some tend to taste better than others. $17 bucks at my local grocery store, and even cheaper online. You really can't beat it.

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