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Supports Appetite Control, Fat Loss, and Non-Stop Energy Reserves*

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jessdiaz1's Rating

jessdiaz1 did not leave a written review for this product.

johngaletto's Rating

I use Bpi's creatine and i love it. I got this fat burner for my wife and she's been taking for about two weeks and is making great progress, says she feels 10x better through out the day and i can tell shes getting some confidence back. Good job Bpi! p.s. (happy wife=happy life)

ETorres01's Rating

I used this fat burner before and i loved it. Then GNC didnt carry it anymore. So happy i found it on here. Ordering now!

Jgraves321's Rating

best fat burner out there. super clean focus and energy was a huge plus. I noticed a big difference in my appetite as well.

ChefKevo's Rating

Been taking this for 3 weeks now. I get a slight warmth to the body within about 10 mins. Definitely feel the increase in intensity at the gym. Be sure to drink plenty of water with this product as you can sweat a lot while using it, in combination with strenuous activity. Overall no side effects to note. Well made product, does what it was intended to do.

lexriv's Rating

I've been taking 1 capsule a day for 5 days now and already look and feel a lot leaner. It takes a couple of days to get used to the intensity of the energy/caffeine. I thought my body worked well with supplements but don't underestimate the intensity of this. I also made the mistake of drinkin 2 cups of coffee the first day.. DO NOT DRINK COFFEE, (it says on the label no extra caffeine) Overall I highly recommend this product and the nite burn.

1-6 of 6 Reviews