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Designed To Support Metabolism, Weight Management, Energy, & More!*

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devilboy2125's Rating

devilboy2125 did not leave a written review for this product.

djwbird's Rating

I found it most effective when I took it in the morning before my work out. I love BSN products.

kylereece's Rating

This was one of 3 fat burners I sampled for my cut (other 2 being shred matrix and beta stim). This was def the least potent of the 3. One serving gave me a short boost of energy similar to a pre-workout. Felt no thermogenic or appetite-suppressing effects. If ur sensitive to stimulants but are interested in trying a fat burner, I'd say give this a try. Otherwise, get something stronger.

slayerspiter666's Rating

Does not work for me.

strams13's Rating

First time using product but when I started taking it my energy spiked. 8 also notice it helpes controlling my appetite, I recomend it for anyone need a boost and shred extra pounds.

mbell928's Rating

Just started using a trial size version of Hypershred... I've definitely noticed a boost in energy and increased focus. I also notice you sweat significantly more, and there are moments where your heart feels a little jittery. I love this supplement and think it's a great way to start your morning before a workout or even just a hectic day (it has a lot of caffeine as well) Not sure whether this will speed weight loss, but the energy and focus benefits are worth it to me! Definitely will buy a full size bottle of this after my trial size is gone.

bluedog1b's Rating

Good product..if you are sensitive to ephedrine this will be a great second choice.

abidrex's Rating

abidrex did not leave a written review for this product.

richie1378's Rating

I've been taking Hyper Shred now for almost 2 weeks and so far I have mixed thoughts on this product. I do feel warm and tingly at times figuring the thermogenic part is working and my energy has somewhat increased so far. The thing that I noticed has dramatically changed is my appetite. I am now very ravenous when it comes to eating and I don't seem to get enough food now. Has anyone else had this problem? Hopefully I'll be able to control my hunger but I will continue to use the remaining pills and see how this goes!

EitanS's Rating

still using the product, using for 3 months or so, at the first period my body responded very well i guess and i felt some difference, sweat more, better focus and energy, decreased as time goes by.. (for me anyway).

swolfey13's Rating

This is the only thermogenic I've tried, but it works pretty well. I'm halfway through my 2nd bottle in 6 months. I lost 10lbs with the first bottle, and have come down another 5lbs with this one. It suppressed my appetite really well the first few week, and has helped give me motivation to start eating a lot healthier. Usually makes me have to use the bathroom within an hour of taking it though.

SituationQC's Rating

SituationQC did not leave a written review for this product.

johndjgregg's Rating

No negatives. No Tingling. No Nervousness. No Jitters. Ive taken this and Roxylean, and three weeks in, this product really beats out the competition supplying what its supposed to without side effects. It could be that my body is fully used to caffeine since changing source from Amino Energy to this but I can't find anything to complain about.

Zenchick's Rating

I've gotten very good results with this product.

leewhitworth's Rating

I liked it to help burn a little bit of fat so it did what it was bought for. I think some people make the mistake of eating bad and expect this to overcome that problem, it won't do it.

Ginafx's Rating

Loved how much energy it Gave me. I was sweating a lot during the workout more than usual. It did leaving me trembling afterwards. Maybe I'm just sensitive to this. I'm going to stick to my pre work out powder.

gill420's Rating

fat loss is ok, you don't see much difference using this product…energy level ok…

Hulk816's Rating

Started taking this product with the goal of burning some fat, while still increasing muscle mass. Hyper Shred not only helped decrease my bodyfat to 3% for my competition, it also provided that caffeine boost in the morning that really helped get my day started on the right foot.

mks0031's Rating

I've been on this for 3 weeks as of today. I decided to use this product to trim just the last little bit of fat that I wanted to. I had hit a bump in the road and couldn't lose anymore. I was at about 172 and as of today I'm 165 and I can tell a significant difference in my abdominal area. Take this with a proper diet and after 2 weeks you'll start seeing changes.

MattDaDonn's Rating

Does what it says it will do, the energy is clean and last. I didn't lose any weight but that's cause I can't give up peanut butter lol

1-20 of 555 Reviews
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