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Patented BlenderBall Technology for a Smooth Consistency

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Brownskunk's Rating

Brownskunk did not leave a written review for this product.

Clandiough's Rating

Clandiough did not leave a written review for this product.

RISENfitness's Rating

This has become a staple tool in our nutrition plan. Easy to clean by hand and holds up in the dishwasher for a fair amount of time. Sturdy and leak-proof to throw in a gym bag. Easy to fill with powder for road trips and long flights, so you are not tempted by fast-food or airport food! Convenient size to keep your protein count on track when you are staying with family for the holidays. We make several days of shakes in advance via blender, and then fill these up and keep them in the fridge (or freezer) for on-the-go. Some of the bright colors are fun and make protein shakes a bit more cheerful experience:)

Ansitionve's Rating

Ansitionve did not leave a written review for this product.

TBeauty1's Rating

This is my first blender bottle and it is amazing. I use it for my pre-workout and will be using it for other things as well. This is a must have if you haven't purchased it already

kelleysloot's Rating

I got the aqua on aqua bottle and I love it! Definitely a classic, will recommend to anyone who asks!

tony477g's Rating

Very hit or miss, bought 4 and so far 3/4 have survived 6 months. At about 5 months one of the lids snapped randomly without dropping it. honestly have no idea how it broke. Very nice bottles though, don't leak and mix my protein and post workout well.

normaldude's Rating

The bottles work really well. They leak very little and blend completely. However, I ordered mine 10 weeks ago and two of the five have already broken, in the exact same spot on the lid. What really stinks is that you can't tell until you begin shaking the cup and then "boom" you get protein all over your clothes, your car, your desk or anywhere else. I can't recommend this product. I suggest you find something that lasts longer than three months.

TTM3's Rating

TTM3 did not leave a written review for this product.

paul desimone's Rating

Great product and easy to use. Just make sure you clean right after use. Do not let protein sit in these.

dida1984's Rating

My best friend bottle. Shakes very well and doesn't leak. Excellent. Also, I have the clear aqua color and I like it. Love this bottle

Jklo's Rating

The original model of the blender bottle was a 10/10 for durability and design. The new model with the carrying loop, new spout design and cap is a downgrade. First, the cap is made a cheaper and thinner plastic than the original model, which makes it prone to cracking and feel cheap. Second, the new spout design feels awkward and does not flow as smooth when trying to chug your pre-workout or protein shake. Third, the carrying loop gets in the way of flipped open and closing the cap - I see no need for it on a blender bottle as it's main use is not for carrying around like you would a water bottle. Unfortunately, Blender Bottle took a big step back with the latest model - a disappointment as the old bottle was perfect - why try to fix something that is not broken?

MRider01's Rating

Blender Bottle. What every shaker should be. Enough said.

Tribal16's Rating

Very disappointed in the new blender bottles. The tops of mine broke within a month on both of my bottles. I have always used these bottles but am forced to look elsewhere due to the lack of durability.

mr.symmetry's Rating

Couldnt ask for a better shaker! I love the product, it is simple and works exactly how it should.

brandonc1993's Rating

Gets the job done and feels high quality. Love it!

halland2's Rating

Blender bottle is great use it everyday.

patdicaire's Rating

patdicaire did not leave a written review for this product.

mdf23's Rating

Love blender bottle! Does not leak!! I got the 20oz bc the size is convenient for me, fits perfectly in my lunch bag and is perfect for making your pre-workout mix in. Mine is only for 8oz of water so it's much better than using the 28oz. I have the smart shaker bottle with the two compartments it's handy but it leaks so I have to keep it upright and if it knocks over in my lunch bag my milk spills every where. Blender bottle is leak proof!!

relic982's Rating

This is by far the best mixing bottle I have ever had. Easy to clean and really blends it all together.

1-20 of 425 Reviews