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Designed To Support Metabolism, Weight Management, Energy, & More!*

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YevgeniySam's Rating

As a big fan of BSN products I've tried Hyper Shred. Nevertheless it kick me at morning like a pre-workout I haven't noticed any benefit or effects in shredding my body. I'm really disappointed. Also be careful in taking it with any pre-workout within two hours. I tried with BSN NO X-plode and feel sick. I won't be purchasing a second time.

Noogieman's Rating

First off, I am a big BSN fan. Their pre-workout products have been my favorite by far. That being said, I tried Hyper Shred about a year ago and didn't notice any benefit or even any effects. I decided to try it again last month and purchased two bottles. Again, I'm disappointed and don't notice any benefit at all. Not sure why because I notice others are happy with it. I won't be purchasing a third time.

amandag7's Rating

amandag7 did not leave a written review for this product.

jaquelynny's Rating

you have energy but I felt like my skin was on fire. I liked oxy elite better, I didn't care for this UPDATE 11/04/14- i am updating this review since i found this fat burner in my stash since i didn't use it last time around... i started using this later on in my prep and it has helped with energy levels for morning fasted cardio and throughout the morning. still has that heated skin effect, but overall i am happy with the result and feeling it has been giving over the past couple of weeks. as with all stims, less is more when starting out and increase based in individual sensitivities

Karma777's Rating

LOVE this product !! xoxo Great energy- good heat/thermogenic burn I can feel it working quickly- instead of "why isn't this working?" Helps me to sweat at the gym, lol Pushing it on a few friends/coworkers- to get them amped up and motivated. NO jittery side effects (and I LIVE on caffeine, so take it from me) Great focus, energy, burns fat- this lil pill is awesome ! IF you are (thinking) about trying it- stop. Stop thinking and just try it. Grab the trial bottle if you are apprehensive. You will be back and get the 90day bottle, lol :)

Tink11's Rating

I just wanted to review this product because I experienced something unexpected from it. I think I felt similar results with the heated body and sweating that many users experienced. What I was not expecting was the hives. I had a slight allergic reaction with itchy and hot hives over my arms and neck. I am a little aspirin sensitive but don't usually have reactions to anything else. Not sure what ingredient caused this reaction but wanted to document it for potential users. I did get a little energy and liked that part. I took this about 4 times and had a reaction 3 times. Probably won't take again. Disappointed because I was looking forward to a little boost in shredding some body fat. I will stick to some energy drinks.

FredyResponds's Rating

I received this for free when I bought their protein on BB.Com. I had looked at buying it before and I'm glad I didn't. All it really did was make me sweat more. It is correct in its advertisement that it fits the pre-workout window, because it does get your core burning; you can feel it right away making you sweat even before you begin your workout! I would not recommend this though as I did not feel like it gave me extra energy or focus. I still have half of the bottle left to go and I do not intend on using it anymore. I will keep it around as a last resort pill, maybe when it is re-introduced to my system I will feel the energy. My girlfriend also tried it and did not feel the energy. A lot of sweat though.

PrinceOftheCty's Rating

If you're enlisting in the Army and going thru MEPS then take a serving of this before you go. Seriously. If you have trouble ******* in front of others you will have no issues doing do after taking that pill. Heck. You'll probably have enough to fill everyone else's cup up too. I have never hated a product so much in my life. Did nothing for me but make me **** like a race horse in the Kentucky Derby with a glue truck behind it.

jlwbuffdaddy's Rating

Makes you jittery and your heart race. I wouldn't refer it to anyone

tylerpartsch's Rating

tylerpartsch did not leave a written review for this product.

frankcimino's Rating

When it comes to fat burners I am not expecting by any means a pill that will make me look like a statue. This product is great as far as giving a smooth warm energy that you can control, almost like waking up for the say ready to take it one. Now on to the reason I give it a five. I've been using this for a week now. And since I have began I have been going to the bathroom "#2" honest to god 5+ tomes a day and to avoid graphic details or isn't fun. At the same time my stomach is always in knots and I feel like I want to throw up in the morning. To the point where I thought I had caught a bug or something. Once I stopped taking this pill it all went away. I start again after three days or so and boom the same thing again. This may not happen to all of you and for those who it doesn't this will be a great addition to your supplements, but if it does just be ready for it.

hoser44's Rating

So far, I am liking this product. I can feel a slight boost in energy and focus. Hopefully this will increase as I take it more.

jvanbridger's Rating

I bought this after i tried Arnold series iron cuts. definitely felt the caffeine as its packed in this product. it made my stomach upset so bad to the point i wont use this product again after a few days of trying. Drank a lot of water and still felt sick. would use the iron cuts again over this product.

raymond250's Rating

I am half way through my first bottle of Hyper Shred. It does deliver energy, which I like. The reason I don't like the product is because when I take it for lunch quickly after I feel hungry but on the occasional days I missed taking it I didn't feel the same hunger.

jagdriver's Rating

BE CAREFUL when taking this product with pre-workout supplements!!!!

izzy2fit's Rating

Love this product. I've been using it for months now and reached awesome results with my training program and diet plan. Work wonders on me! I ordered twice ..or maybe 3 times already...and I will definitely re-order again!! Thannks bodybuilding.com for fast shipping and BEST prices!!!

paulkin's Rating

It's my 2nd summer using this product. I can see results after about a week already. It also improves my mood. I strongly recommend this product. Iv'e tried cellucor and nutrex cutting products before and I was dissapointed. This one is defently the best among them

leichtm's Rating

leichtm did not leave a written review for this product.

Trantula666's Rating

This stuff was awesome. I felt jittery for like three days in the morning after taking it, but as long as you follow the directions you'll feel fine. I had issues the second time around, I didn't notice as many results, but I still noticed a change. Recommended if you don't wanna feel terrible side effects and still want results!

Shubaloob's Rating

So I have given this product a 1 because I had an allergic reaction to it. My face was swollen, warm and red. Along with that, my chest felt tight and my throat closed a little. However, this didn't happen until the third day taking it. Considering that I have only had one other allergic reaction, I don't think this product is good for you. I would just be careful with the ingredients in this product. I'm not saying this product doesn't work. I wish I was able to take a full cycle. The directions say to take it on an empty stomach 30 minutes before eating but I recommend taking it with your food unless you want a stomach ache. However, that could have been my body rejecting the pill.Good luck to those who can finish the cycle.

1-20 of 574 Reviews
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