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BPI Sports B4 Reviews

Support Mood and Focus, Elevate Energy, Promote Metabolism, and Enhance Endurance*

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albiz's Rating

so i gotta say, this stuff is strong. i never noticed how strong it was till i took it on a rest day. i usually take it B4 my workouts, when i took it on my rest day i was all tweaked out. a little bit too much for my liking to telll u the truth. i consider myself to have a high tolerance to stims mind u. i'm kinda bummed that i didnt take advantage of the BOGO promo had a while bak, but i hadnt tried it yet and i wasnt in cut/fat loss mode yet, so i guess its whatevs. anyways u can be sure that the nxt time theres any kinda promo for this stuff, i'll be on it quik style! and i recommend u drink lots of h2o when takin this.

bamcmullin's Rating

bamcmullin did not leave a written review for this product.

thewarroomsc's Rating

I tried 1 sample and GOOD LAAAAWD!!! I need to get this ASAP!

fitboyinblue's Rating

Felt horrible after taking this product. Felt nauseous immediately. I'm not caffeine sensitive at all and it was too much for me. Not recommended at all.

RickS1169's Rating

i received a sample of this from a recent purchase so i decided to try it out before an early morning work shift. The whole shift i was on my feet and moving around, but i had a clear mind and was focused, nothing jittery. As far as energy and focus goes, this product delivers. I do have to admit that i have a tolerance to stimulants, so i can't comment on jitters or crashes. be aware, i only had a sample, so can't comment long-term.

DaveDestroyer's Rating

DaveDestroyer did not leave a written review for this product.

Kipcanyon's Rating

Haven't noticed a difference after 3 weeks

Re040483's Rating

What a nightmare this thing is. Shaky, nauseated , rash, just horrible in my opinion.

1279387's Rating

i work for ups and during xmas used this to help get me thru the long days. helped out great until the 6th week i formed paranoia spells and had restless nights.

TheVikingChick's Rating

Obviously everyone is different, but for me this was a nightmare. I have a high tolerence to these kinds of suppliments. I also have a low heartrate and it takes a lot to get my heart really pounding. With that said, this shocked me by making me feel very "on the edge", nausiated, and other symptoms I won't go into. I even tried it a second time under different conditions, and had an even worse effect. The first three hours were hell, followed by a little energy and clear headedness for part of the day, and ending with a depressed strung-out kind of feeling. I'm not saying not to try it if you're drawn to do so, but I will advise that you test this in the comfort of your home on your day off, and not just pop one and go to the gym until you know it won't do the same thing to you, as one of my friends had the same reaction to it. And if you have or had a heart issue, suffer from any kind of stress, or even elevated blood pressure, be cautious before choosing this one. BPI has some great products, but this one is definitly not for everyone.

teestanley's Rating

Not able to give a good review. The sample pack didnt contain enough to actually see or feel any thing to review.

ramseyrowland's Rating

Received a sample pack with 2 days worth (2 Pills). I gave up my usual 2 cups of coffee in the AM to take these. I did not notice much, if any, effect. Possibly one would have to take these for a longer period of time. I preferred the sample of Ripped Freak which worked immediately.

rebeca84's Rating

It worked great the first week but after that I think my body got used with it. However I think its one of the best fat burners there are on this website, tried, quite a few :)

mesoman13's Rating

I am not a big believer in fat burners or supplements that claim to burn body fat and increase lean muscle mass. but I found this little bottle called B4. by BPI.... its not a Diet Pill I ever seen because its used as a pre-workout tool that helps enhance training performance. From the bottles label: ◾Adipose Tissue Regulator* † ◾CNS Stimulant* † ◾Dopamine Modulator* † to lose weight – FAST!* † I rate it a 9 because like I said I not a believe in Diet Pills or fat lose Supplements.

sofalvigy's Rating

sofalvigy did not leave a written review for this product.

Caifan1's Rating

Does the work burn fat a lot, thank you b4

slshiloh's Rating

This product has never let me down one time. I usually take Neon for a pre workout, but this actually offers me more energy and focus without the shocks and itches that other pre work outs give me. Second bottle and so far, so good!

Melissahart890's Rating

I got a sample of this with another order and loved it, both times I took it I had great workouts. Then, I ordered it and somehow it seems to be different? It doesn't work as well, but it isn't awful either.

MarkS126's Rating

Good energy, seems to be helping out nicely. I think it is a great addition to a solid diet, not a supplement for a bad one.

jenni393's Rating

Got a free sample and tried before my workout. I was miserable. Shaky, nauseous and uncomfortable. I will admit "I killed my workout" then got home and was still feeling awful from it . . . crashed HARD!

1-20 of 169 Reviews
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