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jayrow161's Rating

jayrow161 did not leave a written review for this product.

2bignick45's Rating

Really like hypershred.feel it gives me a good start on my is good ,helps with appetite.

Kingraj23's Rating

After i bought Shred Jym.. Can't believe i ever took this. It did nothing.

StarAndr's Rating

StarAndr did not leave a written review for this product.

JJMIV's Rating

Using this product, I did notice that I was becoming more and more lean as time went on. The reason it gets an 8 and not a 10 is that I did not feel like it provided any extra energy or focus.

mexrico's Rating

Great product to use in the off season to keep regular and fat at a minimum. Not giving it any more than a 7 because I did not feel it provided any energy or extra boost for training...did notice it kept me regular though. Way better fat burning products out there, but this one is decent.

VO2Maxima's Rating

Pretty good energy boost, and no real jitters or crash to speak of. I'm assuming the energy is from the caffeine (180mg) and synephrine. Not the strongest product that I've used as far as appetite suppression or mood boosting that I've noticed, and personally, I wish BSN had included some yohimbine, but it's pretty well known that not everyone tolerates yohimbine well. With most fat burners on the market today including yohimbine, for people who had bad reactions to yohimbine and are looking for a thermogenic that'll give them a nice energy boost, Hyper Shred is something to consider. However, if you can tolerate yohimbine, I'd suggest either adding yohimbine separately to Hyper Shred, or looking for a thermo that does include yohimbine.

DoWRK's Rating

I like this products over others, it has a blend of different ingredients thats give me the results I want without the extreme heart rates and sweats.

jm6435's Rating

Going through the second bottle, I take it in the morning and it helps me to be ready for a non starving day. Great product

AdamRyan2012's Rating

Good product as long as you 30 mins prior to meal

Dmingo's Rating

Is a good produc

mohaned's Rating

It did nothing for me, it did not even give me any energy. Waste of money

yaysammayy's Rating

This is by far the best fat burner I've tried! I've used a lot of over the counter fat burners including Hydroxycut Elite; none worked like this one! If used properly and taken about half an hour before your meal you'll feel the tingles!

BK86Tehran's Rating

I have used this product along with strict diet and hardcore training. This product gives you a good Thermo status without giving you that shaky feelings. I should admit that this product is not as strong as other fat burners in the market but it is almost as good as them. Remember the fact that fat burners can help you as a SUPPLEMENT, they are not magic pills!!! Do the hard work and have a precise and adequate diet, then fat burner will help you to burn more and get rid of extra fat easier! this product also provides you with some additional energy as well but not that much; therefore, for additional source of energy, i recommend you to stack it with one of the mild and low-caffeine pre-workouts for the optimal result! Conclusion: i will buy it again!

gurlshar87's Rating

This was my first day using the product and I loved it. It gave me the extra energy to go hard in the gym. I will be purchasing the product again

bige0430's Rating

I love the hyper shred. It pumps me up, it gives me so much energy and it cuts my appetite. I saw myself loosing weight when I was taking them. I am doing the 200K Transformation and I am back on my hyper shred supplements and I am going to see this through. I would recommend this dietary supplement to anyone.

YevgeniySam's Rating

As a big fan of BSN products I've tried Hyper Shred. Nevertheless it kick me at morning like a pre-workout I haven't noticed any benefit or effects in shredding my body. I'm really disappointed. Also be careful in taking it with any pre-workout within two hours. I tried with BSN NO X-plode and feel sick. I won't be purchasing a second time.

Noogieman's Rating

First off, I am a big BSN fan. Their pre-workout products have been my favorite by far. That being said, I tried Hyper Shred about a year ago and didn't notice any benefit or even any effects. I decided to try it again last month and purchased two bottles. Again, I'm disappointed and don't notice any benefit at all. Not sure why because I notice others are happy with it. I won't be purchasing a third time.

amandag7's Rating

amandag7 did not leave a written review for this product.

jaquelynny's Rating

you have energy but I felt like my skin was on fire. I liked oxy elite better, I didn't care for this UPDATE 11/04/14- i am updating this review since i found this fat burner in my stash since i didn't use it last time around... i started using this later on in my prep and it has helped with energy levels for morning fasted cardio and throughout the morning. still has that heated skin effect, but overall i am happy with the result and feeling it has been giving over the past couple of weeks. as with all stims, less is more when starting out and increase based in individual sensitivities

1-20 of 590 Reviews