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Patented BlenderBall Technology for a Smooth Consistency

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dida1984's Rating

My best friend bottle. Shakes very well and doesn't leak. Excellent. Also, I have the clear aqua color and I like it. Love this bottle

Jklo's Rating

The original model of the blender bottle was a 10/10 for durability and design. The new model with the carrying loop, new spout design and cap is a downgrade. First, the cap is made a cheaper and thinner plastic than the original model, which makes it prone to cracking and feel cheap. Second, the new spout design feels awkward and does not flow as smooth when trying to chug your pre-workout or protein shake. Third, the carrying loop gets in the way of flipped open and closing the cap - I see no need for it on a blender bottle as it's main use is not for carrying around like you would a water bottle. Unfortunately, Blender Bottle took a big step back with the latest model - a disappointment as the old bottle was perfect - why try to fix something that is not broken?

MRider01's Rating

Blender Bottle. What every shaker should be. Enough said.

Tribal16's Rating

Very disappointed in the new blender bottles. The tops of mine broke within a month on both of my bottles. I have always used these bottles but am forced to look elsewhere due to the lack of durability.

mr.symmetry's Rating

Couldnt ask for a better shaker! I love the product, it is simple and works exactly how it should.

brandonc1993's Rating

Gets the job done and feels high quality. Love it!

halland2's Rating

Blender bottle is great use it everyday.

patdicaire's Rating

patdicaire did not leave a written review for this product.

mdf23's Rating

Love blender bottle! Does not leak!! I got the 20oz bc the size is convenient for me, fits perfectly in my lunch bag and is perfect for making your pre-workout mix in. Mine is only for 8oz of water so it's much better than using the 28oz. I have the smart shaker bottle with the two compartments it's handy but it leaks so I have to keep it upright and if it knocks over in my lunch bag my milk spills every where. Blender bottle is leak proof!!

relic982's Rating

This is by far the best mixing bottle I have ever had. Easy to clean and really blends it all together.

SuperSaiyanErik's Rating

SuperSaiyanErik did not leave a written review for this product.

ghkj21's Rating

These work really good for shaking up protein, oats, supplements etc. I also use them for cooking as the ball helps whip up a really smooth gravy and somehow all the lumps (very few) stay in the bottle when poured. Cleaning is usually pretty easy, warm soapy water and shake. But sometimes the ridges on the inside (from the grip texture on the outside) traps particles. I wish the inside were smooth for better mixing and easier cleaning without the need for a brush. I also wish the measurement markings on the side were more legible. I've traced them with a marker but it just rubs off. I might try the pro-stack blender ball next; it has supplement storage and looks to be smooth all around

ThibautIckx's Rating

Hi guys! It's very easy to use and to shake! With the extra piece it gives you the garanty that it will be shaked well! So buy it! It is there in much colours to! Have fun working out!

Whicker's Rating

I've only been using my product for a short period of time. Today, when screwing my lid on, the lid separated and came apart. The part where the small handle separated from the part with the threads. I would like a replacement, because I do like this bottle much more than others that I've used. The way it came apart seems like it was a manufacturing defect and hopefully an anomaly.

slees1974's Rating

Best mixer cup I have found, no leaks and mixes really good.

oxbigmac56's Rating

Purchased two blender bottles and they turned out great. Dishwasher safe, very efficient, and at a decent price.

smendoza86's Rating

Doesn't spill, good so far

JohnsonNavinR's Rating

Best shaker bottle there is. No sense in using anything else. Got rid of all my other shaker bottles. This mixes up anything, it's built well, built simply, no leakage whatsoever, lasts and lasts, virtually indestructible. I have six of them! I've owned them for at least a year and a half, and I use them all daily, and they all work just as well as the day I got them. I have one each for: my first-thing-in-the-am shake, pre workout shake, post workout shake, nighttime casein, and another I use for BCAA drink throughout the day, and one wild card/extra. When you see Blender Bottles all around the gym, it's not because they're "cool," it's because people who use them know they're the best!

Matthewlane16's Rating

I own 4 of these and have no problems with any of them.

CoffeeStack's Rating

Holds liquids without leaking, mixes whey protein better than not using a blender ball and relatively easy to clean. Can't say anything bad about it.

1-20 of 415 Reviews