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High Protein Energy Snack Engineered For The Human Race!

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crivera87's Rating

I'm hooked on this bar! I purchased it today after having cravings all day yesterday for something "sweet". I bought the "original", peanut butter fudge flavor and OH...MY...GOD (insert Jancie's voice from friends). I'm hooked, I want.. no.. need to go back and buy the box of 12!! It's the perfect texture (for me). Crunchy- like a kinder bueno bar. Tastes like peanut butter and chocolate and it doesn't have that protein bar-ish after taste. Def 10/10!!

joshvalk's Rating

I don't know why these didn't get rated higher they are delicious! I love all flavors so far French Vanilla, Wild Berry, Salted Caramel, Peanut Butter Fudge, and Cookies and Creme. I only wish they had a little more protein.

mrsJNO's Rating

I like these when I want a change from the usually "chewy" protein bars. I do wish they'd have more protein for the amount of calories you get and they are a bit higher in fat. Definitely a decent pick if you want to satisfy a sweet tooth! My favorite flavors are the new Salted Caramel, French Vanilla Creme, Chocolate Mint and PB Creme. Yum!

Blakstar23's Rating

Salted Caramel flavor is excellent. Gives you energy too. Great for a snack before working out

amystrong's Rating

I LOVE POWER CRUNCH BARS! They are crispy and sweet, and I have tried most flavors. PROS: Decent Macros, GREAT flavor and texture, some flavors use Stevia instead of sugar alcohols CONS: Higher fat (Only reason I didn't give it a 10)

griffair's Rating

French Vanilla Love these! I keep them in the fridge at work and these are my go to for protein bars! I find them to be very filling very good for a pre gym snack.

SanDiegoCA's Rating

Yo I get this at the store I think it is delicious. I am gaining weight though maybe I eat too many?

GMCHALE520's Rating

best I have tried so far.

Ajbinbrazil's Rating

This protein bar has helped me stay on track during my diet. The taste is great (especially the vanilla creme) and the macros always fit into my day. I also favor this bar because it isn't filled with tons of artificial ingredients, such as many other bars do; especially the sugar alcohols. Great snack for those looking for something different than your average protein bar!

Salherrera05's Rating

This is one of my favorite protein bars! Great texture and flavor!! I would recommend this to anyone who loves a great snack after your workout.

tarnow14's Rating

tarnow14 did not leave a written review for this product.

stavth's Rating

stavth did not leave a written review for this product.

bigtaurus100's Rating

Excellent protein bar, I take it like snack, tastes just like wafer, not sugary and chewy like most of other bars

nekorower's Rating

Top 5 protein bar! I was shocked to see it was wafer,like a Kit Kat but happy. Taste is pretty d@mn good ,consistency is great. I love that it's 15g protein, minimum sugar, a little lower on calories than a lot of other bars. Only fault is the wafer get a little Styrofoam tasting if I try to eat the whole thing at once. Easy fix because I usually only eat 1/4 or half of a bar at a time anyways

Adriftdreamer's Rating

I give it a 3 because the taste was acceptable. I didnt expect much better anyway but the reason im giving it a low low rating is because with that many calories, I am replacing a mid morning meal with a bar. Thank GOD i did this on a day off because i was hungry 30 minutes later. Completely Starving. and that never happens to me. Unfortunately i have a WHOLE OTHER BAR that i was going to use for tomorrow but now I think im just going to throw it in the cupboard to wait for me to use it after my competition because with my diet, there is no way i can afford to be hungry 30 minutes after i have a meal. -.-

Danigurl117's Rating

Danigurl117 did not leave a written review for this product.

dani85's Rating

Ick. Yes, there is a chocolate mint flavour to it but the sweetener is terrible. Left a gross chemical taste in my mouth that would not die.

Nautidog's Rating

The taste is good. Best tasting protein bar ever. Not a lot of protein.

Qotu79's Rating

My fave is the French Vanilla Creme. These are good for after workouts because of their simple sugar content.

BarefitContessa's Rating

BarefitContessa did not leave a written review for this product.

1-20 of 151 Reviews