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Intense Ingredients to Increase Energy and Stamina During Workouts*

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JaykaosAU's Rating

Worst i've tried so far.. I'd say it was a weak C-4...

SoulRipper677's Rating

Orange taste is just horrible, this pre workout will give you a nice pump and a little boost, but after few days it stops working, i just got some little pumps from it but nothing special, even tho i would use it for only 2 workouts weekly

aciddncl's Rating

I got myself a sampler of this due to positive reviews and need a small dose for a workout after work. Personally this didnt quite do it for me the way other pre workouts have and i cannot remember the flavour or taste to give a rating on that. I would say it isnt as good as i expected but not really bad as i could still feel it slightly and it would be better than no pre workout but there are definately better one out there

Boekestyn's Rating

Boekestyn did not leave a written review for this product.

Cenatiempo222's Rating

I got a free sample of this stuff in the Blueberry Lemon Ice flavor, and stacked half a serving with a scoop of Blue Raz Blox aminos today for my shoulder workout. Needless to say, it was the TASTIEST pre-workout I've ever had(as expected when combining 2 BPI products). The pump was great. It delivered slow, steady focus & energy. 3 hours after my workout I still feel very focused and energized. I had a killer workout, set a PR on shoulder press today and left the gym basically because my grip/hands were giving out, this stuff could have pushed me through another 30-60mins of lifting without a doubt. It felt like my muscular endurance was unstoppable. I literally cannot say enough about this product.

Kanderson526's Rating

Kanderson526 did not leave a written review for this product.

fitnesslife360's Rating

fitnesslife360 did not leave a written review for this product.

Barbervinny's Rating

I've been using 1MR for about 4 weeks; 5 days a week. Regarding flavour and taste I wasn't very pleased. I've been using the watermelon flavour, the texture is quite gritty and powdery but the taste isn't too bad. You get a decent pump I guess. Heavy hit of caffeine also helps, which the 1mr has. Overall I'd stick to the bsn no explode.

Limppu's Rating

Incredible rush of energy, power, and focus. 1 scoop had me bouncing off walls and going crazy. Loved it! Gave me the best workout yet (legs) with ridiculous power. I highly recommend it.

mikicy's Rating

mikicy did not leave a written review for this product.

t2cben's Rating

I thought this preworkout would be an absolute hit. It seemed to have no effect on me unfortunately. I was pretty disappointed with this product. No energy increase no focus. Just an overall bad product.

Kris0x0's Rating

this will deff get u jacked b4 a workout! I only use half the dose and it still does the job!

jbendzik's Rating

Something has changed with the formula, not as good as it used to be.

ndk72394's Rating

I received samples of this countless times and have also had some given to me by a friend. I have tried a few different pre workout drinks and this is my favorite along with C4 extreme. Every time I had 1MR I felt very energized and motivated. I also felt very focused with this product which is something no other pre workout does for me.

drew1115's Rating

drew1115 did not leave a written review for this product.

SeanKeefer's Rating

didn't care at for the taste of the effect it had.

englishal's Rating

Absolute garbage. Got a sample in my BB.com order, figured I'd check it out. Not only did this product have a nasty chemical aftertaste, but it didn't actually provide any noticeable benefit whatsoever. I might have let this slide, as it was a free sample, but I'm annoyed at how bad it was! It's a shame because 1MR from 2010-2011 was an excellent product.

gbullock32's Rating

Taste was good, mixes without any issue and smells good. But what of the effect? One More Rep indeed, fantastic energy and focus that is glorious! Toss in a decent pump and this really is a complete package all rolled in to one delicious drink, highly recommended.

kodimcgovern44's Rating

1MR used to be my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE pre workout. This new forumla is trash. Sorry bpi but go back to your old formula. That stuff was amazing and gave me the best workouts and energy/focus of anything else out there. Now all I get is a little buzz.. New 1MR gave me minor tunnel vision, some focus and a little bit of energy. I remember taking it and zoning completely in on my workouts, tingling for a bit and just getting manic at the gym. The new tasted a lot better, but the old stuff was AMAZING. :( :( :(

cdf731's Rating

I would not recommend this to someone who is used to using pre-workouts........if i cant feel it in one way or another, its not doing anything. Taste terrible as well

1-20 of 1,699 Reviews