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RonXS's Rating

My Pro's: - I'm getting some very good results on hunger suppression, after taking it, i don't experience any hunger feeling for about 8-10 hours, in which i am able to keep to a strict (proteine) diet. - it increases my metabolism, which causes me to have about 15-20% better performance in strength training (i train StrongLift 5x5). It results in better performance than taking Creatine for example. - It gives some form of positive emotional reaction. After taking it, i feel uplifted, happier and emotions reach me easier. Energy levels are "bubbling" inside and i just want to go go go. My Cons: - As others complained, redness/rash 2-3 times per month The rash/redness happen because of the component called "Niacin" in Roxy Lean. It's been discussed many times before on several forums, spamfilter doesnt allow me to make crosslinks, but just google it. It's very good for the skin though. - Very painfull gas coming back I can tell you there are some really aggressive parts in it. I've had a couple of times where i didn't drink enough water, and the dissolving of the pill would result in severe chest pains. So make sure when you take a pill, that you wash it away with a full cup of water and not 2 sips. When you have to burp when you get the pains, it just burns your throat from the inside, got no other way to describe it. - Lower stomach pains 2 times before (i'm a user for multiple months) i also experience really painful lower stomach pains after taking the pill. Up to a degree where i could no longer sit down. I had to stand until everything was gone. Lasted about 10-15 minutes and was really intense. One time i was driving in my car so that wasnt the best spot to get this. - Sleeplessness If you take the pill to late or take more than one (some forums suggesting taking 2 pills a day helps you a lot more with metabolism and suppressing of hunger), you wont be able to sleep very easy. I was very tired, lay down on bed but couldnt get to sleep at some points. My Conclusion: So, if you take this supplement, take it with care, dont take it lightly and NEVER take more than 1 pill a day. You wont sleep if you do this. I've tried this for a couple of days to prevent the hunger coming back in the night. I'd still give it a 7 based on what it is doing for me, it's a very good supplement, but keep in mind its a supplement. at some point you need to quit it (never use it more than 8 weeks consecutively) and you need to be able to still push out results without it.

pmann67's Rating

I got a sample of this with my order, I took it in the morning on an empty stomach then got in the shower. The water wasn't very warm but it felt like it was burning my face then when I got out there was a rash all over my shoulders and chest. I hope no one else has a reaction like this but I would be cautious buying it.

cdiebolt1127's Rating

Got this product as a 2 capsule sample with my typical order. I accidentally took both. Basically I feel like I've been sunning myself in the Sahara for the past couple days while smoking Walter White's best sh*t. My hands are changing colors like it's the freakin summer of '69 and I'm shaking like a goddarn Tokyo highrise in an earthquake. Literally my eye lids have striations.

superdave972's Rating

I currently use this as a morning energy boost due to the caloric restrictive diet I am on. Since I am tolerant to high doses of caffeine and Niacin, I do not get any reactions or cramping from the product. Gives good, elongated energy and focus and no crash from it. Good solid poduct

LTJBravo's Rating

Hey everyone, Quick review on the Product, Not reviewing as yet if it really works or not but will followup on this in about 6 weeks, I'm Just covering how it feels to take it, First yes when you do take it for the first time you do sorta feel a little sick at the stomach, that doesn't mean "STOP" the product is dangerous. It Just means your body is trying to adapt to something new which is really strong, Hence taking it once a day. Me personally i didn't feel Jittery or Break out in a rash, I did get hot though for a few days and i really get a good sweat going at the gym, But that's Just my Body. What i want to tell anyone that's looking at this product or any product is despite reviews what your body does with any kind of supplementation can vary from person to person. You wont know until you really use it. As of now for me, I feel good. Will follow up in a few weeks to let you know if I'm dropping weight like i want to. "Get those Reps People!!!"

RachelRushing's Rating

I was worried that this would give me the jitters but it really did not. I liked it and use it regular.

staciald's Rating

I like it as much as Lipo6 black. I felt like I've even lost more than the Lipo6. The only thing is to read the label, it does cause reddening on the skin and your body does heat up at first. This ONLY happened to me when I took it on an empty stomach. It did subside within 20 minutes.

newmaryland's Rating

Very good product, only recommend for cutting, it definitely speeds up my metabolism and is brilliant taken pre morning cardio to increase fat burning. However the niacin flush can on occasion be extreme, with red blotchy skin and an intense burning feeling around my face. It must be said that this product should be taken with caution, I don't advise it is taken directly before going somewhere as the niacin flush can turn a few heads.

kasia123's Rating

I used this product 5 weeks in a row and I am quite happy with the results. Apart from the fact that in the beginning I wasnt aware that I would get flushed 5min after taking it but it doesnt last long - 5-10min maybe. I took 2weeks off and now I am taking it back. Results are only visible if you work out. I must admit that I should pay more attending to what I eat becuase without that no pill will be really effective. The only drawback I found is difficulty with sleep. Firstly, I find it hard to fall asleep even after the whole day at work and a workout in the evening. Afterwards, I wake up after maximum 6h. This is not very convinient and I dont feel fresh in the morning.

