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Intense Ingredients to Increase Energy and Stamina During Workouts*

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cullen7c's Rating

Definitely got a good pump and honestly the best tasting pre-workout I've ever had. However, the side effects I experienced were not even close to worth it. I have taken a lot of different pre-workouts and and typically not that sensitive to most of these products but one scoop of this made me extremely nauseated throughout my lift. About 45 minutes into my workout, my vision started to blur pretty severely (terrifying), I then started shivering but still pouring sweat. BAD reaction. Took me about two hours to feel human again. Part of me wants to try to take a smaller dose but the sensible part of me just says that maybe this product is a pass.


Thank You for the reviews on 1.M.R Vortex, made it easy for me to move on, I am a user of the old 1.M.R and that was Seriously Good Stuff as far as how my body reacted to it, the Vortex one I can see is seriously lacking from the old ingredience concentration, not worth my time, not worth my money. Still using Redline Extreme but something seems to be a touch different about that one now too, maybe it is just me, now to give another a shot to see if it has what it takes to move me.

maxconway1's Rating

WOW! this pre-workout definitely isn't for the supplement novice. its formula is super effective, great focus and energy through out my whole workout. The flavor is honestly one of the best flavors I've ever tried. Not sure about the other flavors. I would strongly recommend that if you are sensitive to stimulants that you start off with a half of scoop, this stuff is strong! Bpi did good with this one.

Sanch37's Rating

So today was my first time using the new formula 1MR. Kicked in 40 minutes in. I had alread drank a bunch of water the day before and continued to do so but oddly enough my vision became very blurry. I was unable to see the friggen clock on the wall. Mouth was very water the whole workout so I was spitting while breathing heavy lol about a couple hours after workout which was 5 hours after I took it I was sweating like I was still on the Battleropesropes. My body was very hot and I was sweating through my undershirt and work cloths. It was a very uncomfortable experience so I returned it after work and got me some Stimul8.

h20sword's Rating

I feel like I wasted my money. Chalky, didn't mix well with water, residue in cup and didn't feel any benefits whatsoever

Epicsperience's Rating

I believe the Niacin might have caused my body to react negatively from this. There were other factors that could have attributed to me almost throwing up that day, but this may have been the main offender. Will try again in the future as I still have 29 servings left...

94romy's Rating

Great product. Sometimes a half scoop is plenty. I never got that bad nervous feeling.

furyhockey's Rating

Big improvement from the OG formula. I like the energy blend and the flavoring is spot on. Would have been nice to have some added agmatine and/or norvaline for some added pumps. Great nootropic blend with Choline, Gamma, and Carnitine!

EthenJones's Rating

This is a strong product, no doubt about that! I dont this this one is for everyone but if you like stimulants and want a nice kick this is the product for you.

AndrewCocker's Rating

AndrewCocker did not leave a written review for this product.

vigoelias's Rating

I'll say the good before I tear this thing a new one. The energy was good during the workout. That's it! Everyone else's review has been spot on. It's been almost 2 hours since I left the gym and I'm still having cold sweats. While I didn't experience any jitters or other effects, sweating while I'm in my air conditioned house is not my idea of fun. And I live in Texas so I don't need another reason to sweat! At least this was only a free sample and I didn't pay to feel like this. Stay away!

NestorVasquez's Rating

Great pre it gets me into the right mindset for the gym, the focus is great and it also has some ingredient in there makes you really thermionic, I really like it for cardio.

chrissysor14's Rating

Pre-workout done SO SO right!! Admittedly not a usual fan of pre-workout blends...as I'm so picky with my supplements...couple that with my high stim tolerance, & for most products I need so many scoops to get good energy that the amounts of fillers & other ingredients give me horrible jitters, bloat, or the "itchies". In fact, for the past 1.5yrs I've been buying individual unflavored supplements & mixing my own pre...stacked with just caffeine tabs & flavored by BCAA'S. 1MR is just straight smooth. No hot flashes, nono jitters, no bee stings. Focus, energy, endurance. Start off basic, 1/2 a scoop, to gauge your sweet spot with it. Mine is 1.5 scoops...to compare, the last actual blend I used was C4 Lean Extreme & at 4 scoops...which gave me a weird hypo after affect, no bueno. I'm totally sold on this one...my new love!! PS...Watermelon freeze is deliciousness stacked with BPI's lime sherbert flavored Best Creatine!! #yourwelcome

VanessaVeil's Rating

Awesome focus, but the energy is just unbelievable! I really like this one.

PeterJordan63's Rating

PeterJordan63 did not leave a written review for this product.

JohnReed53's Rating

Received a sample of this new 1MR inn the mail and I loved it! Be warned it is not for the guy who walks into the gym and does that weak 90min workout. I am in the gym for a minimum of 2 and a half hours and YES you sweat A LOT, but if you actually workout hard and do cardio you will burn through the ingredient that makes you sweat.

JoshCastro's Rating

This stuff is great! I feel like PWOs have lost their potency over the years but this really brings it back to the old days.

Medispawn6606's Rating

I received this product as a free sample included with a previous order. I've tried 5-6 different pre-workout supplements in the past (usually 2 servings at a time), but I tried the one serving provided in this sample and immediately regretted it. After 15 minutes I broke out in cold sweats and felt like I was going to pass out. I tried to do my workout, but had to stop because I was afraid I might collapse. My body temperature was cyclical (extreme hots/colds) for more than 2 hours. I'm not sure how this stuff is even legal. If you are sensitive to stimulants, then stay away from this product.

gabefedota's Rating

OMG bodybuilding.com needs to not put these things as free samples. It can't be safe. I all of a sudden I had massive issues with sweating that wouldn't stop and massive jitters. I didn't even go to the gym or do anything active and the sweating wouldn't stop. This is still two hours after I took it. Seems I should've read the reviews before taking it. Don't buy it!

JoshuaHatfield's Rating

Besides from the taste being amazing, that's absolutely the only postive thing I can say about this product. I don't know why, but their's ALOT of side effects with that brand new 30 serving "1 M.R. preworkout. Keep in mind that I'm a pretty big guy & I have a high tolerance to stimulants such as preworkouts & fat burners & I've been taking them since 2011 since the original "Jack 3d". This stuff felt like I was poisoned. I was sweating way too much, even more than usual. My mouth couldn't stop salivating. My mouth felt like a dang super soaker lol. It seemed like they put alot of diuretics in the preworkout which made me sweat profusely, my mouth salivate like crazy & also felt dehydrated, even though I drank 3/4 Gallon of water before my workout. I also felt extremely faint, drowsy & sleepy. Turns out they put an ingredient in it called "GABA" which is what people take to promote restful sleep, but BPI SPORTS claim is for you to stay focus, which is quite the opposite actually. BPI SPORTS is promoting this to be "THE BEST PREWORKOUT EVER" but in reality, this has got to be the worst preworkout ever. Please pass this on to the others at BPI SPORTS because this has the potential to kill someone in the Gym. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PRODUCT!!!

1-20 of 27 Reviews