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Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein Reviews

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shaggynuts24's Rating

Chocolate Flavor: overall tastes chalky tastes horrible with water not as bad with whole milk does not mix well in a shaker cup results in horrible stomach cramps and nausea Strawberry Flavor: overall does not taste bad not bad mixed with water if you make it thick better with whole milk mixes foamy in a blender mixes decently in a shaker cup overall -- will not buy this product again, 3 days of stomach cramps and asploding on the crapper because of the chocolate was warning enough tl;dr 3/10 - strawberry was ok, chocolate was toxic

chris3j7 did not leave a written review for this product.

shizzlehappens's Rating

Decent whey for the price but you get what you pay for in taste. I use the vanilla and chocolate. The vanilla is sweeter than a lot of others (like muscle milk or Syntha6) but I like that. The chocolate was what a lot of other reviewers said, not awesome, but I mixed it with a spoonful of pb2 powdered peanut butter and it tastes EXACTLY like a Reeses PB Cup. Now I'm addicted. I also use a tornado blender cup for my proteins so they aren't clumpy. Way worth it in my opinion. TLDR; Decent whey, chocolate is good with pb2, good bargain protein.

ManOfDeath567's Rating

Hmm..... not too sure about this. I thought I'd buy it because of taste, but this mix leaves clumps which isn't good.

Lionsheart81's Rating

Very disappointed with the flavor of this product. I bought this to try it out, and now I have a whole container to go through and choke down. I will go back to Muscletech.

RSalvatore20's Rating

What people dont seem to realize is that this is one of the cheapest and if not then its THE cheapest protein on the market. You can't expect a 10/10 rating across the board for Close to $18. For the price and serving count I think this product gets the job done.First of all its very convenient, if im pressed for money I can go out and buy two 21 servings of this for around $36 at a Walmart. No other brand is matching that except 6 star. You cant really complain about how bad this product is if you're cutting cost and buying the cheapest resource available, its like using the neighborhood kid to cut your lawn and then complaining that his job sucks, if you wanted quality you would have paid adequately for it

mainmarooner's Rating

This should NOT have been my first protein powder choice. It tastes like chocolate, sure, but I could not for the LIFE of me get it down in a shake. I tried milk and water. One time I even tried ice and peanut butter. The only way I can consume this disgusting powder is to put it in my oatmeal. I plan on switching to Isopure Zero Carb Banana Cream powder. Surely it will taste better....... Right?

Dodgefather's Rating

I use to use this product when I first starting lifting and it tasted fair with milk, atrocious in water. It was gritty and mixed terribly However, I stopped using when I realized how incredibly spiked this product really is. Taurine, Glycine, Creatine, added aminos, maltodextrin, and whey from concentrate. So you are getting these ingedients at the EXPENSE of the total protein because it jacks up the nitogen content allowing the label to say 60 grams of proteinswhen there's actually anywhere as low as half of that much actual protein. And you wonder why it's so cheap? You truly get what you pay for.

Tastes bad, doesnt mix good, kinda pricey, but it made me go from 195lbs to 200lbs pretty quick

theitalian87's Rating

Oh my god this chocolate peanut butter flavor is exceptional... I use this daily but also on my cheat days with milk as a tasty shake... yum yum yum

Tastes great, mixes well, and helped me make great gains while using as a post workout shake. Complete protein and not expensive.

AshLunargleam's Rating

I bought this protein from Walmart as I was hard pressed for cash at the time, and I am actually very impressed. Tastes better than the GNC Wheybolic 60g protein blend, has creatine and taurine to help fuel workouts and recovery, and blends well with skim milk. I have been using the product for about a week and a half and I can honestly say this is one of my favorite protein blends so far, plus it doesn't give me that stupid bloated feeling that the amp wheybolic extreme 60 did, so I'm happy with this product. :)

I was at Wal-Mart the other day and saw this product for sale. I figured I would try it since I didn't want to order online. This product is very good! Great taste, doesn't have a chalk after taste to it like big name proteins, I didn't a get blotted, and it works great! I don't care it's from Wal -Mart, I highly recommend this product to anyone!! Plus the price is great, $15.00 in the store... I bought 2 cause its the price of 1 from big name companies!!

I am very impressed with this, considering everyone labels this brand as a cheap walmart brand. you guys are very underrated, because you are being sold at walmart. Good product, and very convenient for a product being sold at B&M. Cookies and Creams taste amazing in my coffee, one of my favorites for putting in hot coffee

unknownsoldier1's Rating

Price is the main reason I ever approached taking this supplement. It is great for mixing into recipes that ask for protein. It is concentrate and not isolate, and that is the main reason why I do not use it any more.

I fully admit to using Body Fortress protein when I first started out weight training over a year ago. I used the protein strictly post workout and felt I honestly made legitimate gains in the gym. However, there was always a grittiness to the drink (from the included taurine) in any of the flavors chosen even when used with an electric blender. The big selling point of the protein is that its relatively inexpensive. Its not a bad 'starter' protein but eventually, you'll want to try something better (nutritional profile) and tastier!

Taste is average, but the real downfall is that it does not mix well. Even after two minutes shaken, there are still pasty globs. If you put it in a blender, it solves the glob problem, but it foams like crazy and the recommended serving size ends up filling 3 standard size supplement shakers. Good for a hardcore person on a budget that doesn't mind choking down clumps of gelled powder.

I love this stuff. It's cheap and you can get it at Walmart. Love the choc. pb flavor. I mix in a splash of coffee and sometimes chia seeds. delish.. Been using it over a year.

ineed2lift did not leave a written review for this product.

HawkeyeFan08's Rating

Great taste, 60g protein per serving, cheap price.

1-20 of 344 Reviews
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