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Athletic Edge Nutrition APE Reviews

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mr.i-can's Rating

I truly love this product and have taken it for three cycles. This product not only helps with my strength but it allows me to aggressively handle business in the gym and continuously in the sack ( just being honest). After pulling long hours at work on the ship, out sea this is my wonder drug.

coffey33033's Rating

Pretty sure this product gave me some mild Gyno. Certainly no legitimate effects on strength or test, maybe a small placebo effect. Will not purchase again.

coltdabolt's Rating

i Haven't tryed alot of test boosters, I did not noticed a diffrence other then a little strength increase. I Wont buy this again.

pjlaw88's Rating

I have used APE a few times. If used properly it is incredible. I follow the instructions on the box and I have gotten awesome results. For example I went from incline benching 70lb dumbells for apporx. 6 reps (3rd set) to benching 80lb dumbells for 8-10 (3rd set) and 90's flat after about week 4 the strength really started coming. I am at approx. 163lbs bodyweight. Try an 8-week run of APE, you will not regret it.

v4vascular's Rating

I'm very disappointed with the quality of this product and service experienced with AEN. I initially started using APE early last year and experienced some of the best performance and physique enhancing gains ever! Unfortunately, in my last few bottles of purchase and after almost three months off cycling, I began to notice almost a zero effect with the product. I consulted with BB.com and I also emailed AEN to ask them to look into it and both initially responded telling me that I need to give my body more time off cycling which i personally dont believe is the case. After using this product for a while, I understand my response to it, and I strongly believe that the product ingredient label has suffered a deficit of some sort. I keep re-emailing AEN via the same email address they replied to me from and now suddenly my emails keep bouncing back. This would not have mattered to me if I did not spend close to $200.00 in total on this item!

e92m3redline's Rating

Great ingredients and the fenugreek helps with creatine absorption. I take with phase 8, muscle rush pre, and kre-alk. Im also taking zma which I like. I dont think I need a test booster but I feel the it works to add energy and endurance.

chestertm's Rating

TL;DR - AEN's quality control is about as effective as an elliptical - stay away from the 80 cap bottles. I've been a religious user of AEN's products for the last two years but this is the first one I've ever felt the NEED to post a review for. Last week I received the featured 80 capsule bottle of Ape along with several cans of PSU. Both products have been a disappointment but Ape has me really worried. The basic problem is that the bottle is too small for 80 capsules - several capsules were crushed but, even worse, four of them were stuck to the tamper seal! The plastic(?) film was actually irremovably bonded to the capsule. Extremely disappointing first impression, especially since I've been recommending presurge & intrabolic to literally everyone I know. Personally I can't trust the chemistry when they mess up on basics like packaging. It's sad to say this but AEN permanently lost a customer with this one...

XJC616's Rating

XJC616 did not leave a written review for this product.

E_P_C's Rating

APE delivers in all areas. Energy, libido, sleep, recovery, and also some nice benefits in the strength and body recompostition areas. Easily one of the top test boosters on the market. Have realistic expectations and this product will complement your training nicely. I have used the pills on three different cycles and saw the most noticeable benefits when cutting weight. The APE definitely played a huge part in increasing strength and lifts while dropping a significant amount of body fat. A well round product for sure and definitely worth giving a shot. The 80ct also is a great deal fyi

Rjeezie's Rating

I got a chance to try both the pills and the powder of APE. I was doing a recomp. Honestly, I didn't drop any weight at the end of my use, however, this is due to not eating right and doing no cardio. Anyways, I did get a LOOOOTTTTTT stronger. I was lifting much heavier weight than I have before. All in all, it is a pretty decent product, though I preferred the powder form better.

jkh1125's Rating

I have been taking ape for ten week and increased my benching by 40 pounds, cardio comes easy, sex drive is beast mold. I recommend

Remmy187's Rating

Remmy187 did not leave a written review for this product.

chinyong's Rating

was unlucky and got nothing out of it....

DiabloDaveOKC's Rating

I don't know how well it works as a test booster but if you want to drive your appetite through the roof then start taking these. I was starving all the time.

scottyb05's Rating

full review: http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=157766703&p=1151926013#post1151926013

miken2828's Rating

I have been struggling with energy for the past year and needed naps everyday after work before hitting the gym. Mood was garbage and just didn't feel myself. I've taken other testosterone boosters before and never had a result like this. Been taking about a week and I have energy none stop all day and body just feels great. Highly recommend this product.

canadakid's Rating

Really great test booster! Taste is not the best, has a bit of a pepper burning taste but if you mix it with something (CreatineRT), it is not a problem. I started to notice the effects in about 7-10 days. Increased strength, energy and some non gym related effects which you want from a test booster. I ended up using 2 tubs of the product and gained 10 pounds in 7 weeks. Definitely worth the money!

shotputted's Rating

I used the caps for weeks 5-8 of my run (started with the powder). The product is great for giving you a boost in mood so you feel great and are ready to destroy the gym. Taking this on an off day is tough because you feel like you need to get up and do something! The pills have some added convenience because they are easier to travel with than powder, but they take longer to kick in and I prefer the powder personally but would use either in the future depending on which had a better deal going. I s****est going for a full 8 week run to try it out because weeks 1-4 get an 8/10 rating but weeks 5-8 were where it really shined and earns a 9/10 rating.


This is one of the best T-boosters/body recomposition supplements available. Solid strength and muscle gains while losing fat with no modification on diet. Libido, recovery. endurance and sense of well being are great when using APE, turns you into a beast in the weight and bed rooms ;) no side effects to speak of. AEN makes quality products.

Irishcowboy55's Rating

Let me start by saying that I have taken various Test boosters and have not seen the results like i did with APE. I took this supplement to see what it was all about and trust me the product is worth every penny. I managed to gain 7 pounds without adding any body fat, strength went up immediately, got bigger and leaner. Increased vascularity and had amazing workouts, will def make you feel more alpha male but overall it a was an awesome product hands down.

1-20 of 211 Reviews
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