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BPI Sports RoxyLean Reviews

Supports Appetite Control, Fat Loss, and Non-Stop Energy Reserves*

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hughesn2's Rating

This review is for September 2013 to today: They must have changed the ingredients of this because it went from an amazing product to average at best. I bought two bottles at one time and I regret that because the energy is nothing close to what it use to be. I will not be buying again. THIS REVIEW WAS back in May 2012: This stuff is great. It gives you a great boost of energy. But you better take it on an empty stomach. If not, it probably won't work that well. I bought two but there were times when I forgot to take it b/c I had an injury so I didn't want to use it while I was healing from a torn hamstring. It will give you a huge boost of energy if taken in the morning on an EMPTY STOMACH!!!! I started the first bottle in February and it lasted until the week before my first marathon in April. I went from 193 to 175 and didn't lose any strength. Then I pulled my hammy the week before the marathon and then re-ruptured it two weeks later. Then I started the second bottle back up in late May and throughout it went from 182 to 175 and fluctuating. I gained some weight and then lost it due to Roxy Lean. It is better than everything I have tried yet: Shred Matrix and Xenadrine It is worth it b/c the price is much better than everything else. Look at it this way: Shred Matrix: 120 caps but 40 servings BUT twice a day, so it lasts 20 days for about $30 (but when I did Shred Matrix I got a Buy 2 Get 1 Free so it was $65 for 3, so two months for $65 Roxy Lean: 60 caps and 60 SERVINGS AND only 1 per day, so 60 days for $25. DO THE MATH And if you are looking at this for the next week or so with that CUTEDGE20 promo code you get 66 Roxy Lean Caps for $22.40 + S&H Sounds like a great deal!!!!

mak73's Rating

I have been taking this for over a month and I have not lost any weight at all. The first three days I had a great amount of energy and focus, but have not had either since then. It also does not suppress my appetite at all. The only thing I have noticed from taking this product, is that my strength has gone down.

brooker813's Rating

I would recommend NOT PURCHASING. Each day I used this product, I had stomach pains almost immediately. Within twenty minutes, I felt an extreme buzz. I work in retail so the caffeine helped me be extremely energetic. I used it a few times afterwards. Ever single experience included some nauseous and headaches, especially when not moving. My heart was beating so hard, it felt like it was going to jump out of my chest.

ewalterxs's Rating

I used Roxy lean as directed on an empty stomach the first 2-3 x's but ate shortly after due to time crunch and felt no appetite control. I thought that if I waited longer to eat I would feel the full effect. This time shortly after taking the pill I felt a pit begin to form in my stomach similar to heartburn. I felt dizzy, extremely hot, and shaky. I felt my face get hot. I looked in the mirror and realized my entire body from my shoulders upward was the color of a tomato and puffy. I started passing out and had to sit with an icepack on my face for 45 minutes until I started to feel normal again. I thought I was dead/dying. I threw away the entire bottle that same day. SCARY AND A WASTE OF MY MONEY. TERRIBLE PRODUCT AND DANGEROUS!!!!!!!!!

Scraggles211's Rating

This really sheds the pounds off you. Keep in mind you still need to eat properly and do cardio. Id take 1 in the morning 30 minutes before breakfast and have energy the rest of the day. No more waking up and staying tired for the next 3 hours at work until I woke out of it. I give it a 9 because I did quite often get the Niacin flushes - red itchy skin - when I took this on an empty stomach. Also, because of the large amount of caffeine I was very jittery. All in all, this is a great product I would highly recommend.

brockie86's Rating

This is one of my favorite fat burners. I used it when I started working out after having my son & daughter. It help with losing some of the weight in unwanted areas. Make sure you drink lots of water when taking it & throughout the day.

