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Amazing Grass Green SuperFood Powder Reviews

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SeenChong's Rating

Decent profile despite gritty, unappetizing taste. Better off mixing with a fruit smoothie to mask the harshness or hold your nose and chug on its own. Switching to Oximega Greens in hopes of a better tasting product and better overall formula once this runs out.

AlexKladder's Rating

This is an awesome product! I've tried others and have had better, for sure... But this works great and for a greens drink, the price is amazing. Has everything you need (including pre and pro-biotics) and I always feel great after taking it!

Makeupqueen88's Rating

Taste is pretty good and I love the benefits of acai and greens.

otakutie's Rating

SUMMARY: Compared to Amazing Grass' Wheat Grass, this doesn't have the same detoxing effect at all; however, the nutritional profile is more well-rounded. I'm not sure that i love the product enough to repurchase given that I can get the same or similar nutritional profile plus detox benefits from vitamins + Wheat Grass or from pill supplement/vitamin alone (depending on the brand of the multivitamin), but it's a nice change of pace from my usual supplementation mix. TASTE: slightly chalky, thin choco taste but decent enough that I can drink it mixed with water. Sometimes I do add some stevia if I'm craving something sweet-tasting. MIXABILITY: dissolves decently in cold and dissolves better the warmer the water/liquid is (although the warmer the water, the more you destroy the enzymes)... CONS: As someone else mentioned, the Vitamin A content is quite high so if you take a MV, please exercise caution since such consistent usage esult in ODing on Vit. A... To get around this, given that Vit A is a fat soluble vitamin, I stagger when I take my MV and Amazing Grass. My MV I take with food as well as with a fish oil supplement, whereas the Amazing Grass I take late at night close to bedtime without any other supplement to minimize absorption of Vit A.

flyeaglesfly518's Rating

First off, I think this stuff tastes great! Maybe I'm weird but I love the taste of two scoops mixed in with about 12oz of water. I just mix it up and slam it back. I don't see a reason to buy the "flavored" varieties when the original tastes just fine. Health benefits: it's a great way to get those vitamins and minerals found in the green stuff without actually eating the green stuff. Now, I also eat about 7-10 servings of green veggies each day besides my two servings of the Amazing Grass. Someone mentioned Vitamin A poisoning in their review. This really isn't an issue considering it takes about 25,000IU a day for an extended amount of time. Taking two/three servings of this stuff a day will only give you 10-15K IU well below a potential toxic level. 10-15k is also what's needed to actually receive all the benefits of vitamin A. Remember the RDA is a MINIMUM.

jem2043's Rating

The nutrient profile is excellent, but the taste is GODAWFUL...

dougy08's Rating

The dickweeds at amazing grass lined up their ingredient list so there's 100% daily value of vitamin a in this supp. That means if you planned on taking this 3 times a day you better think again due to vitamin a toxicity. Goji and acai flavor tastes like dirt. doesn't come anywhere close to berry flavored.

Ricksterrrrrr's Rating

Ricksterrrrrr did not leave a written review for this product.

I believe in the nutritional benefits of this product. What I don't like is the consistency. I mix this powder (1/2 dose) in with my protein but the SuperFood powder is hard to get down sometimes. It almost seems like the mix doesn't soak up the water and what is left are these dry particles. Maybe if they ground the mix down more it would fix the problem? I'll probably buy again because overall it is a good product, just a little hard for me to swallow at times.

FsAxis92's Rating

A great greens source to help hit your phytos for the day.

MyTMouse's Rating

I have to say this is one of the least palatable things I've ever tasted. The texture is awful. Very grainy, which maybe is to be expected with this kind of product. The aftertaste is pretty bad as well. I took it just one time, and threw the rest away. I would never recommend it.

christensenjeff@hotmail.com's Rating

In terms of veggie/wheat grass supplements this is the absolute best tasting I have taken (Lemon/lime). This stuff is perfect for my frequent work travel when quite frankly I don't eat as cleanly as I should. At least it helps get my vegetable servings in. At home I drink a modified "Joe Rogan Kale Shake". This helps me bring something similar on the road. While digestive health was not my #1 catalyst to purchasing this product it is certainly an added benefit. You will become a clock when taking Amazing Grass. :)

mma_fiend's Rating

mma_fiend did not leave a written review for this product.

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Verified Buyer

it's been almost 3 months I use this product, this product contains a lot of full spectrum of anti oxidant ingredients it's not just fullfill my antioxidant need, but also boost oxygent level which I can really feel inside my body, since I am a smoker (for last 2 years), I can really feel the difference between before and after taking this product. The overall is really great, i can feel the improvement of my breath since the first day i drink, the side effect of smoking, like panting, cough, can be reduced significanly, not just that, my blood pressure is also decreased!! it becomes normal, since my blood presure was little bit high before...., I highly recommend this product, especially for smokers

limeandyogurt's Rating

limeandyogurt did not leave a written review for this product.

laneija21's Rating

Pretty good taste for its ingredients. I try to mix it in with another protein powder in the blender. A great meal alternative once in a while.

ricecracker's Rating

Been taking wheat grass with my protein shakes for about a month now. Drink about 1-2 protein shakes per day. I do know I am getting all my vitamins but I don't feel much different. Maybe because I am accustom to taking multivitamins twice a day already, I am not sure. But this drink does not hurt anything. I could see it helping others who don't take vitamins or eat very many veggies like I do. I like wheat grass for the sole fact that it gives me a peace of mind, and for that I give it a 7 out of 10. For a 10 it would have had to make me feel energetic and more focused. As far as taste goes... well it taste like grass!!! Whenever I buy supplements I prefer the natural taste and not the glittery glamoury flavors. So it taste great to me! haha

paladin235's Rating

It's a very complete green drink supplement. I take one every morning, blending it with 1/3 cup of blueberries, some strawberries and a few scoops of stevia. Makes a high antioxidant chocolate-berry smoothie.

guinthe's Rating

Even though i get 7 servings of fruits and veggies a day, it never hurts to get more. Mix this and amino energy together you will feel great in the morning.

1-20 of 24 Reviews
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