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Helps Improve Maximal Strength, Muscular Endurance, Hydration, and Better Recovery*

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TimeToMakeGains's Rating

Best Creatine product I have taken!!!! This doesn't give me any stomach problems like the past creatine products i have taken witch was a major issue for me. Once i started taken Power xd after taking 2 doses a day for 3 weeks I have had no stomach problems at all and have also got not much water retention. Strength started increasing so much went from from doing 145lb incline bench for 5 reps to doing 185lb for 8 reps, not only that but i also felt increase endurance/stamina during my workouts aswell. Will be for sure getting some more after im done with my current bottle.

kenwack5155's Rating

I have tried other products at double this price, but Power XD works great for me.. I have ordered it 3 times now.

jimmcnab's Rating

Blue Star's anabolic muscle stack includes Trib, Status, Power and PPK (pre workout). This review will be for this stack. I've just finished a month's supply and loved the results so much I just reordered all of these products! Power XD provides a convenient way to get creatine without having to mix a powder. I just take 4 capsule immediately after lifting and Power XD with it's validated doses is on the way to support lean muscle growth. Zero digestion issues with this product, so no gastro side effects. I'm convinced Blue Star uses the highest quality ingredients in all of their products.

lowroller21212's Rating

Can't say too much bout a creatine that hasn't been said already but Power XD for a capsule form is about as good as it gets and has a lot of things going for it. Being on the road the last few days I took it with me and right away felt the convenience and results. Had the opportunity to log a full bottle of this. Coming out of a wrist injury I was not sure I could really throw a lot of weight ie. rest a bar on my wrist from starting position, I was able to do declines and so forth. It works for sure because you know your body will fully utilize it, it gets to the body and gets carried to your muscles whereas other creatines require more because they waste more to achieve that effectiveness in the gut. I achieved a PR squat and looking forward to breaking a deadlift PR while on it, thanks Blue Star.

Daemonium's Rating

Daemonium did not leave a written review for this product.

bollinross's Rating

This stuff definitely works. I have been taking it for about 45 days and have seen significant results. I've got half of my second bottle left and just bought 2 more bottles. I've been working out on average 5 days a week and I can definitely see the results. If you're looking for a creatine that's in a pill form, this is the way to go.


I'm forty years old and have noticed that I am a lot weaker than I was when I was in my early thirties. I felt a lot stronger half-way through taking the bottle of Power XD. Still not as strong as I once was but there was definitely an improvement in strength.

claursen's Rating

Great preworkout booster, especially for getting that good pump.

Shreddingtime's Rating

Solid product - worth trying PLUS SIDE: - Increase in strength - No bloating - Feel the rush MINUS SIDE: - Did not deliver the muscular gains advertised (8 lbs muscle gain) - No power xd induced increase in fullness or volume

raul.medina's Rating

raul.medina did not leave a written review for this product.

NYCCCP's Rating

Really is great stuff, I took it for one month and have been off a month. I saw a huge energy and strength boost using it, looking forward to starting my second cycle.

Mastaflash69's Rating

This got really good ratings, but doesn't seem to work very well for me. I'm following the recommended dosage, but not making much headway on my muscle goals.

crock1981's Rating

Been using this for almost 2 weeks, this stuff works, noticable size difference, no bloating and no stomach pain. Im going to run it for 2 months, and repost, hopefully the results continue.... Sorry I didnt know you cant post twice, but I have now been on this for a month and its legit, this is the best creatine product ive used you are pumped all throughout the day, I highly recomend.

Hcarmiii's Rating

Hcarmiii did not leave a written review for this product.

scottyb05's Rating

Minimal bloating, maximum effectiveness. Strength gains were through the roof while still on a caloric deficit. Definitely an elite creatine product! Do yourself a favor and pick a bottle up.

jeremyacox's Rating

I got a chance to run a sponsored log for this and creatine mono upsets my stomach but this did not and I made some incredible strength gains while using it on my bulk and still appeared to not gain fat during it as well. Good solid product that will help you for sure.

ZacHHamam's Rating

My favorite Creatine hands down!! I was experiencing extreme strength gains like product promised. No bloating no stomach ache just pure power in a bottle. I would highly recommend this product.

thewarroomsc's Rating

Just received my package from Blue Star Nutraceuticals. Up next...Power XD! Intial thoughts: It's creatine. Simple as that. Creatine has been around, commercially, since 1993 when EAS first brought it to the public. If you've considered taking creatine stop researching it and take it already. This ones been researched to death and all signs point to this being a kickass supplement. Legit product and a true staple for athletic performance and bodybuilding applications. Looks: Blue Stars labels are sick! Product Itself: I just popped my first one...only time will tell but I'm thinking this one will be on point.

Jlopes8520's Rating

I was lucky enough to get a chance to log this product, and let me tell you it is fantastic! I saw great strength gains and upped my PR's every single week. I have to admit I was skeptical about how helpful a creatine pill was going to be, but this surpassed all my expectations. I will definitely be purchasing this product in the future, and should be considered by anyone who wants a quality creatine product. No loading phase needed, no bloating, and very little water retention/weight gain! Thanks Blue Star!!

geoffers12's Rating

Been on this supp for about a month and nothing but great things to say about it. Great power, great extra reps provided and overall muscle fullness. Give it a try and you won't be disappointed.

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