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This is my go to supplement for energy. It gives me a good steady boost of energy that lasts for at least 5 to 6 hours without feeling over-stimulated. If I take one pill in the morning, I only need one scoop of Hyper FX before my evening workout. I really hope BSN continues to produce Hyper Shred. I don't know what I would do without it, especially in the morning!

eksmith802's Rating

I really like the energy that the Hyper Shred gives you, I didn't see much in terms of weight loss, but I really liked that this product didn't make me feel jittery.

scoliverosa's Rating

scoliverosa did not leave a written review for this product.

TheBeastWCBB's Rating

This really got me going and I enjoy stacking this with True Mass. I feel I burn fat and get mass lol

rance50's Rating

Ok energy boost, one pill dose makes it easy

Tbaby337's Rating

Great product! I started using Hyper 21Jun15, I was 216, with the help of this product and running at least a mile per day as of 13Aug15 I am 191 lbs. diet is required the pills won't do it alone. I did feel nauseous if I didn't eat with it.

griffin_joshua's Rating

Awesome product loved it

Lapique's Rating

Lapique did not leave a written review for this product.

Conklin23's Rating

Conklin23 did not leave a written review for this product.

Sourapple's Rating

Solid fat burner, provides energy and some appetite suppression. Does not upset my stomach or make me feel jittery. I have a higher tolerance to stims. I would recommend this, as I have seen results with this COUPLED with extreme diet and cardio.

Ashleilani12's Rating

I would recommend this product. I have used my fair share of supplements, fat burners included. I did my research before choosing this product. I have been on this for a few weeks now and have already seen results. Mind you, I also train and eat right-nothing will replace that. This product definitely gives me smooth, clean energy-no jitters and no upset stomach. I have felt tweaked out before on stims and don't get into that at all-just looking for a nice boost and a little warmth to help cut that last little bit of fat. Personally, this product works great for me-would recommend for anyone to try at least, just remember to not take this or any stim with pre-work out. Too much caffeine!

SEsoenen's Rating

I love this product! So far it's the best fat burner I have tried (I've tried about 5 different brands). It gives me energy and focus without jitters (just remember to take it with food or a shake)!

jayrow161's Rating

jayrow161 did not leave a written review for this product.

2bignick45's Rating

Really like hypershred.feel it gives me a good start on my is good ,helps with appetite.

Kingraj23's Rating

After i bought Shred Jym.. Can't believe i ever took this. It did nothing.

StarAndr's Rating

StarAndr did not leave a written review for this product.

JJMIV's Rating

Using this product, I did notice that I was becoming more and more lean as time went on. The reason it gets an 8 and not a 10 is that I did not feel like it provided any extra energy or focus.

mexrico's Rating

Great product to use in the off season to keep regular and fat at a minimum. Not giving it any more than a 7 because I did not feel it provided any energy or extra boost for training...did notice it kept me regular though. Way better fat burning products out there, but this one is decent.

VO2Maxima's Rating

Pretty good energy boost, and no real jitters or crash to speak of. I'm assuming the energy is from the caffeine (180mg) and synephrine. Not the strongest product that I've used as far as appetite suppression or mood boosting that I've noticed, and personally, I wish BSN had included some yohimbine, but it's pretty well known that not everyone tolerates yohimbine well. With most fat burners on the market today including yohimbine, for people who had bad reactions to yohimbine and are looking for a thermogenic that'll give them a nice energy boost, Hyper Shred is something to consider. However, if you can tolerate yohimbine, I'd suggest either adding yohimbine separately to Hyper Shred, or looking for a thermo that does include yohimbine.

1-20 of 602 Reviews