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Patented BlenderBall Technology for a Smooth Consistency

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ryanfern3's Rating

The picture showed a big blender bottle so that's what I assumed I was buying, they sent this tiny little one. Not sure if a mistake or just false advertising.

oxfordjarhead14's Rating

Great product. Simple to use. I use it every day when I go I the gym.

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fb132's Rating

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scream666's Rating

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kitty10136's Rating

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bverdugo92's Rating

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deflegend's Rating

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erikpaulc's Rating

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Jessanneg's Rating

This is such a great bottle to use for protein shakes. I use mine at least 2/3 times a day and it works really well, leaving no lumps or anything behind. It is very durable and sturdy and the choices of colors and sizes are great to suite everyone's needs.

MTBnBB4045's Rating

it's great. it's a small bottle, tho. so as long as you are aware. The cap snaps on really hard. You really have to make sure it's in place and even pound it down. I've never had a bottle that was that tough. But i guess that also means it's going to be that much less likely to accidentally come open. I love the shaker ball. Works great. Works better than the spider bottles..although I like those a lot, too.

Kulya's Rating

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ormond311's Rating

Great value!

RobotRandall's Rating

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seclusion's Rating

Best bottle to blend you're protein. I've dropped it many times and it holds up. Eventually after throwing one old one I had in to a basket repetitively over and over, it cracked slightly near the top eventually causing a leakage, but it still took allot of abuse and that was my fault. No point in getting any other bottle to blend you're protein this one does the job the best, no clumping.

franticshrimp's Rating

These bottles are an excellent pickup. They look good and they work to perfection. The ball whisks protein powder into a smooth consistent drink and I've never had a leak. To top it off, the price is right.

Alokaili's Rating

Best bottle I have used

emalisa's Rating

I purchased the smaller sized bottle, and it's perfect for me because I only drink a serving after going to the gym. The purple and clear combo is also very, very cute! Looks just as great in person as it does in the image. Overall good quality, really cute and does what it's supposed to properly!!

hifibrucep's Rating

I have purchased several of these bottles elsewhere but Bodybuilding has the best price on them. These bottles are great to mix my protein powder. Bodybuilding,com rules.

ryan56507's Rating

I love this size, I never filled the tall one and it would tip over and just takes up more space than it needed to, this size is perfect for anything and I don't mind carrying it around at the gym and setting it down. It seals well and can take a hit without popping open.

gvjuanpablo's Rating


1-20 of 371 Reviews