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EzE84's Rating

Tried a 2 month supply and came in not expecting super human results. But I know what even a cheap container of DAA has done for me in the past and this came nowhere close to that. People are too quick to throw out 10 ratings for a product.

Proprietor's Rating

I don't like going without this stuff any more...To bad it's a bit on the steep side, the big thing for myself is the pumps and increase in metabolism. Every workout feels like my muscles are going to explode 10/10. It makes me feel really good. Small side effect was rock hard and mild soreness in the nipples.

bob97213's Rating

very unhappy with this Athletic Edge felt nothing at all and they where unable to complete my order this is the first product that I have gotten from BODYBUILDING.Com that I felted disappointed in I for sure will never buy any thing else from Athletic Edge

hobbcal's Rating

I know without a doubt that LIV and APE helped me achieve a Personal Record today after just 45 days! I've kept records for 7 years and I am the strongest I've EVER been thanks to Atheletic Edge and my hardwork at 45 years old. I'm honestly amazed. Thanks! : )

v4vascular's Rating

This is an update from my previous review. I was fortunate to receive and use the updated version (2014/2015 pre-repackaging) of AEN's APE and I am exceptionally impressed with the results! While over the history of my use of this product (+/- three years to date), I did experience some varied results from a few, perhaps out date batches, I must say overall changes in my physique from using APE have been nothing but phenomenal. APE most certainly delivers in all areas of testosterone elevation, lean muscle acquisition, fat loss and overall strength and recovery. I would recommend stacking this product with an equally exceptional nitric oxide product (like AEN's Steel Edge) to experience maximum muscle pumps!

tequilamio's Rating

tequilamio did not leave a written review for this product.

jeffreyraia3's Rating

I just finished my first bottle and I rate APE as my favorite Test booster thus far. I've tried most of the brands out there and honestly the only ones that ever worked for me were P6 Extreme and now Ape. Ape to me seems to work a little better than P6 and at a much cheaper price. The reason I gave it a 9 instead of a 10 is because Test Boosters in general really don't jack up your Test levels all that much. It's almost not worth it to buy one. Now I'm not sure if it helps my gains or not but it does do a decent job with my labido and with giving me that Alpha Male feel. For the price and the results APE is the product for me!

JoshFaust2's Rating

Been using this product for about a week and a half now LOVE it! only have to take the pills in the morning or before workout which usually for test boosters you have to take them a few times throughout the day which is either a hassle or you forget! Also the difference in constant vascularity and my pump has gone up consistently. Definitely a great product to add to the arsenal, and i haven't seen any reason why this wouldn't make a great product if you are trying to bulk or put on a bit of size while still staying lean!

ProllyStuff's Rating

This product was excellent my first 2 cycles. I could literally see and feel the strength gains I acquired. Also dropped weight, so theres some validity to its recomposition properties. However by the 3rd cycle, these results diminished. Not sure why. Also my libido has always been extremely high, but since I stopped taking this product has dropped significantly! Don't know if I can blame this product for that or not. I did take other supplements and had a 30th birthday... Anybody experience something similar with this product?

Cristabuild's Rating

really great product. On my 3rd bottle now. Great price here. all 3 bottles I've purchased have given me phenomenal results, I am really impressed with this test booster and I will be purchasing it again and recommending to my buddies.

pinterestlady's Rating

Bought this product twice at a local retailer, now stocking up on it here for my boyfriend. This was an excellent gift and I am a very happy girl, product works as advertised and no complaints on his end or mine.

Aramirezjr's Rating

Started taking APE about 2 weeks ago and have now really started to notice the strength gains. I had been taking bulk DAA, but this is a better method for me as it is easier to take in pill form than trying to mix DAA with anything. Also now I am noticing quicker recovery and I feel like I can push myself more. APE will be part of my stack going forward as one of my preferred Test boosters.

MindHydraulics's Rating

Cant stop ordering this stuff and it's not cheap getting it to the Western Australian desert but well worth the cost. I can see the booster did not work for some people, unfortunately that's just how it is, what might work for some will not necessarily work for others. My own experience with APE has been great, I dont like exercising without it. I went without for 2 months and there was a noticeable difference in my performance and results. Mostly pros for this product and one small con which wasn't really enough to knock it down to 9/10. Pros - Energy levels elevated - Libido increase - Those wonderful pumps - Increase in appetite - Personal records broken weekly - Feeling good in general - Alpha buzz - Better sleeps Cons - Can take a week to kick in - Pricey but worth it

pavelbuka's Rating

pavelbuka did not leave a written review for this product.

mr.i-can's Rating

I truly love this product and have taken it for three cycles. This product not only helps with my strength but it allows me to aggressively handle business in the gym and continuously in the sack ( just being honest). After pulling long hours at work on the ship, out sea this is my wonder drug.

coffey33033's Rating

Pretty sure this product gave me some mild Gyno. Certainly no legitimate effects on strength or test, maybe a small placebo effect. Will not purchase again.

coltdabolt's Rating

i Haven't tryed alot of test boosters, I did not noticed a diffrence other then a little strength increase. I Wont buy this again.

pjlaw88's Rating

I have used APE a few times. If used properly it is incredible. I follow the instructions on the box and I have gotten awesome results. For example I went from incline benching 70lb dumbells for apporx. 6 reps (3rd set) to benching 80lb dumbells for 8-10 (3rd set) and 90's flat after about week 4 the strength really started coming. I am at approx. 163lbs bodyweight. Try an 8-week run of APE, you will not regret it.

e92m3redline's Rating

Great ingredients and the fenugreek helps with creatine absorption. I take with phase 8, muscle rush pre, and kre-alk. Im also taking zma which I like. I dont think I need a test booster but I feel the it works to add energy and endurance.

chestertm's Rating

TL;DR - AEN's quality control is about as effective as an elliptical - stay away from the 80 cap bottles. I've been a religious user of AEN's products for the last two years but this is the first one I've ever felt the NEED to post a review for. Last week I received the featured 80 capsule bottle of Ape along with several cans of PSU. Both products have been a disappointment but Ape has me really worried. The basic problem is that the bottle is too small for 80 capsules - several capsules were crushed but, even worse, four of them were stuck to the tamper seal! The plastic(?) film was actually irremovably bonded to the capsule. Extremely disappointing first impression, especially since I've been recommending presurge & intrabolic to literally everyone I know. Personally I can't trust the chemistry when they mess up on basics like packaging. It's sad to say this but AEN permanently lost a customer with this one...

1-20 of 222 Reviews