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Patented BlenderBall Technology for a Smooth Consistency

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Aaq16's Rating

Aaq16 did not leave a written review for this product.

LexiHexi's Rating

It's cheap and it gets the job done really well. I've used more expensive shakers that don't do half as good a job. Seals tight, mixes perfectly, and is easy to drink out of. Highly recommend!

Bonniefox's Rating

I have tried many shakers and this is by far the best that I have used!!

samrose595's Rating

Awesome! Seals tightly and doesn't spill at all!

xrate's Rating

xrate did not leave a written review for this product.

ImAllMonkey's Rating

I had other bottles before and they leaked when I shook them, but this one is great. Good size and easy to clean.

TTThreat's Rating

TTThreat did not leave a written review for this product.

mschro's Rating

I have 3 GNC blender bottles that leak terribly when you shake them. I decided to order some of the original Blender Bottles off of, They work great. No leaking. I would recommend these to anyone as the go-to shaker bottle. 10/10 for me

papiniu's Rating

LOVE this bottle! It's the perfect size for me and it doesn't have any funky smells. The only small issue I have is that powder tends to get stuck in the bottom of the bottle. I solved this by putting a small layer of liquid first, then add powder, then add more liquid. That totally solves the problem.

nemo3219's Rating

I love my blender bottle it blends everything perfectly and it's really easy to clean.

bripitt36's Rating

bripitt36 did not leave a written review for this product.

twoimiiller's Rating

Currently on my 4th bottle. 3rd one this year. Lost my original about a 6 months ago and purchased a newer one with the new design and immediately noticed the plastic lid was a different kind of plastic. After screwing the lid on and off for a couple months the lid cracked. I ordered another one and it cracked on my two days ago after only a month of use. I'm really disappointed in longevity of these "newer bottles," I just received my 4th one (the MusclePharm bottle) and i can already tell the difference between the plastic lids. This lid does not have the hook thing on top and my fingers are crossed that this one will actually last [at least] the rest of the year.

RedTail88's Rating

You need one! No, I take that back, you need FIVE! lol

willsweeney123's Rating

I've had 2 of the bottles I ordered break on me. I'm pretty sure it happened in the dishwasher so I might just start hand washing these. The top twists off area cracked around the mouthpiece and top cap. Not really sure how that can happen since it looks like all one piece. I'll be returning these back to for a refund.

mitchellgreenle's Rating

Purchased 2 bottles not too long ago. Not only were they smaller than advertized but both of the caps broke in the wash, only a couple weeks apart, making them unusable. I still have a couple older ones, from like 5+ years ago, that work nicely but unfortunately the quality of these new bottles is significantly worse. Do not purchase.

hemidodge's Rating

the 20 oz only holds 12 oz if you actually want to use it and mix anything. yes it holds 20 if you fill it to the top where the water is running over but its not usable with 20 oz in it.

johnpaulabah's Rating

I enjoy using the blender bottle, its great for mixing my whey thoroughly without any clumps and residues like the norm ones.

Aizabelle08's Rating

I felt I needed a shaker bottle coz its much easier. Shaking a water bottle with protein powders, BCAA powders or pre-workout powders just doesn't do it for me. Using the a blender machine is just to tedious when I'm in a hurry. So, I thought that it was time to invest in one. ( I used to make fun of others who always had this at the gym, now I'm one of them) I take this bottles everywhere when I need to go somewhere to workout or when I'm out for a long while and need a protein shake so I don't wolf down unnecessary junk food coz I'm too hungry. This particular one is the best coz it does not spill out when its in the bag (which was my main concern). I give this a 10 coz I love it. But I haven't tried other brands to compare it to.

ryanfern3's Rating

The picture showed a big blender bottle so that's what I assumed I was buying, they sent this tiny little one. Not sure if a mistake or just false advertising.

oxfordjarhead14's Rating

Great product. Simple to use. I use it every day when I go I the gym.

1-20 of 387 Reviews