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4thRangerBN's Rating

If I'm away from home working out across town I would purchase the Vanilla Syntha-6 RTD. Now I've had this happen 4 times+ now and I've gotten to where I'll always have my Syntha-6 on me stored in my car. I stopped after a workout and got a Vanilla Syntha-6 RTD and it tasted like spoiled milk. It also had chunks in it like curd in spoiled milk. I turned around went back to the store and they agreed and allowed me to exchange it. I opened it inside the store with the same result. Spoiled milk smell & chunky. I actually went thru their entire inventory with the same result. This has happened at least 4 times now at different stores. What's going on BSN? I love your product fellas but you must be consistent! Jeff

mistyjamn's Rating

Very disappointed. We use BSN Syntha 6 powders and have been very pleased. This RTD tastes is horrible- and leaves a bad after taste.

fizzfaldt's Rating

I don't know how good the protein is, because I can't get past the taste. This has the strongest chemical taste of anything I've ever had in my life; and the smell makes me slightly light-headed.

FuzzySlippers12's Rating

The consistency is amazing. Thick but not too thick and not watery. The flavor is disgusting. The worst flavor of any protein supp I've ever had. Left a disgusting metal after taste. Two sips and I was done. So disappointed because that is a consistency I haven't been able to find.

platinumorf's Rating

High protein and good taste. No after tastes, Love the Syntha 6 products.

berjuly's Rating

This product has a horrible after test and is really hard to get down.

Llecour's Rating

Worst taste ever!

alaakh's Rating

I was shocked how bad the strawberry flavour tasted. It was like drinking salty cheese with chemical taste. Not planning to buy again.

AstroBlackS's Rating

This is basically a high protein RTD version of the powder. It tastes goods, and works great when I am away and need to supplement protein intake on the go. The only downside is that it is quite high in sodium.

maximuslion's Rating

i am comparing this Syntha6 RTD drink to BSN True Mass powder. First of all the True Mass is delicious. Mixes very easy. I tried the syntha 6 to save on time. Unfortunately i will go back to true mass. The RTD vanilla flavor was awful. Left a very chalky after taste. After the first 2 sips, i had trouble finishing the remaining. True mass difinately taste great and this syntha6 RTD does not compare. Gonna try the syntha 6 powder to confirm its only the RTD that taste awful.

SuperCretu90's Rating

SuperCretu90 did not leave a written review for this product.

whizkidd's Rating

I use this a a post workout supplement during cutting because it has just enough carbs, calories. Taste is great and can be mixed fast using a hand shaker. Side note this stuff goes great in using for breakfast egg recipes if you get tired of the ol'boring shake.

evilntention's Rating

good taste, consistent, rich flavor, decent protein content

tomkitti25's Rating

A really well made supplement, I don't think any others can rival in taste, and the amount of different proteins is really up there too.

nickvincent's Rating

A great tasting protein powder with a pretty nice price. I really like it, I think it's an amazing value.

barriehall25's Rating

The tastes for all of them are very solid and diversified. I guararntee there is no other protein powder that will have 22g of protein and this good taste.

ronstrand's Rating

Keeps me feeling good longer, definitely lasts longer than my old protein powder, tastes about 10 times better too.

dougozebek's Rating

Great for active souls, it's so easy to mix in with milk or some other drink, it's a great addition to any diet.

fernandobeaz's Rating

No complaints, this helps me through football practice. I'll down 2 servings of this and I am good to go the whole practice.

weverson53's Rating

Very happy I was introduced to this, the taste is rather good, and the results rock. All around, great powder.

1-20 of 105 Reviews