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texasfighter's Rating

Beast Super Test . It looked great on the reviews I read, and watched, but after I tried it for myself I can say I was disappointed. Don't get me wrong it still worked a little and I stand by Beast in that they are a great company, but this just is not my favorite. I didn't see much of what it promised and the test gains were minimal. Also the pills are giant and you have to take 3-4 2x a day.

FLTrainer's Rating

Great Test booster product. I like to cycle this with others and I really liked the energy with it. I did notice when I was done with the bottle, I was dragging a little-so I know if helps! Overall (for me): great energy, recovery and pump.

EvanCarter32's Rating

EvanCarter32 did not leave a written review for this product.

MicksSSute's Rating

Im a big one for prework out formulas, i find recovery in between sets and squeezing out 1 more rep a bonus not to mention when your pumped rock hard you feel good ,strong, well its also the mental aspect, you train harder. Ive test run Beast Super Test im continually trying different products but found this to be a good one, nice hard constant pump good recovery in between sets. I don't believe these products ingredient wise produce any significant gains but they put you in a state of mind and being, this enables you to train harder and heavier than with out and that's where the gains come from.

djcad86's Rating

A good supplement, and a definite support of muscle and mass as it says. I preferred this over the flavored powder alternative personally.

BadBoyANGELO22's Rating

Honestly didnt expect this thing to work as far as boosting my test none of you should either it might help those with low test i took it reduce estrogen because i was eating alot of soy products and found it has did help lower also I felt more rested when I slept when I took this also i did feel better in my stomach from all those other supplements can take a toll on your body so this helped clean me out. NO boost in testosterone tho and you shouldnt expect it to do anything for you unless your low in Test or 30plus

TheOak212's Rating

This product was yet another giant disappointment from Rave and absolutely no results. I get much better results from basic tribulus (at a high dose.) My energy went down and I felt sluggish with no positive benefits and my libido actually went down. Total waste of money and another scam in my book. Wouldn't recommend to anyone ever.

rider311's Rating

I take as directed and love this product! I seem to recover much faster both in the gym and bedroom!

zzyy88's Rating

26yo took this for a month didn't notice anything. Yes I train hard, max bench 325.. I am used to taking activate extreme which used to be sold here and now isn't. On activate with creatine pills my strength explodes, I get zits and boners all the time. This + creatine was nothing at all. I am trying test freak now but think I will end up back with activate.. its literally next level.. just wish activate was still sold on this website.

dozerdogue's Rating

I've been training and competing natural for over 30 years and yes this product is effective. Anyone who says it doesn't work is either chemically enhanced or isn't eating and training properly.

bestbody36's Rating

bestbody36 did not leave a written review for this product.

WhosJoeMama's Rating

Had high hopes as Beast is a great brand, however didn't quite provide me with what I expected. Did work slightly though.

dvidal66's Rating

The best of the best!!! This product really change my life... I'm the beast!!! ...well that's my wife say haha...Of course I recommend this product 100% you must workout hard and drink a lot of water. good luck

CristinaFitness's Rating

CristinaFitness did not leave a written review for this product.

tyleroliveira91's Rating

I was really pleased with the overall results of taking super test. I did an 8 week cycle, saw significant strength gains, and gained about 7 pounds of lean muscle mass without adding inches to my waist. I took this product at the same time that I transitioned into doing crossfit so that definitely played a big role in my results but I don't doubt that super test (at the very least) helped me get there. I plan to use it again in the future.

skyler.riches's Rating

skyler.riches did not leave a written review for this product.

sa7mmmag's Rating

Product is the best test booster that I have ever used. Saw results in less than one week. I am having consistent gains in strength and my libido is off the charts.

joe2628's Rating

Didn't really do much for me, 8 capsules a day

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John I's Rating

All this supplement did for me was make me tired. It literally took the energy right out of me. Some people benefit from the product and some don't. I one of the one's who didn't benefit from it at all.

keikdasneek's Rating

Taking this made me feel like the hulk. Had serious bad intentions when working out or even playing basketball... It also carried over to a lot of other aspects in my life. Not sure if I had any gains as far as size but my strength went up, as well did my temper and my libido. Kinda made me feel like i was going through puberty again. On my third bottle or so, I tried dialing back the dosage and really didn't feel anything when I did. But when I took 3-4 pills twice a day, I definitely felt a big difference.

1-20 of 95 Reviews