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BPI Sports Creatine Alkaline Reviews

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mks0031's Rating

So I've probably tried just about every main stream brand creatine that you can think of. Cell Mass by BSN, ON's micronized creatine powder, beast creature, cellucor's, Cell tech by muscle tech, etc. This is the best one I've had. Hands down. Buy it. Great gains in a short time.

bbcobra96's Rating

bbcobra96 did not leave a written review for this product.

rwforce's Rating

Convenient, no bloating, easy on digestive system, easy to carry.

DCrow13's Rating

Did not see much results. Sad, couse I like the brand.

s0ldier898's Rating

my favorite creatine quick and easy to take. doesnt bloat gives me strength and keeps me full probally gonna be using this creatine for along time to come. price is great especially when they offer there buy 1 get 1 offers. best creatine for its price i never have less than 2 bottles on me. i take 4 months on 1 off

Bigpipes's Rating

Bigpipes did not leave a written review for this product.

SWS76's Rating

SWS76 did not leave a written review for this product.

Errn2011's Rating

Just bought this product and have a question the s****ested dose is two tablets which is 1500mg seems a little low are you suppose to load with this product and should the post loading dosage be 4-5grams per day?

JZ74's Rating

I started with this product soon after it was available, I consistently take in AM when I wake, PM before I go to bed. I noticed no significant changes in my lifting capabilities until about the 3rd week...since that my lifting has improved significantly ie. squat machine from 700 to 1055...incline bench from 320 to 410...flat bench from 225 to 315.......list goes on!!! My only change was adding this product, placebo or the real thing??? With what I'm doing now, I'd go with the real thing! Great product with great results, be patient and it will pay off for you!!!

jjmcgrath's Rating

Enjoyed the convenience of the capsules. This creatine works well for me.

wallacerage's Rating

This creatine is pretty good. i have had some better in the past but for the price its not bad at all.

FluxCharlie's Rating

This has to be one of the most outstanding Creatine products that I have taken. After a few weeks I started to notice strength and stamina increase. This product dosing is very easy to follow. My only complaint is that I'm out and need to buy more. Will purchase in a few day after washout phase.

rynomike's Rating

For some reason I noticed nothing while taking this product, not sure why maybe genetic make up. Not going to knock it Never know unless you try

Briand161's Rating

Big differents in my abs after two weeks. Arms saw results after about a month. I will continue to use this product. Stacked with 1 M R vortex. Feel unstoppable at the gym!!!!

msayas's Rating

This is the only creatine that I have taken and can actually feel it working during my workout. Gives a great pump and that extra stamina for a few more reps at the end of my workout. Highly recommend this creatine.

NickD2432's Rating

This is a great alternative to creatine powder and its easier to take. Seems to be more advanced than other creatine products(which intrigued me). I'm trying to be more consistent on taking it daily(mainly on off days), but it definitely gives me a nice pump. I feel it enables me to get in a a few more reps too. I seem to recover faster from workouts as well. I've added some size to my arms which for me, is the hardest muscle to grow. My pecs hardened up quicker than expected. A definite buy. BPI makes great products.

cgreen88's Rating

Best creatine product on the market! I felt stronger with my first dose! Talk about simplicity?! Just pop 2 pills pre and post workout and you're good to go!

viksfan's Rating

very good product. I have used other brands of creatine in the past and this one seems to give me better results. I have noticed more size and less muscle fatigue while at the gym.

Atownscarecrow's Rating

Amazing strength gains instantly. Definitely helping me during the bulking phase.

chvyguy's Rating

Really like this product. I have been using it for several months now and have noticed seen size gains (18lbs) as well as strength gains. Can definitely tell a difference when I don't take it versus when I do. Recommend it to any one looking for a good creatine product.

1-20 of 66 Reviews
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