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Support Mood and Focus, Elevate Energy, Promote Metabolism, and Enhance Endurance*

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Lesliealitz's Rating

Way too much niacin in this product - gave me chills and broke out in goosebumps while doing cardio......won't purchase again

PeterKatzmayr's Rating

I love this fat burner because of the thermogenics! thrust me, you will never sweat more or be able to push your self harder than when you are on one of these.

NestorDaniels's Rating

After taking this product for a bit over a month, I can say that it really works and works well This will have you sweating so much during your workouts and help you burn a lot of fat due to your elevated body temperature. So much energy as well, This stuff will make you want to give your all in the gym for sure.

gizzygordy's Rating

I rate this low because I have so much nausea and shakiness with this pre workout supplement and only this one! I can't even finish the bottle. I have taken it at least 15 times just to make sure. I can't even complete a workout due to the nausea.

djbrosco's Rating

I'm on my second round of B4 and I have no complaints. The only reason I did not give it a 10 is because I recently had to start taking 2 pills, as I've built a tolerance. But ever since, my strength and endurance have skyrocketed! I also love the burn that the Niacin gives, to heat up my core. And it gives just enough of a dose of caffeine to boost my focus, but not give the jitters. And I don't experience any crash later. I've also notice my abs becoming more prominent with no extra focus on ab work needed. Overall, a great all-around product. The two pills I now take in the morning, allows me to stop taking the pre-(Hyde) used to take along with it. Not necessary now!

MidnightHawk's Rating

BPI's B4 claims to Support Mood and Focus, Elevate Energy, Promote Metabolism, and Enhance Endurance. BPI didn't lie about any of these claims. My mood and focus and energy were truly incredible, and I could feel the thermogenic effect at work. The only reason I didn't rate this a full 10 is appetite suppressant wasn't where I expected it to be. It curbed my appetite, yes, but was feeling hungry within just a few hours. If you want a double plus from B4 then I suggest following up with a scoop of 1MR Vortex about an hour after dosing B4. Still would recommend this to others if looking for a good fat burner that works like it claims.

EthanAnderson41's Rating

I have been using B4 for while now, I would say that I have gone through at least 6 bottles over time and I have nothing but good things to say about it. The energy is clean and does not give my any jitters and that is perfect because I like to use B4 as a pre workout.

dadirtiestplaya's Rating

It's a really good product switched from a preworkout powder...I am a heavy sweat hog so I am not sure about the additional sweating but it definitely raises my focus during workouts!

AndyShaffer's Rating

This is an awesome fat burner, the thermogenic is insane! Makes you sweat like crazy!

MattAtkins3's Rating

This is my second bottle of B4,I stared using this on a friends recommendation because for football, our coach has us eating a lot of food to keep out weight up. with this product I can rest assured that I will not be putting on fat, only lean muscle.

NathanHessing's Rating

I am not big on fat burners but my best friend really likes this product and always tells me I should take it. finally one day I gave in and had one that he was offering me before my workout...... I cant believe what I have been missing. since that day my workouts have been more intense and more productive.

NickWilson78's Rating

As a person that has a bit of trouble trimming down excess fat, I need to use a product to get an extra edge to help me out and B4 is that product. The thing I like most about it is that it is a thermogenic and because of that it raises my body temperature and makes me burn more fat.

AdrianGlover's Rating

I am on my third bottle of B4 and it wont be the last! This product has really helped me burn fat from problem areas as well as energized me for my workouts. The thing that i like about it the most is that it is a thermogenic and makes me sweat a lot.

NinaCruz's Rating

This fat burner makes me sweat a lot and burn more fat when I do my spinning classes. It is a great supplement to help you get motivated by providing you with energy and helps you get more out of the work you put in.

JessicaDavis89's Rating

I was gaining some weight and could not fit into some of the cloth I like so I decided to do something about it. I bought a bottle of B4 and started working out four times a week, problem solved. Could not have done it without B4!

DavidClinton22's Rating

I really like this fat burner because not only is it a stimulant based fat burner, but it id a thermogenic as well. This product helps me work up much more sweat than I normally do. I can definitely feel the energy and fat burning during an intense workout.

RolandDesmond's Rating

I was always looking for a fat burner that could keep up with my fitness needs and I finally came across B4. The best thing about B4 is that it gives you a lot of energy, but it does not makes you crash and that is a proble I have encountered with others.

HelenaRosa's Rating

I’m very particular about what I put in my body. Food, drinks, supplements, etc. So when I was looking for a fat burner, I really didn’t want anything hat would mess with my system. Lucky me I was introduced to B4 at a convention and its herbal formal is exactly what coordinates with my lifestyle.

SusanRichards's Rating

I’m a former cheerleader/dancer. I was introduced to B4 from one of my teammates during the off season and I’m so glad she did. My workouts were consistent and I was able to look even better for the next season.

GinaMartin54's Rating

I worked on cruise ships in the entertainment department and its essential for us to be in tip top shape. Unfortunately delicious food is everywhere but along with willpower and B4, my cruise workouts are much more effective and makes saying no to coconut flan and Apple Crisp every night a lot easier.

1-20 of 272 Reviews