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Designed To Support Metabolism, Weight Management, Energy, & More!*

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jlwbuffdaddy's Rating

Makes you jittery and your heart race. I wouldn't refer it to anyone

tylerpartsch's Rating

tylerpartsch did not leave a written review for this product.

frankcimino's Rating

When it comes to fat burners I am not expecting by any means a pill that will make me look like a statue. This product is great as far as giving a smooth warm energy that you can control, almost like waking up for the say ready to take it one. Now on to the reason I give it a five. I've been using this for a week now. And since I have began I have been going to the bathroom "#2" honest to god 5+ tomes a day and to avoid graphic details or isn't fun. At the same time my stomach is always in knots and I feel like I want to throw up in the morning. To the point where I thought I had caught a bug or something. Once I stopped taking this pill it all went away. I start again after three days or so and boom the same thing again. This may not happen to all of you and for those who it doesn't this will be a great addition to your supplements, but if it does just be ready for it.

hoser44's Rating

So far, I am liking this product. I can feel a slight boost in energy and focus. Hopefully this will increase as I take it more.

jvanbridger's Rating

I bought this after i tried Arnold series iron cuts. definitely felt the caffeine as its packed in this product. it made my stomach upset so bad to the point i wont use this product again after a few days of trying. Drank a lot of water and still felt sick. would use the iron cuts again over this product.

raymond250's Rating

I am half way through my first bottle of Hyper Shred. It does deliver energy, which I like. The reason I don't like the product is because when I take it for lunch quickly after I feel hungry but on the occasional days I missed taking it I didn't feel the same hunger.

jagdriver's Rating

BE CAREFUL when taking this product with pre-workout supplements!!!!

izzy2fit's Rating

Love this product. I've been using it for months now and reached awesome results with my training program and diet plan. Work wonders on me! I ordered twice ..or maybe 3 times already...and I will definitely re-order again!! Thannks bodybuilding.com for fast shipping and BEST prices!!!

paulkin's Rating

It's my 2nd summer using this product. I can see results after about a week already. It also improves my mood. I strongly recommend this product. Iv'e tried cellucor and nutrex cutting products before and I was dissapointed. This one is defently the best among them

leichtm's Rating

leichtm did not leave a written review for this product.

Trantula666's Rating

This stuff was awesome. I felt jittery for like three days in the morning after taking it, but as long as you follow the directions you'll feel fine. I had issues the second time around, I didn't notice as many results, but I still noticed a change. Recommended if you don't wanna feel terrible side effects and still want results!

Shubaloob's Rating

So I have given this product a 1 because I had an allergic reaction to it. My face was swollen, warm and red. Along with that, my chest felt tight and my throat closed a little. However, this didn't happen until the third day taking it. Considering that I have only had one other allergic reaction, I don't think this product is good for you. I would just be careful with the ingredients in this product. I'm not saying this product doesn't work. I wish I was able to take a full cycle. The directions say to take it on an empty stomach 30 minutes before eating but I recommend taking it with your food unless you want a stomach ache. However, that could have been my body rejecting the pill.Good luck to those who can finish the cycle.

Skincareiscare's Rating

i liked this product a lot. It was intense but helped energize me more than anything

McBooty's Rating

BE CAREFUL! Within 3 days my hair was falling out and within 7 days I had gained weight and increased 2 clothing sizes! I stopped taking it after 7 days. My hair stopped falling out. But it�s been 5 months and I�m still healing my body from this and trying to lose the weight. My body rejected it. I am a personal trainer and nutrition coach, so yes, I was eating clean and exercising properly while taking this.

devilboy2125's Rating

devilboy2125 did not leave a written review for this product.

djwbird's Rating

I found it most effective when I took it in the morning before my work out. I love BSN products.

kylereece's Rating

This was one of 3 fat burners I sampled for my cut (other 2 being shred matrix and beta stim). This was def the least potent of the 3. One serving gave me a short boost of energy similar to a pre-workout. Felt no thermogenic or appetite-suppressing effects. If ur sensitive to stimulants but are interested in trying a fat burner, I'd say give this a try. Otherwise, get something stronger.

slayerspiter666's Rating

Does not work for me.

strams13's Rating

First time using product but when I started taking it my energy spiked. 8 also notice it helpes controlling my appetite, I recomend it for anyone need a boost and shred extra pounds.

mbell928's Rating

Just started using a trial size version of Hypershred... I've definitely noticed a boost in energy and increased focus. I also notice you sweat significantly more, and there are moments where your heart feels a little jittery. I love this supplement and think it's a great way to start your morning before a workout or even just a hectic day (it has a lot of caffeine as well) Not sure whether this will speed weight loss, but the energy and focus benefits are worth it to me! Definitely will buy a full size bottle of this after my trial size is gone.

1-20 of 568 Reviews
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