FattDaddy84's Rating

I looked at the reviews and almost didn't try Roxylean for fear of becoming a crack baby! Well I guess there are just several people on here who are affected by caffeine differently than myself. I can take this stuff and go back to sleep most of the time. But I do love the burn that I feel when I take it. I feel it all day. Sometimes I feel the niacin more than other times. Bottom line, I do not get much change in energy from this but I do feel the thermogenic effect. I miss the original Oxyelite..

corydesmarais's Rating

Faster bowel movements in the morning but has not decreased my body fat %. The first week I saw some small results but as the weeks went on I didn't see anything. Not much appetite control either. Did give me a caffeine shock though but again, I want fat gone not just a stimulate.

Rainalee84's Rating

I have used all sorts of thermogenics & I am not a beginner when it comes to them. I do very well with high levels of caffeine. I rate this product low because of several reasons. The initial niacin flush was expected. I had a niacin flush for the first 3 days I started taking it Jan 11, 12 & 13th. Then the symptom disappeared because my body became accustomed to the level. I never experienced a "rush" of energy, ever. I only became mildly sweaty, not even a thermogenic sweaty. So I say it is a pathetic pill when it says "3 cups of coffee" strong. Never missing a pill each day I was surprised that on the 11th day of taking this I had another niacin flush &discontinued the pill on the 12th day the niacin flush continued. Not for beginners.

addiemae's Rating

This is my first day taking this product, and so far I have felt nothing. I was told I would get hot and break out in red blotches the first few times I took it, but I have not had any side effects. The only thing I kinda feel is the appetite control... i'm not really hungry and usually post workout i'm starving. So, I guess this is an ok product. I was expecting a bit more though, maybe once I take it a couple day it will really kick in!

doinmestatus's Rating

Best fat burner i have ever used! I still use this with Keto xt which is a thermogenic. Make sure you eat soon with taking the roxy lean because the niacin is very strong.

enrico88's Rating

roxylean is a good product for weight loss, I liked it, though my favorite remains Rx6 bpi.

etexis's Rating

took one pill in morning .45 mins later the side effects kicked in.i had diarrhea,loss of appetite,upset stomach,nausea,and lack of didn't give me any energy.right now i feel ok but this morning i wasn't feeling too good.i have the symptoms of dehydration.ive had a gallon of water thru out the whole day and now im sipping on Gatorade.another thing i trew up and pooped at the same time .yes disgusting.idk if this is normal but the effects were severe i still have the runs. i put a score of 5 cuz today was my first scared to re take this xmas morning.

kschro2010's Rating

I rotate this with Shred Matrix. One month on, one month off. I take it about 10 minutes after I wake up and I feel like I could run a marathon. No jittery feeling, just pure energy and focus!

Brookllyn13's Rating

Brookllyn13 did not leave a written review for this product.

maryjeanne's Rating

I did like taking Roxy Lean the first few days. After that the crash was hard. Stopped taking it. I actually started eating more while taking this fat burner. I don't recommend it.

ClauAlex's Rating

I did't feel any difference at all (except for higher bowel movement in the morning). It didn't reduce my apetite, it didn't give me more energy, neigther did it help reduce body fat %, as it promotes. I continued doing my usual training 6 times a week plus regular diet.

mriege's Rating

I liked this. Provided an energy boost which lasted into the early afternoon (I work out @ 5 in the morning). No crash, no stomach upset, or racing heart. Also lost a couple of pounds which it is supposed to do. I like this much better than the pre workout supplements I had been taking.

jagdeepsinghs's Rating

Tried a lot of fat burners but this is what the most worst ever used be me. Dont waste your money on this product as it is full of caffeine and i dont think so much caffeine alone get the job done. Tried it for more than 10 days and then threw it in BIN... ROXYLEAN = Crashes, Zero energy levels...

GymRodent's Rating

Good stuff, after Oxyelite Pro went to **** (new formula) I was wondering if there was any other thermogenic product that worked as well as the original Oxyelite formula and Roxylean def fits the script. Great energy, helps fat loss, doesn't cost a fortune like other thermo products. Didn't experience rashes but I have felt a tiny bit ill taking on an empty stomach and going running directly after, but nothing serious. Overall it's a solid product and I'm really happy that I was able to find it.

1-20 of 391 Reviews
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