Megresha's Rating

I am an NPC Bikini competitor and have taken a couple different fat burners including oxy elite pro. This is by far the best product I have tried! Yes it gets you a little Jittery in the morning after you take it but that will subside after week or so on the product. I am in classes 10-12 hours a day and it provides awesome appetite control, focus and energy through out my day. I won't go through another prep without it! Definitely a good buy if your looking to control cravings and keep your energy up!

kyle4415's Rating

I just recently bought this product and before taking it I read all the reviews on it from other people and once i had taken it i felt that a lot of the reviews were not credible. I did not get a flush of the face or redding of the skin but however i did feel a little tingling 15-20 min. after taking it. I did not feel nauseous either. I feel this is a great product everyone should try. Keep in mind that i am use to taking cellucors pre-workout C4 which has a lot of caffeine so i am use to a lot of caffeine.

OriginMadness's Rating

My experience with Roxylean on my third day taking it (followin bottle instructions): First day it was hell, after 15 mins taking it, my face looked like a stop sign, the niacin flush was extreme (just my face), but it passed after 30-40 mins, then my energy was really good and i could work out for 2 hours without getting tired at all. In the afternoon i had a scary feeling that my heart was going to explode, so in that time i decided not to take the pill anymore. Day 2 i wanted to give it another try in a smaller dose, i took 3/4 of a pill on my empty stomach, followed by breakfast 15 mins later. The Niacin flush was down to a minimum, no extreme heart beat and it gave my really good energy. Good day Day 3, again 3/4 of a pill, almost no flush and no side effects, just good energy, i have lost 1 pound in this 3 days (not much but its ok). Bottom line, i will continue using the bottle till the end to see if it is really worth the try. But now something that i think that is really important if you have a wife/girlfriend. After having sex with my wife, 15-20 mins later she has a minimum niacin flush to, maybe it will be recommended to use protection while you are using this pills, or like its supposed to be, the side effects will decrease after some time.

nikeia's Rating

nikeia did not leave a written review for this product.

RandyyyyyyyB's Rating

Just started taking this. On my second day now. Using it to burn the fat off my stomach. First day, I was on one. Did some cardio and felt amazing after. Today, I took it and immediately, my arms and legs became flushed. Common side effect. Worked out, but felt really jittery an hour after still. Probably need to get used to it some more. My appetite is definitely under control. I can eat, but I am not craving anything. Not a bad product. Just super powerful, so be careful.

Jjoyner80's Rating

I took this for the first time today. Within 20 minutes I started to get a headache. My skin started turning red under my firearms, feet, nose and ears. I developed bumps under my forearms too. Felt like prickly heat all over my body. Tried not to panic too much. I did notice the produce suppressed my appetite for the space of about three hours. It's been six hours and I still have a buzz with headache. I don't know if I'll take it again due to the effects which were very uncomfortable. Buyer beware.

72mazz's Rating

Caffeine buzz took a couple days to get used to, but I've definitely noticed the increased fat burn as compared to using no supplement. Lost 14 pounds of fat in two months with diet, high volume training with moderate cardio and RoxyLean

BuiltBetter1's Rating

I used RoxyLean once in the past just to try it, and it does what it says. Gives you a boost of energy w/o crash & it really does control your appetite. The first day i used it i forgot to eat for about 5 hours. My girlfriend likes it when she is cutting too. Gets rid of all the cravings

da1cjp's Rating

I have mixed reviews on this product. Usually I would take this product early in the morning before doing cardio. I must admit it does take a little while to get use to. Once I have been taking for two - three weeks and doing cardio I also paired it with CLA and started noticing a real difference in my fat loss goal. My only suggestion while taking this product is please be warn that paired with a lot of cardio exercises and drinking a lot of water, you will start to see noticeable results. Another suggestion I have is once you run out of the product take a month or two off from using it so your body can adjust to being off of it, it is a powerful yet effective product when paired with other supplements and a solid cardio and weight training routine.

codymdeleon's Rating

I first used it when I was not working out yet and it helped provided energy for me at work and it helped burn the fat while cleaning out my system as well

KrocksU's Rating

it heats me up quick! after a long day at work it really helps me to workout!

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