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Beast Sports Nutrition Super Test Reviews

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tyleroliveira91's Rating

I was really pleased with the overall results of taking super test. I did an 8 week cycle, saw significant strength gains, and gained about 7 pounds of lean muscle mass without adding inches to my waist. I took this product at the same time that I transitioned into doing crossfit so that definitely played a big role in my results but I don't doubt that super test (at the very least) helped me get there. I plan to use it again in the future.

skyler.riches's Rating

skyler.riches did not leave a written review for this product.

sa7mmmag's Rating

Product is the best test booster that I have ever used. Saw results in less than one week. I am having consistent gains in strength and my libido is off the charts.

joe2628's Rating

Didn't really do much for me, 8 capsules a day

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John I's Rating

All this supplement did for me was make me tired. It literally took the energy right out of me. Some people benefit from the product and some don't. I one of the one's who didn't benefit from it at all.

keikdasneek's Rating

Taking this made me feel like the hulk. Had serious bad intentions when working out or even playing basketball... It also carried over to a lot of other aspects in my life. Not sure if I had any gains as far as size but my strength went up, as well did my temper and my libido. Kinda made me feel like i was going through puberty again. On my third bottle or so, I tried dialing back the dosage and really didn't feel anything when I did. But when I took 3-4 pills twice a day, I definitely felt a big difference.

ZacHHamam's Rating

I was taking this product with MHP Cyclin GF and had fantastic results. The super test made me super lean, extemely cut, and rock solid. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to use a test booster.

gmoneync's Rating

Beast is great stuff. On my 2nd bottle. First month I had libido of a 15 year old. Truly amazing. Also helped in dropping some body fat, and stimulating some addl muscle growth. Didn't need the libido help but it was a pleasant benefit and the muscle factor was welcomed.

DannyQuach's Rating

Fantastic gains with this product, both in size and strength. if you're serious about getting big and stronger, definitely check super test out.

bnolt40's Rating

I'm 43 yrs old thought I'd try a test booster heard great reviews about this one. I have been on this one for 4 weeks already and see or feel no changes. Anyone recommend a better test booster ?

Reckenball's Rating

Seem to be effective I've only been using it for a few days now. So we will have to see the longterm benefit is

latndrilsgt's Rating

Great product!! I did not change anything in the way I eat or exercise; however, I did get leaner, and stronger. Something else that I noticed is that I got very hungry, which tells me that the product was working. I ate like a horse (never counted calories) and maintained my weight. I love this product; therefore, will buy it again once I finish my four-week break.

Badassbuckeye01's Rating

Badassbuckeye01 did not leave a written review for this product.

Barbaby's Rating

Barbaby did not leave a written review for this product.

xalombardo's Rating

For me there was absolutely no change by taking this test booster. I have taken a different test booster and it worked great, gains were extremely noticable. But, not the case for me while taking BEAST. I bumped up the dosage to 10 capsules a day after 8 days of taking the regular dosage, but I still felt and experienced nothing. I originally bought 2 bottles in order to take the full dose for 6 weeks, but I am stopping after finishing the first bottle. Only have about 2 days left before I finish. I will cycle off and go back to my other test booster. This is just my experience while taking this test booster.

bkhuff's Rating

Decided to try this and am happy I did, had fantastic results will definitely purchase again.

Rawdy's Rating

Beast working great for me. Using now for 1.5 weeks and seeing and feeling great results. Im 37 and now have some acne which I havent had in years, meaning my test is up. Gains in all areas!

snipes27's Rating

Very nice product, just finished my first bottle and I will re-buy again , I was stronger thru the whole month it felt very nice from the first 4 pills... I got a leaner body , less fat is always a very good thing.

Emeka650's Rating

Emeka650 did not leave a written review for this product.

ColinMc3's Rating

I decided to give this a shot after reading reviews on here. I started my cycle on March 17th and wasn't feeling too much from it until the past few days (march 22nd-ish). Now I am feeling a lot of strength gains and energy from it. Also helps me recover a bit better than just my protein. I would recommend it to anyone to add to their stack.

1-20 of 83 Reviews
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