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BPI Sports NITE-BURN Reviews

Promotes Rest, Relaxation, and Metabolic Enhancement*

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BMeddaugh's Rating

So i have been taking Nite-Burn for a month now and as far as sleeping goes it works. Works pretty well actually, and you can feel it just hit you when youre laying in bed. I usually wake up one or two times a night, this CAN give you a full nights sleep, granted everyone has different sleep habits and sleep schedules. The reason i don't give it a 10 is because I know for a fact the fat burner does work, but it really plays a huge factor what you eat before you go to bed and during the day, i recommend taking these pills on an empty stomache.If you are intermittent fasting, these works perfectly.

klinkdogg's Rating

I took this because I wanted a stimulant free product. The pills are easy to swallow, it helps me sleep, but I notice I am extremely tired and depleted in the morning. I didn't notice a drop in body fat or weight either. I wouldn't purchase this product again.

MissInfiniti's Rating

I give it a 6/10. It made me feel drowsy (not to the point of sleeping pills, a mild drowsy) and did help me fall asleep, but does not help me stay asleep. I often wake up in the middle of the night and this did not stop that. I did have more dreams than regular so I can tell that something about it does effect me. Did it help me burn fat? I've lost weight/fat, but I'm also currently on a weight loss calorie deficit diet as well as taking other supplements so there is no way for me to tell if this contributed to that loss. I liked that it helped me relax and fall asleep without being harsh like sleeping pills and I was able to wake up in the morning without that horrible sleeping pill drowsiness that sticks with you in the morning. Would I buy again? Probably not worth the money for me.

Builttough77's Rating

I like it a lot. It helps me sleep and burns fat at the same time. Key ingredients: raspberry ketone, and melatonin.

MatthewScallon's Rating

Awesome product. It really helps you relax and get a great night sleep. I have had more dreams then ever which allows me to know i am consistently getting rem sleep which is great for recovery. I have used this product since before I know about and it has aided my weight loss from 255 lbs to 225 lbs. You do need at least 7 hours for sleep when taking this.

coachmix's Rating

Ive been taking this for a month and haven't slept better in years!

cmalick's Rating

This didn't really make a difference in DAT burn but helped me sleep through the night.

heldsouza's Rating

Its been a month that I am taking it regularly. I sincerely dont see any major difference on my fat lost, maybe a little, but once I've been changing my diet and I have some little stubborn fat to loose, I am not sure about its efficiency. For me it really helps on sleep, and I am really surprised about it, because I am not usually too sensitive to stimulants/relaxants. Let's see the next month...

verko's Rating

Excellent product, been taking for almost 2 weeks and i sleep through the night much better. Was waking up every couple hours before, now i sleep right through the night. As for fat burning, who knows. Its hard to tell if this helps or not as im taking lots of sups, and working out, eating clean etc. I've lost about 2 pounds since taking it though.

mrjasonherron7's Rating

I bought this one week ago , I was in shock trauma two time already , one for a head injury. I never got more than 5 hours sleep a night. I have to say I sleep 8 hours now and dont wake up drowsy.The thermogentic works well also. I lost 6 pounds in one week and I lift heavy and workout 4-6 days a week. I would recommend this product .

FlorAustin's Rating

FlorAustin did not leave a written review for this product.

ChristinaGEE's Rating

I took my first dose last night, so I can't say much about the fat loss side of the product, but as far as putting me to sleep, I was knocked the f*** out! It did take a little time for it to work, but once it did I slept for 11 hours. It's a good thing I'm on leave and don't have to go to work for the next 5 days! I woke up feeling like I could have even slept longer. I'm excited to see what lies ahead as far as fat burning, since I'm sensitive to stimulants. **UPDATE** OCT21 SOOOOOO...I am officially in LOVE with this! I sleep better, recover better, and am burning fat, which is super nice since I stack it with my day burner as well. Fat burning 24/7! I love BPI products and havent been let down as of yet.

Tommy_Guns's Rating

Felt some night time relaxation, no real fat loss noticed while using this product but I do feel it had some positive benefits. For the price I will not buy again.

bmarchia's Rating

Great fora night time recovery. Compared this to some others I have taken and all i can say is this product is top notch. Definitely worth buying!

JeffCreen's Rating

Great for recovery and building lean muscle mass!

lucasfootball10's Rating

Did not give me any jitters from stimulants and actually helped produce some great sleep. Dropped about 2% of my body fat down to 8% as well.

danter911's Rating

I love this product. I did tried many different kind fat burner and it always give me stomachache. But not this product. It GAVE me a good sleep while burn fat. While I take those and I got some results from 1 inch loss every two weeks. So, I high recommend to everybody who want burn fat while sleep.

mstrube6891's Rating

I love nite-burn. It doesn't keep me awake like many thermogenic fat burners because it is a non-stimulant and it feels great to know I am burning fat while I sleep. I think I even sleep better when I am taking this than when I am not. I have always loved bpi products and been very impressed and this time is no different.

stad0203's Rating

This is an awesome product, I started taking it first because I was curious about night time supplements to curb some of my caffeine intake and to also sample the new products BPi comes out with (Because they are all amazing). but was happy to find not only easier to fall asleep, but much better sleep. I'm writing this review as I complete checkout for another 2 bottles, one for me and they other for my girlfiriend who used a 1/3 of my first bottle!

MikeHoncho82's Rating

Great product. Used on my last cut for a month. Helped me get great rest and I feel it helped with my weight loss. Will use again!

1-20 of 64 Reviews
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