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BPI Sports A-HD Reviews

May Help Promote Muscle Growth, Bone Density, and Strength*

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slusk29's Rating

Awesome results!! With this product I noticed a good gain in my strength and a increase in my pump. Didn't notice a big diffrence my size but did see a lil growth and the best thing is I didn't lose my strength after I stop using it. I will use the product again for sure!!!!


if u waste ur money on this product ur an idiot. bpi is a terrible company and this product will not do anything for u. they use scientific terms for ingredients like (flax seed) or ginger lol the fact that ppl fall for this is amazing

gameronline's Rating

Stacked it with lipo 6 unlimited and getting awesome results. As the product says sweating like sitting in sauna with boosted libido

kr0ss31's Rating
Blue Raspberry

this does not work and is crap. does nothing!!!! if you are looking for something better use another test booster. this is a sham and should be taken off the site.

chivbrah's Rating
Fruit Punch

This tasted a bit weird, not bad, just a bit weird, over the period that I was using this I got a lot stronger, made some size gains, but my strength skyrocketed without many other factors, there weren't any side effects to it either, pretty sound product.

jre5490's Rating

I definitely have seen some strength gains. I find myself in a much better mood than normal. I also sleep like a baby at night. Definitely would recommend.

vander10's Rating

Approved. I increased my weight and my muscle volume and felt stronger during the 48 days that used the A-HD. Recommend to anyone who wants to increase their muscle mass and get stronger. Actually the A-HD is a great stimulator of testosterone, you feel it pulsing in his veins!

masterben's Rating

I bought the 42 capsule bottle. I didn't really notice much difference while on this versus not being on it. I think I'll stick with tribulus + ZMA I usually get.

eleckttruss's Rating
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I'm a BIG BPI fan but And the only way that you can see results with A-HD it's taking 2 pills with breakfast And 2 pills with dinner ..... So I will give 5/10

aln938's Rating

I must say I'm very pleased with this product. I'm on my second cycle now and I wish I could continue using it without taking a four week break. This time I'm stacking it with solid and the results are amazing. I find myself training harder using this product, I guess its because I'm still in the testing phase. Some say it's the placebo affect, I'm not sure that's true, but if it is that's OK as long as I'm seeing results.

musclemando's Rating
Blue Raspberry

I have used the capsule form and it was great but this time I decided to try the powder version. I absolutely hated it! It says it's stimulant based and has yohimbe in it, now I've taken high doses of yohimbe and rauwolscine before but whatever is in this is scary. I took my serving in morning on a full stomach and my heart rate still shoots up to 110 while sitting still. It is not a pleasant feeling, I was scared for my life. The capsules were excellent but this powder gave me one of the worst feelings I have ever had.

Brookllyn13's Rating

Brookllyn13 did not leave a written review for this product.

jmcnaughton88's Rating

jmcnaughton88 did not leave a written review for this product.

liferugby2's Rating

Hello first off let me tell you a story. About 6 months ago I finished a cycle of cutters and water weight dropping steriods. But being a novice I forgot to buy a pct. after doing research I found that dhea and a-he were two great pcts on the market. After taking them for about 3 weeks I have noticed my definonition come back my strength comeback and my mood and sex drive even out. Overall I will recommend this to everyone who either wants or is on steriods.

Dosai's Rating

I tried a lot of testoboosters but this 1 worked for me just fine! After 5 cycles the effect is the same: first 3-5 days headaches and massive strength increase after that high libido and you enrage all the time! After 10 days it makes me really agressive but you will get used to it if you can ;) Most of the time I just wanted to hit ppl. and spend all my time in the gym. I tried ext real test before that but ahd just beats it! Only side effects I had again where headaches and rage, but with hight test levels think its ok :D

jesse9993's Rating

SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN , , the ingredients on the lable for the 28 cap. box is defferent then the 42 cap box , same thing with the powder containers . They all have DEFFERENT INGREDIENTS or are they all the same ? (and the 28 capsule box looks more professional if you ask me)

cadman411's Rating

Felt effects of this supplement fast and had good success while on it.

Jmacks's Rating

Jmacks did not leave a written review for this product.

TheProspect2's Rating

Great product! Best to stack with Solid. Also it continues to work on your off cycle.

tshat82's Rating

tshat82 did not leave a written review for this product.

1-20 of 261 Reviews
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